My Best Buy Visa® Card Reviews

My Best Buy Visa® Card Reviews
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Application Process

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Jan 20, 2020
Absolutely wasteful and terrible securit
Thewondering Cardholder

I didnt even have my card for a month I also didnt recieve it in the mail and someone it was maxed out. Like do this company not care about calling in to activated the card before you just let someone spend 2 in a day that's is so bad worst card and company ever. I'm mostly talking about citi bank

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Nov 27, 2019
Stevani01 Cardholder

I purchased two plane tickets on my credit card. Then had to cancel my flight. American Airlines did me a nice courtesy by refunding my tickets. The credit card company won’t remove those charges. They claim AA denies the claim, But every time I call AA they say the money was refunded. I even sent the credit card company a receipt from AA showing the tickets were refunded. This stolen money from a single mom!!! No goods or services were received yet nearly $1,000 has been taken by this credit card company. Shame on you!

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Oct 24, 2019
Best Visa Card for Bankruptcy 13 so far
Robotics1077 Cardholder

I went into Bankruptcy Chapter 13 in February 2019, the same month i applied for, and got approved for 1k starting limit. I had excellent credit history up until filing Chapter 13.  Reason i went into Bankruptcy was because I ended up with way more debt which ended up with paying out more in minimum monthly payments than i was earning and bringing in monthly.  I closed all of my zero balance credit cards after hiring an attorney for Chapter 13.  I forgot about this card until it came in the mail the same day i had my meeting of creditors.  I took this Best Buy Visa card, unpened to my attorney.  He told me that he was fine with me keeping it but that it would end up being automatically closed per Citibank.  Months went by, and my account ended up staying open.  So i told my attorney that Citibank ended up keeping it open and that if it was ok to use it to pay for tank of gas or a small grocery bill and pay it in full each month.  He said it was fine.  So, up until today, October 24, 2019 this card remains open and i use it once a month and pay it off, never leaving a balance.  It has been over the 6 month periord where I read on other forums that Best Buy Visa/Citibank does auto credit limit increases.  But, so far, I am still at 1k limit.  I wonder if at the one year mark, it will auto CLI or if it may end up being closed if they run my credit report current credit karma scores are like around 668-672, fyi...

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Oct 23, 2019
Not LGBT friendly
Lilly993 Cardholder

If you are LGBT, I do not recommend this card. Twice now I have had my card wrongly blocked because of “fraud.” Despite me passing their one time pass code, I have had my card blocked. They refuse to let me speak with a supervisor, and put me on hold for nearly four hours. (The call lasted four hours and six minutes.) The first time this happened, I filed a BBB complaint. It has happened once again, so I will be filing a lawsuit to seek punitive damages.

Being transgender, they place fraud alerts because my voice doesn’t match my name, even though they should have on file that I’m trans. (I made it a point in my BBB complaint.) I have never failed their authentication.

this time I asked for a credit line increase. They pulled my credit, and then three times told me they couldn’t pull my credit. When I refreshed Equifax and told them I had a hard inquiry, they changed their reason to needing to call me for a fraud alert. They said they wouldn’t call me because they didn’t have a number to call. Equifax told me this wasn’t necessary as I’d lifted the freeze, and they had provided Citi with a number. They said Citi Bank was incorrect, and to call them again. I have been unable to get in contact with anyone at Citi who is willing to help me.

Today, I found that not only did they not process my increase, but they also blocked my card again, so I can’t even use what I’m already authorized for.

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Nov 18, 2019

Mental health in america is at its worst...

Nov 23, 2019

Wowwww. You’re nuts lol lol lol lol

Aug 23, 2019
Worst credit card!!!

I apply for this card and was approved for 2K limit and the card was shipped and my account is under review for no reason !!! I called and a female customer service told me I have to wait for a letter in the mail.... 

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Aug 22, 2019
Rubish... bad service
Rintubabu Cardholder

This is the worst card I have came across. They are fooling people with promotional options and then making the full statement payment with revolving due concepts. There customer care service is also not upto mark. Not recommending to anyone to fall trap from Best Buy sales representative.

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Aug 16, 2019
Worst Card Ever
ConsumerZero Cardholder

First let's just say I have a lot of credit cards, and this is not a credit card this is a store card. You don't want store cards, you may be denied loans for having too many stores cards so if you are ramping up your credit.

Second of all, Citi bank does not have any of your information and cannot help you. Best buy credit deparment is trained to put you back to the main line when you ask to speak with someone else, you just get the main line over and over. More than one of the reps were extremely rude and unhelpful, one even disconnected me and hung up.

Third of all I have been locked out of my account permanently and changed the password several times. The person who I tried to have help me with that is the person who ended up disconnecting me. I couldn't even get them to unlock my account. Just wow.

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Sep 22, 2019

Update: I mentioned closing my account to one of the rude reps and he said "I already closed your account" which was a lie and he did not close my account, I made sure to tell him I wanted it closed and to do so. He did not. They reduced my credit limit to $350 for one missed payment (out of 5 years of perfect payments). What I learned on the phone that this card is indeed setup to create as many late payments as possible (unsure of the legal standpoint of this practice). I only use this card when I know I'm going to be able to pay it down quickly, so I make payments anywhere from 3 to 10 times the minimum payment. When you login to their system if you are paid up past your amount it will tell you you have a zero balance due, so the way I was paying I didn't take much consideration to it. I paid off a laptop in 5 months when I had 18 month financing. What happens is, you still have a payment due, even though it says zero dollars due for the month, and they will charge you a $10 late fee. Their system is deceptive and borderline immoral. When you call them to ask whats going on they treat you like a subhuman, telling you you have "multiple late payments" (that you don't actually don't due to you know, laws) and basically low key tell you you are a horrible customer and they are basically doing YOU a favor. I seriously cannot believe the amount of disrespect I have gone through with this company! Couple this with the best buy worker who told me to "Go buy it online" when I bought the laptop online 5 times and system kept kicking it back. I WILL NEVER USE BEST BUY AGAIN. Support your local camera shops, buy your laptop from Amazon, and let this company fall into the prehistoric past like Radioshack. I wish I checked the reviews before opening this line of credit.

Sep 22, 2019

Also, my credit was 763 and I haven't missed a payment in over 10 years. If you care about your credit, close this credit card immediately.

Jul 20, 2019
*****READ before applying ONLINE*****
rulezrule Cardholder

When you apply online, you're automatically applying for the visa card with $59 annual fee. They don't give you an option to apply for the store credit card with $0 annual fee, which is only available when you apply in person in store. Customer service is rude and cut you off while you're speaking. I closed my account right away. I'll just take the hard pull as my loss. My credit score of 780 wasn't enough to be eligible for the gold platinum with no annual fee. If you really want/need the best buy credit card, go into a store and apply for the store credit card with no annual fee. This is utter garbage.

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Jul 10, 2019
EwwCredit Cardholder

High Interest, Only relevant for frequent best buy customers not once in a while purchases. Opinion: just get a different credit card you'll be better off, theres plenty out there with better service an fees 

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May 04, 2019
Paying online is a pain
tmdvirtual Cardholder

Best Buy Credit card requires login password be reset if you do not login to the account every week. Most of us pay bills once a month, which requires a password reset each time.

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