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Mar 05, 2019
Instantly approved
Slimshack Cardholder

I was instantly approved with a generous credit limit of $2400 given that I have very limited credit history. So far its been great. APR is a little bit high but I pay the card off each month and have already gotten $15 cashback within the first month. 5% cashback is amazing for anyone who regularly shops amazon!

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Dec 14, 2018
Great Card & Convenient Payment Option!
shakiki2 Cardholder

This was one of the first credit accounts I was approved for a few years ago while trying to improve my credit score. I was approved for $500-700 (I forget which) which, during the holiday season, I quickly racked up and paid what I could as quickly as I could. A few months later I checked my credit score again which had an improved rating as Amazon bumped my card limit to ~$1200. It's been about 5 or 6 years now since I've had this Amazon Prime Store Card and my limit is now $5500. I hardly use it but like that the option is available in case I did want to use it for some higher-priced items. I do a lot of online shopping (buying/selling on eBay) and would suggest the Paypal credit option over the Amazon store card option as they have lots of promos (through eBay only) for 24mos 0% APR with Paypal and the balance doesn't show up on your credit score (whereas Amazon does). So far I have had no issues with my Amazon account nor the store card feature. I'm trying to see what other options are out there on what you can use the card on outside of Amazon right now.

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Dec 07, 2018
My credit limit went from $150 to $7000
BEBO19772010 Cardholder

My credit went up in from $150 to $7000 in a month, I just keep asking for more. My score is FICO 8 Tu: 702, EXP: 685. 

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Jan 25, 2019

What did you do to increase your credit limit so high like that?

Aug 26, 2018
Simple to use card
brlovesreub Cardholder

It's a nice, simple card for people that use Amazon a lot. I've had no issues with it at all. Just pay your balance in full or at least don't take the full length of time to pay it off. It's nice that you will get automatically upgraded to the Prime card if you decide to get Prime. 

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