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Dec 27, 2018
Great rewards. Generous credit line.
Dulg24 Cardholder

Approval at 684 TU 635-645 Fico. Didn’t pull EQ. They use some chase scoring model. Had 696 there. Card took full 7-10 business days so I’d expedite it.

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Dec 30, 2018

Amount approved?

Jan 04, 2019


Feb 10, 2019

how many new accounts did you have within the last 24 months?

Feb 15, 2019

Honestly 5/24 just caught up to me when I had like 9 accounts but I got both my chase cards when I technically was over already

Apr 01, 2019

Did you have any of your credit cards maxed out before applying ?

Oct 24, 2018
Love the priority boarding
hchawks07 Cardholder

If you usually fly united this card is for you and pays for itself.  I fly a few times a year with United, free baggage for me and one passanger and priority boarding, its worth the annual fee.  

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Oct 10, 2018
Good for Priority Boarding

I hate waiting in line and the priority boarding is what sold me on this card. Plus 60k miles sign up bonus was definitely solid. I have other cards that earn more miles with flights but this is a nice backup should I be looking to check bags and save some money. Fee alone is worth early boarding imo.

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Oct 09, 2018
Bait and Swtich
btobias1908 Cardholder

Was offered 50,000 bonus miles for sign up, but after meeting all spending requirements was told I had signed up for an offer to waive the first year payment. Disputed, and was told there is nothing that can be done. 

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Jul 05, 2018
Great airline card to have
Thesunshine1 Cardholder

I enjoy the first free checked luggage and the priority boarding. I also enjoy mileage plus shopping online where you earn mile points per retailer. The 40k bonus miles is awesome. I have had nothing but good experiences and I love this card. Amazing to have!

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Jun 18, 2018
Don't file a claim
EGPI Cardholder

In theory, the benefits of this card seem great.  In practice, I felt like I’m dealing with scam artists.  Our overseas trip last year with United resulted in delayed flights, missed flights and luggage delays.  When our luggage didn’t arrive and we had to attend a wedding and a baptism, I called the international number on the back of my Mileage Plus Explorer card. They informed me of the benefits that we have and the amounts that we will be reimbursed, indicating to save our receipts and save the delayed baggage claim.  After returning to the U.S., I submitted the claim and the receipts.  I repeatedly received notifications that I need to submit proof that I tried to collect money from the overseas airline partner (final destination) and that I was denied the claim.  I was never told that this is a requirement when I called.  After many failed attempts to contact the overseas airlines to get verification, I called the claims department by phone to discuss if I have any other options.  The phone representative indicated that if I haven’t been successful in getting the information from the airlines, then I should send them proof of my attempts and the credit card claims department will work with the airlines to obtain it.  Again, I followed the instructions that I received over the phone.  A few weeks later, I receive another email indicating that the claim is on hold until I provide the requested information.  I replied indicating that I am waiting on their help.  Their response:  Per your terms and conditions, "You are responsible for gathering the necessary documentation to complete your claim and that all documents including the claim form must be received as soon as reasonably possible." The claim can be reopened once you have filed that claim with the carrier and provide the documentation to substantiate your claim.  There’s either a big disconnect between the claim officers and the customer support representatives on the phone or there’s a scam factor in the Explorer Card benefits.  Very pathetic on their part, but the customer is the one suffering.  The Mileage Plus card has been my primary credit card for around 25 years until I received the Mileage Plus Explorer card a couple of years ago.  As a result of this transaction, I cancelled the Mileage Plus card and soon to cancel my Explorer card once I determine how to use my remaining United miles before switching to another airline.  I started reviewing online and I’m finding many cards offering similar benefits with no annual fees.

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