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Jun 27, 2018
No real problems but slow CLIs.
MoshaNJ Cardholder

I applied for this card in November 2016 with credit scores in the 580s. I was approved for a CL of $400. Over time, I used this card and others very sparingly and responsibly and paid off my balances on time, every month. I received a CLI to $700 about nine or ten months later and then to $1200 about three months after that. I had racked up an $1100 balance and was paying it off over time. I would pay down some and order some and eventually paid down the entire balance (I ahd a high balance of $1158--almost maxed). I kept my balance at $0 for several months--I would still place orders on Amazon but I would pay them before the statement was due--and then I was given an additional jump of $2k to bring my CL to $3200. I have never really had a problem with them. I don't particularly care for their customer service but I don't have to use them much. Again, no real problems but they are very slow to give credit limit increases. My scores are now in the 690s and low 700s and even when I went in and asked for CLI through their site, I was often denied for very random reasons like my balances are too high in relation to my current income--this was the reason when my credit usage was at about 15-20% and had been for months. I like the 5% statement credit/cash back on purchases and the 0% interest on purchases over $150 paid within six months. I'm not two years in yet but so far it hasn't been a terrible experience.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Sep 13, 2018
pugbutter Cardholder

Not sure what to say. I was approved a year ago for $1,000. Never got even close to the limit and paid the balance within a few months. Shortly after, they closed the account without notice and my credit score dropped 45 points. 

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Apr 15, 2019
CreditNewbz Cardholder

I am THISCLOSE to just closing this card, although I hear that's not ideal for my credit. The interest is SO ridiculously high. When I was approved I was making more money and was able to pay larger amounts on the balance of about $800, since then my financial situation has changed which has caused me to be able to pay just over the minimum amount each month but the interest racks up so much that I have accrued more of a balance than paid it down. I am SO fed up. I guess I should have researched this card more before applying. 

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Mar 05, 2019
Instantly approved
Slimshack Cardholder

I was instantly approved with a generous credit limit of $2400 given that I have very limited credit history. So far its been great. APR is a little bit high but I pay the card off each month and have already gotten $15 cashback within the first month. 5% cashback is amazing for anyone who regularly shops amazon!

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Feb 22, 2019
I'm feel so sad
Teabo Cardholder

I have had my card for 5 years never late and never missed a payment in November 2018 they dropped my limit by 800 some dollers then today Feb 22 2019 they dropped another 150 my score took a massive hit I called them crying my eyes out side I am a good customer never missed anything you know they wouldn't fix it said it was because of a deragatory mark and old power bill for 200 that by the way I just paid I'n full and is know longer even on my credit report and had absolutely nothing to do with them or how I make my payments again never late never missed my wife needs surgery and I can't even apply for the loan for her sugery because of what Amazon done to my score God forgive them

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Jan 25, 2019
Decent while I had it.
Daniel2420 Cardholder

Had this card for roughly 11 months. For some reason they closed my account and wouldnt give me a reason. They said I would receive a letter within 7-10 days with a reason why they cancelled it. I have not received that letter yet. I always kept it paid off. It was never maxed out. I have never missed a payment and if anything i paid double my minimum payment always. Just had it to help out my credit and that was it. I have 5 credit cards and never missed a payment on them either. I keep balances low and make good money.

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Jan 16, 2019
Southside025 Cardholder

I got an Amazon Store card a month ago, ordered a couple of items which I had to return.  The return process was flawless; I had my "refund" as soon as item was scanned at the post office.

What angered me (I have canceled the card) is that the refund for those items goes on a gift card.  I had to pay the $100 credit card balance, but will now have to "work off" the credit on the gift card.  I think that's a ripoff.  What if you don't pay the whole balance?  You get charged interest on your balance even though you're received a complete refund for the item.  

I don't know about or care about rewards.  I only got the card for the $10 credit on my first order. 

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Jan 03, 2019
Auto Closed My Account
CPH0826 Cardholder

Received a Credit Karma alert that my account was closed! I had auto payments set up for a year. There was a mix up in my bank transactions. After just 2 NSF in a year, they will close your account! Of course, you know that is in the fine prints. They could've just called to have me take care of it another way, but instead they just close your account. This is just wrong and horrible customer service, as it negatively affects loyal customers. I loved using my store card & my prime membership together. This really sucks, so beware! 

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Dec 17, 2018
Closed account without my knowledge
Julie2018 Cardholder

I called in November 2018 and spoke to a horrible manager his NAME IS CLYDE asked if he can put a credit on my account and in his nasty way seid No and we got into a big fight and he CLOSED MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT ME KNOWING ABOUT IT MABE I SEID YES BUT OF I DID IT WAS BECAUSE OF HIM AND I FOUND OUT LATER WHEN I PAYED MY BILL IT WAS CLOSED WITH OUT MY PERMISSION AND I Talked to another manager and he seid he can credit my account for 20 HE SHOULD TAKE CLYDES JOB BECAUSE CLYDE LIED THAT HE COULD NOT HELP ME CLYDE SHOULD GET FIRED IF MY ACCOUNT DOES NOT OPEN BACK UP !!! 

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Jan 14, 2019

Clyde Lied.....I'm dyin' over here! :-))

Jan 29, 2019

F**K Amazon and its employees.

Dec 14, 2018
Great Card & Convenient Payment Option!
shakiki2 Cardholder

This was one of the first credit accounts I was approved for a few years ago while trying to improve my credit score. I was approved for $500-700 (I forget which) which, during the holiday season, I quickly racked up and paid what I could as quickly as I could. A few months later I checked my credit score again which had an improved rating as Amazon bumped my card limit to ~$1200. It's been about 5 or 6 years now since I've had this Amazon Prime Store Card and my limit is now $5500. I hardly use it but like that the option is available in case I did want to use it for some higher-priced items. I do a lot of online shopping (buying/selling on eBay) and would suggest the Paypal credit option over the Amazon store card option as they have lots of promos (through eBay only) for 24mos 0% APR with Paypal and the balance doesn't show up on your credit score (whereas Amazon does). So far I have had no issues with my Amazon account nor the store card feature. I'm trying to see what other options are out there on what you can use the card on outside of Amazon right now.

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Dec 11, 2018
Two hard pulls!
AlexeySnk Cardholder

These #####s made two hard pulls per one application. Perfect!

Applied by mistake and understand that it was bigger mistake that I originally thought. Hole into credit history instead of normal product.

New InquiryTransUnionDec 11, 2018

DescriptionA potential creditor, lender, or employer reported a pulled copy of your credit file because you applied for credit or services with them.

Next StepsIf you don't recognize this inquiry, contact the account provider listed.



Type: Bank

New InquiryTransUnionDec 9, 2018

DescriptionA potential creditor, lender, or employer reported a pulled copy of your credit file because you applied for credit or services with them.

Next StepsIf you don't recognize this inquiry, contact the account provider listed.


Account: SYNCB/AMAZON, PO BOX 965015 ORLANDO,FL 32896

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