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Aug 02, 2016
Love my card!
Anonymous Cardholder

To everyone who is complaining and saying, " I missed ONE payment and now I owe a million dollars," you knew this before going into the plan. Deffered interest is just that, as long as you make your minimum payment every month AND pay off your entire balance before the deferred interest period is up, you won't pay a single cent. I have had their in-store card for years and never had a single issue, this new visa was just issued and works the same way plus being able to use it elsewhere. I do agree that the rewards are not great outside of the store, but then again I only use it at the store to make large purchases. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Oct 02, 2016
slow update online, penalized for PIF
LavishSpending Cardholder

~601 real FICO scores
3 derogatories

$500 starting limit

First the Best Buy rep didn't make it clear I wasn't getting approved for the full amount requested for a purchase in store and that I only qualified for the card with a fee. After I accepted, then they told me the SL and fee. Then the in-store rep said I could call their credit department right away or when I come back in a few days to request a higher limit for a specific purchase. After wasting time confirming info and waiting, they immediately declined. I received a letter days later stating it was too soon to request a credit limit increase. At least there was no second hard pull, but what's the point in telling people to call in? The application process was silly.

The first three times I made payments so far, they froze my funds for days (well over a week). I called in the second time, and the explanation was that it's a new card, so they put a hold because I charged up and paid it twice before the statement. Okay fine, but then they just did it again. I called today, and the rep said anytime you pay in full, they will not release any of the available credit for eight days (that's business days in my experience).

Another problem is the transaction detail and balance online doesn't seem to update quickly like all my other cards and bank accounts do these days.

Frequent Best Buy shoppers or those with poor credit may still want to check this card out. You can get good rewards for Best Buy purchases (if you want that). Plus, they approved with derogs, thin file, and very low 600s. $500 SL is not much, but it's an okay start for a rewards card even with the annual fee. Current rewards: 5% Best Buy, 3% gas and clothes (limited time), 2% dining and groceries, 1% all other. I won't let this card renew next year before the AF now that I have a Barclaycard Rewards MasterCard and a Capital One QuicksilverOne (to be upgraded to regular Quicksilver one day).

And for all those complaining about being tricked, the annual fee, unexpected interest, etc. Read the terms. It's all there just like any other card terms. Don't like the terms, don't accept it or work on getting a better card. There are many reviews that are obviously unfair toward this card even if it does have some legit downsides.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Mar 23, 2017
Carnival scam collecting at the end
Anonymous Cardholder

They keep raising your credit limit with these great deals but if you don't pay off whole amount quickly you get charged criminal amounts of interest that could possibly take you over your limit. Adding purchases increases the scam and you are at their mercy

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Mar 21, 2017
They dont value there customers
Anonymous Cardholder

The card does come in handy when you need something but they honestly don't value there customers. If had my card for over 2 years with up to date payments. They randomly did a credit check and due to my credit they decided,to close account even tho card was in good standing with payments. They don't value the tender of the customer or even care what they have to say. I don't feel its right to randomly pull there credit and based off that if they want to close it or not.

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Mar 18, 2017
Annual fee and high interest rate
teresarp Cardholder

Stay away from this card unless you like an annual fee of $59, poor customer service and high interest.  Better off sticking with the Best Buy card through Best Buy because they don't charge an annual fee and you can still get the 0% interest up to 18 months.  Oh and what's really bs is they want you to NOTIFY them 90 days before the annual fee to close the account in order not to get charged $59, otherwise they'll gladly close your account right after they charge you your annual fee. No, they won't waive it to keep you, they want to throw the fine print in your face and say "sorry, no refunds and I'd strongly recommend you keep the account open."  Jerk offs!

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Mar 16, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

I have near perfect credit, and they gave me a very bad interest rate.  Minimally useful card as far as promos and points.

Customer service wouldn't offer me a representatie, although it did say press 1 to cancel the card.  I did.

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Mar 08, 2017
Low rates great card benefits
Lilelcutie Cardholder

Excellent customer service with a very fast approval

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Mar 04, 2017
Can't reach out to support
Anonymous Cardholder

I tried online support, phone support and everything I can. Literally my call got hanged up saying presentatives are too busy with other calls.

I was expecting the same customer service from my Citi Double Cash card. Well, I guess I'll stick with Amazon for financing my toys.

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Mar 02, 2017
Don't do it, It's not worth it!
Anonymous Cardholder

If you plan on making promotional purchases with this card, that's fine (for the initial purchase).  If you have any sort of balance on the card and use the card for a promotional 12, 16, or 18 month offer, the ENTIRE BALANCE NEEDS TO BE PAID OFF BEFORE PAYMENTS START GOING TOWARDS THE PROMOTIONAL BALANCE!  Be warned, DO NO USE THEM AT ALL!

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Mar 02, 2017
GirlyLynn Cardholder

I got this card with a 700 credit score and was approved for 1500. Within a year they have automatically increased my line to almost 4000. I was told by Best Buy that they review your information every quarter and decide to increase your credit or not. If you ask for an increase they do a hard inquiry. Normally when I ask I get denied. 

Paying it is super easy with the Best Buy app or website. Also if you spend enough in the store you'll become elite plus members and you can point bank so no points expire. Really amazing customer service, but I only deal with Best Buy.

If you do a promotional "interest deferred" PAY IT OFF BEFORE the promotion ends or it will cost a lot of money. I carry a balance and I buy major items every 6 months and then pay them off and payments are reasonable, I also pay more than minimum.

This card is my go to card and is my highest credit line which has saved my *** a lot. If you have poor credit build it up and get this card or if you have no credit lines this card should be your first. They also have an excellent fraud department that texts your cell if they think there's a charge you didn't authorize and if it wasn't you they shut off your card and send a new one immediately. 

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Feb 24, 2017
$1 minium charge fee
Anonymous Cardholder

I opened an account and paid the service fee, for each month I haven't used my card they add a $1 minium charge fee for buying nothing. I am so mad I paid the yearly fee. I'm not sure it's legal to charge someone a monthly fee for carrying a $0 balance on a card.

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Feb 17, 2017
Good card, decent rewards
intel352 Cardholder

No complaints, fan of Citi, decent rewards

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