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Oct 15 2016
Convenient, great signup promo!
Credit Karma Member

Being a Prime member, I have been interested in adding this Store Card to my account since I do the majority of my online shopping at Amazon.? I was just approved for a $2100 CL with scores of EQ: 673 TU: 685 and EX 677.? No open collections or unsatisfied judgments.? A total of 12 late payments from 2 student loans from 2013 still appear on my reports.? My current credit utilization is around 5%.? The only report they pulled for the account was TransUnion (same as in April, 2015).? I had applied for this card in April 2015 but was declined at the time (scores across the 3 bureaus were in the mid 500s, with open collections and 2 judgments).? Hope this helps someone.

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Sep 20 2017
They closed my account!
Credit Karma Member

I am very disgusted with Amazon right now. I went to place an order and my card was declined. I figured that I might had entered the number incorrectly so after doing it a couple of times it still didn't go through. I logged into my account to see what was going on and to my surprise MY ACCOUNT WAS CLOSED! :( I've had the card for almost a year with no issues, no problems, no late payments, or anything else. When I called them to find out what happened, they informed me that after reviewing my credit report, they determined that it was in their best interest to close the account. Now that I've been getting my old debts resolved I guess I'm starting to appear on everyone's "radar" and I'm getting dinged on a regular basis. No problem. I understand that. But I am very annoyed because I haven't had any slip-ups in the last 5 years. From the time I was issued the card to the present, I always paid my bill early and didn't carry a balance.? I don't see how that was a risk for them. ?

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Feb 06 2020
its the terrible experience
Credit Karma Member

they charge security fee every month and they don't say anything

Oct 13 2019
Stupidest reasoning ever had to listen!!
Credit Karma Member

This card is good till you don't get cancelled by this credit card company for some unknown stupid reason! I have a 100% payment history with them with a credit line of 1,500 and I am a customer from last 2 years...I have a 30% credit balance with them. Recently, mistakenly I tried to make a payment from an account I didn't have money. When I found out my mistake, I cancelled the previous payment and paid with my correct account information. After 10 days, I got notification that my card got cancelled, though I have a 100% payment history!!! Way to go!!!! They are saying that, I did this type of mistake twice in last my account history, so they closed it. Just a question to amazon, I always loved doing business with you, but is this the way you are treating your loyal customer? Just for newcomers and existing card holders, be ready to get your card cancelled for stupid reasons you even can't imagine!

Oct 05 2019
Account closed for seemingly no reason.
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card now for 7 months. I went to order something and it's saying account closed. I've never once had a missed or late payment. What's worse is all my 5% cash back rewards are gone too! That's just wrong. I called them and asked why it was closed and they told me, "sorry I don't have that information. It happens sometimes." What the heck!?

Sep 23 2019
Got denied with a 710 FICO score
Credit Karma Member

I have no idea why I did not get approved for this card. That said, 1 star for them deying me with a 710 score with a 5% utilization on my other Visa with a 7k limit.

Sep 17 2019
Lowered limit!!
Credit Karma Member

I used this credit regularly for all of my Amazon purchases for 1-2 years (and always had paid automatically in full so never late) until we switched to another credit card which gave us better points. I haven?t used the Amazon card for several months and just saw that they LOWERED my limit which dinged my credit score!! Will be closing this card ASAP.

Sep 15 2019
Absolute nightmare
Credit Karma Member

Cannot login to pay my bill and the support does nothing but says that they will note my complaint. Cannot login as it comes up with an error when attempting to do so. Cannot reset password or anything else as those functions also result in errors. I am a software developer and this is outrageous that their quality level is so poor that their site cannot handle errors properly and people can't pay their bills!

Sep 12 2019
Credit Karma Member

Applied for this card through Amazon just to get the $70 gift card. I honestly have a credit score slighlty above 750 and I was denied. I called to inquire and was given no reason.?

Aug 07 2019
Credit Karma Member

I have never been late on a payment and have had this card for several years but after I complained about some questionable charges on my card within a few days my credit line was decreased., with no explanation. I do not recommend this card

Jul 25 2019
Using this card is a nightmare
Credit Karma Member

I got this card to check it out and the online wesite is so bad I put $14 on this card of my $3400 paided it off and am canceling.

Jul 15 2019
Credit Karma Member

I have SYNCHRONY bank Amazon Card. There are other Amazon cards like Chase. Sky high interest on Synchrony card, though I have excellent credit. Because of this I would use my other Amazon card from Chase, with medium interest and more customer friendly service in every way. It kept defaulting to Synchrony though I learned not to trust this bank. It's even hard to log on and pay bills. As for the Synchrony Amazon card, I stopped getting on line notices or any bills in the mail four months ago,? but get monothly DEMANDS FOR PAYMENT AFTER THE FACT and all with monthly late fees $35. THIS IS A GOUGE. Why would I ignore my mail for four months, and at the same time received ZERO on line timely reminders to pay, only late fees and dunning letters? NONE OF THIS IS ACCIDENTAL- and all of it is illegal. They need to be reported. Person on the phone was not bad but her hands were tied. I don't blame her but she works for monsters! Again I have excellent credit. I have crappy interface with Synchrony bank on other cards and I highly recommend against them. EXTREMELY USER HOSTILE OR EVEN ILLEGAL. AVOID. They belong in jail!

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