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Jul 20, 2016
Get it for the discount but don't use it
Anonymous Cardholder

I got the card because at the time they offered 25 percent off of my purchase that day, and I was buying hundreds of dollars worth of clothing (which isn't hard to do let me tell you) I went ahead and got one without any intention of using it for credit. Just for discount. I normally used the card that day, then that same day pay it off with my debit card. Well, this day I loaned my debit card to my brother to put gas in his car and forgotten to get it back before I went shopping. The only card I had was my Catherine's credit card, so I used it (today I only spent about 52 dollars), I completely forgotten I'd done that and my reminder emails were to going to long story shortened, I paid my bill 2 days late (a 52 dollar bill) and they're charging me 30.06 in late fees. That's 60 percent! No way, don't get it, people!

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