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Mar 27 2020
They closed my account- completely!
Credit Karma Member

I had this card about 8 months. I always carried a balance, but always made my payments on time. When I received my tax return I paid off the card in full, along with other store cards. As soon as the payment hit, they closed my account for "lack of real estate", and other reasons as well. I will no longer have another card from Comenity. I paid my card off to raise my credit score (along with the others) and to lessen my debt to income ratio. Once they closed my account my credit score tanked even worse than when I had a balance. If I would of known that, I would of just carried a balance until I got approved for a home loan.

Apr 24 2019
Throwing away customers
Credit Karma Member

I opened this card with a low-average credit score and a past bankruptcy, granted a $500 limit. I used it consistently but always paid it off, never paid late and a year later they lowered my limit to $150, that's barely even usable. I had some high utilization on other cards but still no lates and my credit was better than ever. I paid off the remaining balance a couple months ago and thought nothing of it until I got a credit alert that a card had been closed. No reason when I called, apparently the underwriter just doesn't want people shopping at AE.

Jan 10 2019
I applied
Credit Karma Member

So I applied today and it did not deny but did not approve right away. I have a 650 Trans. Will I have to wait for a letter in the mail for approval or denial? Does it mean that I will be denied because I did not get an instant approval? i gave it a 1 star because i do not even have the card yet- Ill review again later IF i am approved.

Dec 18 2018
EXCELLENCE.... They gave me a chance...
Credit Karma Member

They work with people rebuilding there credit

Dec 04 2018
Great Card
Credit Karma Member

This card is great. I love American eagle also.

Nov 16 2018
Awful credit limit
Credit Karma Member

I have good credit and good income and for more than a year was only allowed $175 in credit haha. I cancelled this card today!

Sep 28 2018
Credit Karma Member

DO NOT GET THIS CARD. I just got denied a credit increase, and I have a decent credit score! My line has been ONLY $150 for over a year. Not worth it!!

Sep 18 2018
Crappy card
Credit Karma Member

I got approved with CL of 350 when my credit score was low like 580 and 6 months later they closed my account because I paid off my bill in full. Seriously screw this company I wont be shopping here or old navy as they did the same. They apparently want you to be in debt.

Apr 15 2018
Credit Karma Member

Opened the account in 2016. Used it every so often but was able to pay it off in November, 2017. Tried to use it today (4/15/18) and it was declined. I called the number on the back and they told me it had been cancelled but couldn't tell me why. Only said I could reapply if I wanted to and said I was sent a letter on March 27 explaining it. I never received the letter. I had never been late on any payments with them. I will not be reapplying or will I be shopping there anymore

Mar 22 2018
Not great
Credit Karma Member

Unless you shop at American Eagle every week and can rack up the rewards points while paying off the card every month, then it's not worth your time to get this card. The rewards offered are small and the interest rate is huge. Customer service is next to useless, mostly because the whole process is automated and convoluted. Also, they don't report balances to the credit bureaus frequently. This means that if you transfer your balance from the AE card to a card with a 0% interest offer in an effort to pay off your debt, for a while it might look like you have doubled your overall debt and your credit will tank even more.

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American Eagle Outfitters Credit Card

American Eagle Outfitters Credit Card

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