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Jan 03, 2019
Auto Closed My Account
CPH0826 Cardholder

Received a Credit Karma alert that my account was closed! I had auto payments set up for a year. There was a mix up in my bank transactions. After just 2 NSF in a year, they will close your account! Of course, you know that is in the fine prints. They could've just called to have me take care of it another way, but instead they just close your account. This is just wrong and horrible customer service, as it negatively affects loyal customers. I loved using my store card & my prime membership together. This really sucks, so beware! 

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Nov 21, 2018
Hard to get CLIs

I’ve had this card over a year now, I try to pay it off each month, and if not I have always paid on time and never pay the minimum.  I have tried twice to increase my credit limit and was denied both times.  I have other store cards through Synchrony and have received random increases on those, without asking.  Not this one though, and it’s frustrating.  If it wouldn’t hurt my score, I would just close the card and be done with it.  

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Nov 21, 2018
Hard to get CLI.

I’ve had this card for over a year now.  I usually pay my balance off monthly, but even when I do not I always pay more than the minimum.  I have a few other store cards through Synchrony and they have all jumped from $200-$300 to 1k over the last year.  I have attempted twice to get an increase on my Amazon store card and have been denied both times.  I’m about ready to close it.  

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Oct 12, 2018
High Interest and Decrease Credit Line
Gen0107 Cardholder

pay off your balance within a month or you will be hit with a high charge of interests. Also, synchrony bank has a reputation of lowering your credit limit for no good reason which has advere effects on peoples credit score... really think the benefits through if you are thinking about this card. would recommend the amazon card by chase instead. 

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