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Jun 26, 2013
Great Product!
JWag12787 Cardholder

I have a Very Poor (557) score on CreditKarma due to student loans, my Capital One Secured CC, and tons of delinquent balances.  While I am working on paying these off, I have had a very impossible time with credit.  Amazon gave me a great opportunity!  They allow for me to have an $800 Credit Limit [more than enough for what I usually get at any point in time.  Just buy one or two things (or xmas shopping), pay off with extra money every check, and repeat].

The only flaw is there is no place that shows me what day the payment will be due, or how much the payment would be.  [minimum]

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 11, 2013
Denied credit increase.
Anonymous Cardholder

Crazy thing happened to me. I have a $1000 limit on my Amazon Store card. On a whim, i clicked the request credit increase... nothing happened. I got a letter in the mail today that said i was denied. The letter goes on to basically say that i was denied because "The Percentage of Times payment Greater than Amount Due over Last 12 Months" and "Maximum consecutive Months there was a balance decrease over the most recent six months". I love this card, b/c i love Amazon and it makes it easy. Can you believe i was denied because I always pay more than is due and most of the time I pay my balances in full and keep 0 balance!!! This is the craziest thing i've ever heard of... My Credit score is over 720!!! So instead of rewarding a good customer, they penalize me because they are not making enough money off me in interest. I didn't need the increase anyway, i was just curious, i really don't care, but i think the reasoning is insane.

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Oct 18, 2016
Terrible Horrible Stay Away from Amazon
Anonymous Cardholder

I had my paperless billing signed up but they keep sending me mail asking me to reset my email. They had my email account in my profile!! They would close your account even before sending you a notice that they will be closing your account. I have been good paying my balance in full in the past few years but they will never give you a chance for just ONCE that you will be late to pay that time when something personal and financial issues came up! They will charge late fees and then report you to the credit bureau for one late payment! STAY AWAY PLEASE from any SYNCHRONY BANK credit cards!!!

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Oct 15, 2016
Convenient, great signup promo!
LJM07 Cardholder

Being a Prime member, I have been interested in adding this Store Card to my account since I do the majority of my online shopping at Amazon.  I was just approved for a $2100 CL with scores of EQ: 673 TU: 685 and EX 677.  No open collections or unsatisfied judgments.  A total of 12 late payments from 2 student loans from 2013 still appear on my reports.  My current credit utilization is around 5%.  The only report they pulled for the account was TransUnion (same as in April, 2015).  I had applied for this card in April 2015 but was declined at the time (scores across the 3 bureaus were in the mid 500s, with open collections and 2 judgments).  Hope this helps someone.

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Oct 11, 2016
so bad experience with the card
Hellosfdsaf Cardholder

I applied the card and never used it. Then the amazon prime was automatically added to my account and get it charged. After 3 months, without receiving my bill, my debt compounded with the late fee which is 35$ each month summed up to 160. Then I kept receiving the call from synchrom****bank? for weeks to get me paid the amount. I paid it. Then this is the second time after another 3 months, without receiving my bill, the Security Charge 2 dollar came out of nowhere and the late fees were still applied to my account totalled 108. WTF. I will never use amazon card again, never ever.

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Sep 23, 2016
Terrible service
Anonymous Cardholder

Made several on-time payments over the course of more than a year with this card. During a bank switch, I missed the timeframe to cut off automatic recurring payments to the old bank account - and the transaction went through without anything I could do. This was apparently the second returned payment even though I do not recall the first (paperless billing tells you nothing).

When I called and spoke to a manager I was given rude behavior, and they told me there was nothing they could do for me. I told them this would end our relationship, that I wouldn't do business with them or Amazon again - as far I'm concerned they can send the debt to the black hole that is a debt collector. They'll never get a dime from me.

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Sep 22, 2016
The best!
Anonymous Cardholder

I applied for this card in June 2016 and was given an 2800 limit. After having it for 4 months and shopping with it like crazy, ( I usually dont buy in stores anymore) they just sent me am email saying CONGRATULATIONS your credit limit was increased to 3800. I did not apply for a credit increase but I have payed maybe twice each month towards my balance. I try to pay at least $200 a month into it because I have ordered thing over $149, which I love that I have the 6 months finance or in any other purchase I get 5% back. I have read the reviews here and there is a place you can log in at synchronized bank amazon. It gives you all the details of balances, purchases, and a detail account on the promotional purchases you hace made and how much you owe for each. One thing I love and that to me it is very important is the fact that you can allocate payments. Yes, you can choose for the payments you make to go to the non promotional purchases that do accumulate interest first and whatever is left over to go to the promotional purchases. What wlse could we want. And dont forget to join PRIME! That is the icing on the cake! Free 2 day shipping on all my items, I do choose only items available for amazon prime but those are the ones I trust the most anyway. I have nothing bad to say about this card. I love it. 

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Sep 14, 2016
Pattym77 Cardholder

They do not send any communication. Paperless billing means no emails or text reminders even if you sign-up to get reminders, recurring payments-if 2 dont go through for whatever reason-they don't warn you but CLOSE your account with no warning. Paper bills have told me I owe nothing and have no payment pending when I owe them over $1000. DO NOT GET THIS CARD.

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Sep 12, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

This Amazon card is one of the many cards issued by Synchrony bank. I was a approved with a 660 Experian score but denied with JC Penny. I called to find out if I could be reconsidered for JCP but my application had expired and I would have to reapply. I chose not too to avoid another hard inquiry.

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Sep 12, 2016
Great card honestly
FlopaSet Cardholder

Haven't had it very long, but the definite plus is the promotional financing they have on orders over 149$ and 599$... Since I am relatively new to credit cards I called their customer service pretty late in the day and the operator was very clear speaking, new every question I had without having to wait for anything. Also found my information quite fast as well. Will update as my time with this card progresses.

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Sep 09, 2016
It's Good
Fakyuden Cardholder

They gave me $20 and 0apr financing for a year, so everything looks good to me. Approved for $2200 with CK650 but higher FICO.

All the complaints seem to hover around random closures or billing. I have not had any problems thus far. Everything is pretty clear on their payment portal, but if you are 80+ years old then it's probably outside of your comfort zone.

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Sep 08, 2016
Bad all around
Anonymous Cardholder

They don't show your due date or the minimum payment due when you log into your account online, till the day your bill is due.

They don't send any notifications when your bill is due.

They charge late fees if you payment isn't processed before your due date.  I paid my bill on my due date, and was charged a $35 late fee.  I called and they said they would only remove the fee afte my payment has what's the point of the due date?

Their overseas customer service is horrible.

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