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Oct 20 2016
Good. Just don't carry a balance
Credit Karma Member

Approved with a 675 credit score. $2000 credit limit. I currently have 7 other credit cards with a total of $20,250 in available credit. I filed for bankruptcy in 2012. No complaints so far

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Mar 28 2013
Ok..If you need something from Best Buy
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this Card with a CS of 609 I was approved for a CL of $500 This was 2009. I never recieved a CL Increase or my APR% never changed. I called this week to cancel it. The immeditly Offered me a CL increase of $2000 dollars and a Apr drop of 8% From 24-16% Should have called sooner to end my CC :)

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Apr 25 2020
Credit Karma Member

Avoid this card like a plague. If I could rate it zero, I would in a heartbeat. If you have to get it, make sure you pay your promotional balances first before using it elsewhere, otherwise, your payments won't be paying for the promotion until you start accruing interest. Plus, the customer service is rude and the worst. Just keep away from this lot

Apr 01 2020
Horrific customer service
Credit Karma Member

Their whole system seems to be made specifically to inconvenience you. If you can get ahold of someone they cant help or will make the situation worse. Citi bank wont help. Can only with your bank account online. I've tried the paying thru the automated telephone service a half dozen times and it never works then they'll hang up on you. When you call back and go thru the process of getting an operator they wanna charge you. This whole program is a cash grab to nickel and dime you.

Mar 25 2020
Waste of credit
Credit Karma Member

Well after reading these reviews I can say I'm not as upset as I was earlier today. Was a BestBuy customer with the Visa credit card for 3 yrs . Never had an issue. Paid off my card on 3/20/2020 and never received the credit back on the card. They never put the credit back on your card immediately for some reason and you usually have to call to get the funds released, so I sent a message to them via the app on 3/23/2020 (because their customer service hold time has been atrocious lately) and never received a forward to 3/25/2020, I get an email at 5:34am advising that my account had been closed due to a "review" of my account. Hunh? I immediately called them first thing at 8am. Got a nasty rep who could care less about reviewing my account and simply stated my account was not "renewed" and that I'll be receiving a letter with a number to call. I told her repeatedly that the letter was already sent via email and said nothing about a "renew", in which she rudely interrupted and reinterated what she had already stated. I asked for her supervisor, supervisor transferred me to another department, who advised that my information had been "pulled" and the decision was made to close my account. Mind you, this was AFTER paying off my card 5 days prior and has also taken place during the Coronavirus pandemic. I spoke with a rep named Kyle in corporate who was absolute garbage and did not help at all, referring me to Citibank instead . I've never missed a payment with them, and have great credit history so this makes absolutely no sense. Something else seems to be going on with this company and I will never get another card or do business with them again. Beware.

Mar 17 2020
Worst Customer Service
Credit Karma Member

Best Buy Credit Card has probably the worst customer service I have ever experienced! I understand the 30 min wait times during this crazy corona virus, but what I couldn't stand was how no one was able to solve my issue and all my answers were conflicting. My credit card was declined making a purchase and it was apparently due to the fact that no one could Identify me. I spent a good 4 hours on 5 different calls. I was in the store had my license, had them verify my phone, email, social so they could pull me up, they gave me the green light to make the purchase yet when I tried again, I was still declined. I had well over the credit to make the purchase, I had everything verified, all someone had to do was push the unlock button and I could make my purchase. No one was helpful. I asked for a supervisor and I they told me they couldn't do anything anyways. I was treated poorly and wasn't treated like a person. I will be closing my card and there will be no reason to go finance with them again. They claim to have good financing options but what is the point of having 0% financing, if they can't help their customers?! I ended up using a different card. 0 out of 10!

Jan 06 2020
Poor Communication and Customer Service
Credit Karma Member

I applied for a Best Buy card to finance new applicances for the home I purchased one week ago. My application was ultimately rejected citing too many recent inquiries. The inquiries were all related to shopping for a mortgage loan during the previous month. The rejection letter indicates that you can call to speak wtih a representative if you have questions about the letter, but the phone number provided simply recites the same information shared in the rejection letter without any means to speak with a representative. I called through a corporate number and was connected to a friendly representative who reitered that the mortgage inquiries triggered the rejection and that there was no way for a human to reconsider the application. I have excellent credit with low credit usage. I obtained financing (zero interest promo) and purchased new appliances at one of Best Buy's competitiors. Not only will I avoid Citi in the future due to this experience, but they also cost Best Buy my business.

Nov 27 2019
Credit Karma Member

I purchased two plane tickets on my credit card. Then had to cancel my flight. American Airlines did me a nice courtesy by refunding my tickets. The credit card company won't remove those charges. They claim AA denies the claim, But every time I call AA they say the money was refunded. I even sent the credit card company a receipt from AA showing the tickets were refunded. This stolen money from a single mom!!! No goods or services were received yet nearly $1,000 has been taken by this credit card company. Shame on you!

Oct 24 2019
Best Visa Card for Bankruptcy 13 so far
Credit Karma Member

I went into Bankruptcy Chapter 13 in February 2019, the same month i applied for, and got approved for 1k starting limit. I had excellent credit history up until filing Chapter 13. Reason i went into Bankruptcy was because I ended up with way more debt which ended up with paying out more in minimum monthly payments than i was earning and bringing in monthly. I closed all of my zero balance credit cards after hiring an attorney for Chapter 13. I forgot about this card until it came in the mail the same day i had my meeting of creditors. I took this Best Buy Visa card, unpened to my attorney. He told me that he was fine with me keeping it but that it would end up being automatically closed per Citibank. Months went by, and my account ended up staying open. So i told my attorney that Citibank ended up keeping it open and that if it was ok to use it to pay for tank of gas or a small grocery bill and pay it in full each month. He said it was fine. So, up until today, October 24, 2019 this card remains open and i use it once a month and pay it off, never leaving a balance. It has been over the 6 month periord where I read on other forums that Best Buy Visa/Citibank does auto credit limit increases. But, so far, I am still at 1k limit. I wonder if at the one year mark, it will auto CLI or if it may end up being closed if they run my credit report current credit karma scores are like around 668-672, fyi...

Oct 23 2019
Not LGBT friendly
Credit Karma Member

If you are LGBT, I do not recommend this card. Twice now I have had my card wrongly blocked because of "fraud." Despite me passing their one time pass code, I have had my card blocked. They refuse to let me speak with a supervisor, and put me on hold for nearly four hours. (The call lasted four hours and six minutes.) The first time this happened, I filed a BBB complaint. It has happened once again, so I will be filing a lawsuit to seek punitive damages. Being transgender, they place fraud alerts because my voice doesn't match my name, even though they should have on file that I'm trans. (I made it a point in my BBB complaint.) I have never failed their authentication. this time I asked for a credit line increase. They pulled my credit, and then three times told me they couldn't pull my credit. When I refreshed Equifax and told them I had a hard inquiry, they changed their reason to needing to call me for a fraud alert. They said they wouldn't call me because they didn't have a number to call. Equifax told me this wasn't necessary as I'd lifted the freeze, and they had provided Citi with a number. They said Citi Bank was incorrect, and to call them again. I have been unable to get in contact with anyone at Citi who is willing to help me. Today, I found that not only did they not process my increase, but they also blocked my card again, so I can't even use what I'm already authorized for.

Aug 23 2019
Worst credit card!!!
Credit Karma Member

I apply for this card and was approved for 2K limit and the card was shipped and my account is under review for no reason !!! I called and a female customer service told me I have to wait for a letter in the mail....

Aug 22 2019
Rubish... bad service
Credit Karma Member

This is the worst card I have came across. They are fooling people with promotional options and then making the full statement payment with revolving due concepts. There customer care service is also not upto mark. Not recommending to anyone to fall trap from Best Buy sales representative.

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