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Green Dot® Gold Prepaid Visa Card

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BEWARE!! EXTREME RIP OFF Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

My company put $250 on a Green Dot prepaid visa so an employee would have a card for travel expenses. We were never able to get the card to work and 2 years later still trying to get our money back. Green Dot charges $5.95 month in management fees so they are slowly eating away the cash on the card. When we call the 866-795-7597 number we get at least 3 "customer service reps" (and I use the term very loosley) who bounce us around on hold with no resolution. This company is a complete fraud!!! 

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  Jan 15, 2014 Reply

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Review by orsunbear

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Happy Green Dot Cardholder

I got my first Green Dot Visa about 2 years ago when I started "Financial Peace University" to get myself back into being more financially responsible.  Basically, used it in place of the envelope system to give myself a "weekly allowance" and not be nickle and diming my personal checking account with every Dunkin' Donut, Big Gulp Vanilla Root Beer, and a plethora of monthly auto-payments made for personal subscriptions like my Rhapsody, Dropbox, and Office 365 accounts.  (And by the way - not only did it help me realilze how much unnecessary spending I was doing, it kept me "in check" and I'm better for it.)

So I decided to get two cards - one for me to have a "Weekly Allowance" and the other for my online subscriptions and other auto-debit expenses which I never carry with me.

When it comes to actually using the card for purchases, and adding funds, I have never once had a problem.  I make sure that I keep a close watch on my current balance to avoid any embarrassing moments at the checkout, but all in all, if the money wasn't there - they declined it and there has yet to ever be a fee for doing so.  (Which I believe you can OPT-OUT of them allowing "overdrafts" just like you HAVE to do with your bank check debit cards if you dont' want them going ahead and charging you a boatload of overdraft fees in addition to the purchase amount you paid - that's not the card companies fault, that's the cardholders fault for not being responsible enough to check his or her balance regularly - they email it to me DAILY so I have no excuse)

The ONLY time I had an issue, came when I lost my wallet.  Thankfully, the only card I carry with me is my Gold Dot because the nightmare of dealing with three credit cards, two bank debit cards, etc when they get lost/stolen...  well, I'm sure some of you know what that is.

In this case, my wallet was actually snatched off a desk at a public library.  And the person who took the card started making purchases (actually used it at the coffee shop inside the library no less).  When I got home, I got them on the phone and several other charges had taken place...  all in all a total loss of about $60.

I do admit that the Customer Rep didn't seem to be very "careing" about my situation in their tone, but then again, most customer service reps deal with angry beligerant people all day long so personally - I don't blame them.  They also have to hear the same stories day after day, so like Trauma Center Doctors, they get a bit immune to the emotional factor involved.  

Unlike a Check Debit Card, these prepaid cards are subject to a very high rate of consumer fraud, and alot of it done by the cardholders themselves, so there is a lot more scrutiny that you will go through than you would if you went through your personal bank.  But one thing that I DID find, was that my issue was resolved in about three weeks, and all but two transactions that were made were refunded back to me.  (The reason two were declined because they were at a place that I frequent almost DAILY and they occurred on the DAY OF the loss of the card). 

Total loss to me was about $15.  I know, not much compared to what many of the bad reviews I see here...  

My advice to those who are considering getting one of these is simple.  Don't use it as your personal bank account and put all your money in it.  It's not a Credit Card...  Also remember, that they will question chargebacks because of lost or stolen cards much deeper than a bank that you have accounts with, or any actual Credit Card company.  They HAVE TO DO SO.  The larger the amount of the loss, the harder and longer it will take to get a refund.

One final thought on "overdrafts" - call them, and ask them if you can OPT-OUT of them actually accepting an overdraft.  Customers who have a long history of regular reloads and lack of declined transactions will occassionally see them let it go through, and charge you an overdraft just like your bank will.  Some banks offer Opt Out - others do not.

Sign up for daily balance emails, and actually know the balance on the card before you actually use it - even if it means using your smart phone to connect to the website and check your balance.  Ultimately in the end, if you use it and you don't have a balance to cover the transaction - its the cardholder's fault, not the Card Company (or your bank).

My two cents...  (Let the backlash begin)

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  Apr 23, 2014 Reply

RobertHinTexas(1, 0)

Review by RobertHinTexas

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I got this for my teenager so she can use this online instead of my debit cards. HUGE mistake! I put a good amount of money in it for her but when she was ordering they always got declined, and even though they were declined it would still charge the card! I was furious and called customer service but they were no help! If only I could give this card & company zero stars. Do not recommend and will never repurchase . 

Apr 14, 2014 Reply
Green Dot is a Fraud!!!

I received a green dot card as a gift.  Please don't do this to anyone that you care about.  Tried to activate it, the site wouldn't take the information.  Emailing for help doesn't work.  Wasted time and frustration over a gift, no less.  I will file a complaint with the attorney general's office here in Louisiana.  This is criminal.

Apr 05, 2014 Reply
Not a customer service minded business

My son is now living in Brazil for the next 15 or so months. Was tiold not to take cash, but that cards like Greendot would be invaluable. The card worked great for the first few months, but was recently placed on hold due to questionable activity. I spoke with a rep(not very helpful) who cleared all the purchases as I stated they were done by my son. After placing me on hold for several to "varify" something she told me that greendot was no longer valid in Brazil for security concerns, and this was one of the stipulations of the card. That is that they could cancel where it is used at any time. I will hopefully get the refunded money, as I quickley cancelled the card. My advice, stay away from this company. Do not expect to speak to a supervisor, as that is apparantly not an option with them. Who you get on the phone is all you get on the phone. Horrible customer service and no real cares to make it better. Trying now to find a reputable card source that will allow it use in Brazil. Stay away from this card!!!!

Feb 24, 2014 Reply
Green dot credit card is horrible

For this day and age this company is not  user friendly at all, I you pay for the service and turn around being put to work to spend your own money. And there no warranty the card would work. No more business with this company from me.

Feb 22, 2014 Reply

Green Dot has my money.  I don't.  Enough said.  Try online help?  Forget it.  Get a live person?  Forget it.  Get your money back?  Forget it.  Wanna get a Green Dot card?  Forget it.  Better to give your cash to a stranger on the street to "hold it for ya."

At least there is a street to start looking for the ahole that has your money.  Green Dot is just a webpage.  A web page with my money!

Feb 11, 2014 Reply

I've had this account for 3 years, NEVER had a problem, UNTIL 2/5/2014 I went to use my card, I had HUNDREDS on there, card got declined for $18, I used a different card, went to my car, called them up to see WHY my purchase was delclined...They informed me, I used all of my balance about an hour ago at a grocery store! I said WHAT!? I haven't been to a grocery store today, which one? THEY SAID IN BRAZIL!!!! I went OFF!!! How can I be in Brazil and Calif at the same time!? I have my card, nobody has EVER seen my pin number, in fact, I had JUST changed my pin the night before (because I kept forgetting it) THEY SHOP NOT HAVE LET THAT CHARGE HAPPEN TO BEGIN WITH FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY!.....BUT IT GETS WORSE!!!! The charge was PENDING, I said well this is EASY, STOP THE CHARGE, I DIDN'T MAKE IT!!! They said "We can't stop the charge, there's NOTHING we can do for you until it posts" in other words, AFTER THEY STEAL MY MONEY!!! They took every dime I had!!! NOW, I had to wait DAYS for it to post, NOW I have to wait 10 - 45 days for them to investigate the DISPUTE! are you kidding me!?!? THE MINUTE I GET MY MONEY BACK, CLOSING THAT ACCOUNT!!!

Feb 08, 2014 Reply

A $100 card was purchased @ Ralph and was given to me for my b-day. Activation is required, but you also need to register and provide your information (as if you are applying for a credit card) before you can use for purchase. CRS was unfriendly and not helpful, they sound like a recorder answering questions

Feb 07, 2014 Reply
Card Par Excellence!

I've had my GreenDot card for 6 years, never EVER had a problem.
I got 2 cards for my kids, I can put money in their hands in 15 minutes across the country.

I have direct deposit, so I have never had to pay a monthly fee, and very rarely do I pay an ATM fee. I always ask for cash back when I buy something.

This is the best of all worlds, I can do Billpay, automatic payments for recurring bills, and the few times I've ever had to call them, got through immediately.

No other bank in the world can give me totally free banking. Granted it doesn't pay me interest, but then again, the .0075% interest on your bank card isn't worth the ink it took to print it.

Nothing but good for GreenDot!!!

To those unhappy customers...try reading your information. You just might learn something.

Feb 04, 2014 Reply
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Green Dot® Gold Prepaid Visa Card

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