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Card Details

  • Balance Transfer Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Balance Transfer Regular APR 19.24% - 26.24%* Variable
  • Annual Fee $450
  • Purchase Intro APR Not Applicable
  • Purchase Regular APR 19.24% - 26.24%* Variable

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Mar 22, 2019
DonVon40 Cardholder

CK said that I had very good approval odds & I was approved for a $17,500 CL. Been repairing my credit for a few years now after my divorce almost crippled me! Scored were 690-710 at the time of applying & income was around $150K.

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Mar 05, 2019
High limit-First Chase-average credit
Lindsey456 Cardholder

Just got this card in the mail. After the email I got saying they wanted to verify some things, I figured i was turned down like every other card who sends me that email. Haven't gotten a chance to use it or learn about it. My credit was 667 and 669 with Equifax and transunion. I usually get turned down because I'm self employed. My income is well over 6 figures, got approved for a $21,700 limit so I'll take it. Will update in a few months

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Feb 23, 2019
Great theoretical protections/utility
CBalla9 Cardholder

Using the card for international travel, to see family, etc. The benefits are pretty comprehensive with lots of protections extended to "immediate family" which is pretty broadly defined in everything except for trip delay. Trip delay/hotel coverage is only covered for User + spouse and children. The other protections, at least per the rep (haven't had to use it) extend out to cousins/parents/siblings, so it's pretty comprehensive. 

That said, I haven't had to use it for that yet. Hoping I won't.

Application process, while simple, had a lot of delay/lag involved. Ended up getting two sets of cards from Chase due to the delays/rush order put on one set due to the length of time the approval took/need to order tickets to get everyone booked together. 

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Dec 15, 2018
Great. If you don't have to call Chase.
LCTHJT Cardholder

It's a great card, with great perks.  Probably racked up about 500k points in the year I have had it. But dealing with Chase is a complete pain in the a$$.  If the perks were not what they are I would go elsewhere.  But alas the perks are that good.  But Chase customer service sucks!!!!

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Dec 17, 2018

I've never had a problem with Chase customer service.

Dec 17, 2018

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Dec 17, 2018

$450 annual fee with an outstanding credit score? Don't be stupid!

Jun 01, 2018
Instant Approval

Applied online during Memorial Day Weekend and got the card in the mail on Wednesday the 30th via UPS. It was in a white envelope (I think they stopped doing the 'special box' after its first year or two of inception). The envelope was slightly 'heavy' for a normal letter due to the card being metal. I downloaded the Chase app in anticipation of the card's arrival and confirmed of the card's delivery via the app and was notified via e-mail of its confirmation. Paid for a bill online to test it out and it immediately posted on the Chase app. For those thinking of applying, here's my info:

They pulled Experian on me and my score was 675 (due to years of missed payments on $25k of student loans but I'm now back in repayment).

Income at $105k. Monthly rent at $2525.

Active cards on file and its utilization include: Amex Blue Cash Everyday Card $6.5k CL (They 'increase' it if you go over your spending but bring it back down after) w/ high utility, Capital One Quicksilver $6k CL w/ low utility, Capital One Journey Student Rewards Card $1k CL w/ high utility, Capital One Platinum $750 CL w/ high utility, Discover it Card $500 CL w/ low utility.

Chase Sapphire Reserve: Approved for $10.5k CL and I intend to carry a low monthly balance, if any.

My two cents: It's not for you if your income doesn't support spending $4k within 3 months of approval just to qualify for the initial bonus which helps offset the first year's $450 annual fee.

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Jun 19, 2018

Great info you are the one!

Jun 30, 2018

Was it an instant approval or did you have to call the reconsideration line?

Jul 20, 2018

It was an "Instant Approval" as my subject title says lol. I did apply for the Chase Freedom 3-4 weeks after and got denied. Called recon and still denied. I was under the Chase 5/24 rule so it wasn't because of that. Maybe they're just picky since I just got a new account with them. Citi did instantly approve me for their Costco card and their AAdvantage Platinum Select card. I was also approved for an Amex Everyday card and a Barclays Apple Rewards card (after recon); All after the Chase Freedom denial. Their loss as I could have been using the Freedom for gas this quarter. That rejection prompted me to apply for the Citi Costco card as I get gas there already and now I earn 4% cash back with gas, 3% dining and travel, and 2% all things Costco. I still do want a freedom to supplement my Chase Reserve so I'll reapply again sometime next year. Good luck to you!

Mar 06, 2019

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