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Jun 21 2019
Good Experience
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card since I was looking for a card with a long 0% APR for purchases primarily. This allows me to make larger purchases without feeling I must pay them off at the end of the month. Really didn't care as much about the long 0% for balance transfers although I have a Discover card nearing the end of its 14 month 0% period so I will probably make a balance transfer so I won't have to pay interest. Credit Karma said I had a "good" chance for approval and they were right. I got a much bigger credit line than I expected ($10,000). My credit scores were in the 680 range with TU and I had a Chapter 13 on my file completed about 1 year ago. (I have a $14,000 line with Discover and $7,000 with Capital One - $5,000 each with a couple of store cards. My utilization percentage when I applied to PNC was about 23%

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Feb 10 2019
High interest I applied
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card with a 735 credit score thinking I would get. the low 12% apr rate. I was given the the 22.% interest rate. Applied through Credit Sesame thought I was pre approved. Wasted acquisition.

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Mar 22 2020
Great card!
Credit Karma Member

Applied for the card with a 730 score, got 15,000 limit off the top. Has a 15 month 0% APR for balance transfers, and purchases. Asked for my 1st limit increase less than 12 months later, and within seconds it went up to 20k. Great card, great service!

Mar 22 2020
My Very Bad Experience. Think twice!
Credit Karma Member

Applied for card so I could do a balance transfer - my sole reason for doing so. Applied online, instant approval. Card took forever to come in mail. Went into a PNC Branch (I'm a customer) for other reasons but while there, had Branch Mgt. process a balance transfer. 8 days later, I called because payment had not posted to other CC. Told it takes 10 days so, not electronic, more like pony express. Because of this delay, I had to pay the other card off or incurr hefty interest. So at this point like, what was the point? 20 days later transfer still did not post. Now the excuse was that it was sent to a wrong address. I complained - loudly. PNC Core sent an email, lets talk on phone. NO WAY off the record! I told them cancel the debt, including nearly $200 in transfer fees and they did. 3-days ater I cancelled them. One more thing, about calling to cancel the PNC Core card. Had to enter ump-teen numbers to be connected to a person. That connection took more than 6 minutes - seriously, once being put thru to a person line, the phone rang, just like a landline phone, for over 6 minutes! When it was finally was answered, it soulded like I woke the person up and that she was at home and didn't have her computer on. She did speak english, so thats's a positive. Over all, it took more than 13 minutes to cancel card. No voice or keepad options to dump them. Zero stars if possible. I REGRET GETTING INVOLVED WITH PNC CORE.

Mar 20 2020
Credit Karma Member

PNC Bank system is antiquated and bothersome! A simple task of resetting your p/w can't be done via phone. Their customer service reps, you can tell are trained on the bare minimum and limited to what they can do. Their App is pretty much useless. All my other credit card apps are efficent and multi functional. PNC NEEDS TO UPDATE THEIR SYSTEMS TO CURRENT TECHNOLOGY. They're operating on 80's - 90's technologies and not worth the aggravation!

Jan 07 2020
Credit Karma Member

So glad i was able to read the negative reviews!!! THESE reviews cautioned me to get anoither card. Transparentsy and predictability are of most importance!!

Dec 21 2019
Application denied
Credit Karma Member

Credit Karma said good approval odds. PNC said application denied

Dec 10 2019
Rediculous card and terms.
Credit Karma Member

You will NOT get the low APR. My credit is excellent and was given a card at over 20% APR. Are you kidding me?

Dec 10 2019
So far, so good! Fast balance transfer!
Credit Karma Member

I previously reviewed this card based on the amount time it took to receive it and also the PNC app, etc. This review is strictly regarding the ease of doing a balance transfer. Once I received my card, downloaded the app, I was then able to do a transfer. I don't remember now if I used the PNC website or the app to initiate the transfer, but I initiated the balance transfer to pay down a Chase card to save on interest. I did this on December 2nd and the payment to my Chase card posted on December 8th. SIX DAYS. Wow, seriously impressed. Expected to wait a lot longer based on some of the reviews. My experience with this card has been great so far!

Oct 28 2019
hard inquiry and no card
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card after seeing in CK that I had good approval odds and that adding a card could improve my credit. My credit on all 3 showed between 706 and 720. Have other 5 cards. Exceptional payment on all. Been rebuilding my credit after BK. But my mortgage is always paid on time. Paid off two cars and paying religiously my current card. Only 23% utilization when applied. Read a review that described my same conditions. That person got 10k cl. Me. Was denied immediately. It baffles and ****es me off. Cause I only applied cause CK would be good and had good chances. Now. Another hard inquiry. Soooo annoying.

Oct 28 2019
Did Not Honor The 0% Purchase APR
Credit Karma Member

Do not trust this bank. I received a good credit limit. I had the card for 4 months and I carried a small balance every month. I knew I had 0%, so I didn't bother to pay it off. After my 5th month they started charging me interest. I called up customer service and they said I didn't have 0% on purchases. After several minutes on the phone with an uneducated moron, I proceeded to tell her "Lesson Learned". Do not trust them. I have several cards. I never pay interest on credit cards. Very dishonest company. They stole $14 from me. I immediately paid off the miniscule balance of $700. Their card just went to the bottom of the pile. They won't make anymore money off of me.

Oct 22 2019
Stone age bank makes it hard to pay
Credit Karma Member

On top of the app being useless, I can only see my balance, can't use it to pay my card unless I have a PNC bank account which I don't so now I have to pack up all my kids to head to their bank & figure out what to do... plus the way they do balance transfers is thru snail mail & you better hope they put the correct address to your other bank or you will end up paying interest for the 2 months It takes them to correct the problem... the only thing good about this card was the $3000 instant approval... other then that look elsewhere

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PNC Core® Visa® Credit Card

PNC Core® Visa® Credit Card

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