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Most Helpful Positive Review

Oct 15, 2016
Convenient, great signup promo!
LJM07 Cardholder

Being a Prime member, I have been interested in adding this Store Card to my account since I do the majority of my online shopping at Amazon.  I was just approved for a $2100 CL with scores of EQ: 673 TU: 685 and EX 677.  No open collections or unsatisfied judgments.  A total of 12 late payments from 2 student loans from 2013 still appear on my reports.  My current credit utilization is around 5%.  The only report they pulled for the account was TransUnion (same as in April, 2015).  I had applied for this card in April 2015 but was declined at the time (scores across the 3 bureaus were in the mid 500s, with open collections and 2 judgments).  Hope this helps someone.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jul 30, 2016
Synchrony closed my account after 2 days
SynchronySucks Cardholder

With a score of 730-740 I got instantly approved with 4k credit line. Two days later they closed account without notice and customer service is unable to give me the reason for it, leaving me with a dip in credit score from hard credit check. While rewards seem good, Synchrony is the worst bank I've dealt with.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Feb 21, 2017
First Card in over five years!
mdlgols Cardholder

This was my first approval in over five years for a card and approved for $1300, CK scores TU 654 and EQ 645.  I use amazon ALL the time so this will be a good way for me to continue rebuilding my credit as I plan to pay in full every month since I previously had everything taken out of my checking account when I purchased before.  

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Feb 19, 2017
So far so good
Anonymous Cardholder

I just applied for the Amazon store card and was approved along with a $40.00 gift card. I used the Amazon store card for one purchase and the gift card for another purchase. Both purchases went through successfully. I like Amazon and all it has to offer including the Amazon Prime where I can get my puchases in two says vs almost two weeks, so I'm a pleased customer.  So far so good. 

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Feb 15, 2017
Credit destroying disaster
Anonymous Cardholder

You would think its a good idea to get an amazon card, right? Wrong. This is possibly the worst decision I made in my life. They take the money from my, very accredited, bank- then send me a letter saying the payment was "refunded by my bank." I can see the statement where the money came out, and never went back in. Call the customer service line, and in the account summary it forces you to sit through before transferring, it says my last payment was the amount that they are saying they did not receive. The customer support rep on the phone says that the payment didn't go through. I call the bank, they say that this is a KNOWN ISSUE WITH THIS RIP OFF OF A CARD, and the paper trail of the $307 taken out of my bank account, surprise surprise, leads straight to amazon. If I had one wish in the world it would be to have a time machine and go back and NEVER sign up for an amazon credit card. I think this may be more of a reflection on synchrany bank than amazon, but a multibillion dollar comapny should be set up with a better bank than some knock off joke of a credit line. That is all.

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Feb 15, 2017
Worse decision of my life
Anonymous Cardholder

This card does not even deserve a single star. I've lost maybe 3-4 hours on the phone and online chats because of their inconvenience. I've used the same checking account every time I make a payment and they would blame my personal bank for rejecting my payments. They charged me interest and late fees on payments I've made before the due date but because they choose to reject those payments, they penalized me for it. Calling in is a waste of time because they are RUDE and when I called them out for it, they would defend themselves and refuse to transfer me to upper management. They said they've sent me letters to my home and I confirmed my address with 3-4 agents and til this day no letters ever arrive with my account information. I thought that since I order so much from Amazon, why not get the Store Card. This was the worse decision of my life! I just made my last payment to them, and I hope they don't reject this one because I am soooo done with them. 

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Feb 11, 2017
Shady Practices
bweirdmusic Cardholder

My credit went down due to hard inquires from getting a vehicle for my business.  They slashed my limit from $2100 to $710.  Which took my credit score even lower than the hard inquires.  Since I went from sub 35% utilization to 96%.  This should be illegal.

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Feb 09, 2017
Approved Today
estrickland1 Cardholder

My fiance's laptop is dead (3-year-old Alienware). So I found a newer gaming laptop on Amazon for $400 under retail price. I applied for the store card (I already had the Chase Visa but the limit is low) and was approved today. With my gift card and the starting credit line, I was able to purchase my laptop.

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Feb 09, 2017
NEVER again will I do this card
BrookeJ25 Cardholder

This card has the worse rewards program ever. I got it because of the rewards you can get with it. I have called customer service to help explain it to me. And they never gave me a good answer. Once completely paid off I will be canceling the card. I am very good with my cards and normal middle class person. I would not suggest this card for any person or reason. Super super upset. Owned it over a year and half now. Biggest mistake. If you are an Amzon shopper get the Visa through Chase. Best rewards and CLEAR about how to use the reward points. CARDS A JOKE

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Feb 02, 2017
Really Poor Communication from Synchrony
julmcb911 Cardholder

Rebuilding my credit has been ongoing for about a couple of years now, and I was happy to be approved for the Amazon Store card in time for Christmas shopping (as I do most shopping at Amazon).  I utitilized the card fully, and scheduled the first payment for the due date.  Unfortunately, when I entered my bank account information, I inverted two numbers, and the payment was rightly rejected.  I received an email that the account information was wrong, so I signed in, fixed the account number, and resubmitted the payment.

When I logged in 2 days later the verify that my payment had been credited, I noticed that I was charged a $35 late fee (on day 3? Really} I definitely missed the "no grace period" section of the contract.  I also noticed that, although my card balance was well below the limit, my "available to spend" was -$261.  Huh?  I submitted a payment to cover the over limit, thinking it had something to do with my mistake with the account number.  It didn't.

Synchrony Bank lowered by limit by just enough that I was now far over my limit.  On a credit report, it appears that I am utilizing over 100% of my available credit, which is REALLY negative when it comes to my credit score.

I'm astounded that Synchrony Bank can significantly change my account without communicating their intention and reason.  Apparently, however, this is legal.  It seems to me that Synchrony gets to earn money by offering a healthy credit line, then immediately lowering your line before they have even reported ONCE to the credit bureaus.  Stinky.

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Jan 24, 2017
High interest but generous credit line
titliest72 Cardholder

I love this card since I tend to order via subscription from Amazon. You also get Amazon prime included if you have the card which allows you to listen to music and watch tv, as well as 2 day shipping. I always get credit increase yearly with the card. The interest is high, so if you plan of carrying a high balance then avoid putting on the card and use you bank acct instead. No issues with the card. 

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Jan 21, 2017
This card is a mess
Anonymous Cardholder

Do not it get it, poor sevice unfriendly banking group! 

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