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Green Dot® Gold Prepaid Visa Card

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1.5 out of 5 stars
20 Reviews

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Aug 14, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

This company is a scam has held my money for over a week won't let me reload my card and keeps coming up with more excuses and lying about the card They sent me I requested 3 cards and they said I've only requested one they are full of s*** beware of these people and the customer service is garbage don't expect to get any help from these people if that's what you want to call them be very afraid of these people and your money I swear that on everything I love

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Aug 03, 2016
Avoid this company!
mico11 Cardholder

I had a merchant place a large charge on my card in error. The merchant sent a email & fax to Green Dot explaining the error. However, Green Dot placed the charge as "pending" taking away from available funds and refuse to remove the hold. To make matter worst, I spoke with a representative over the phone. She told me there was nothing they can do, "it the charge was from a rental car company they could remove the "pending" transaction" Now this is crazy, because you can not use Green Dot at rental car companies. I asked the rep to transfer me to a manager or someone in a higher position, at which time the rep hung-up the phone in my face. Note, I never spoke or used any profanity to the rep, nor did I speak badly toward the rep. No one should ever experience customer service in this manner. I am simple trying to use "My Money" to pay bills and eat. I can not wait 10-days to eat. Avoid this company!

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Jul 12, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

I got this card in November and right now it's June and I didn't even know my security number but now the card doesn't even work!?! And I was only goning to spend like $2 on something.Pure watse of my money and time!!! ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜¡ðŸ˜“

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Jul 10, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

HORRIBLE I WOULD ADVISE ANYONE DO NOT GET A GREEN DOT CARD . Customer service sucks , all they do is take money out of your card for unknown fees ! SCAM BE AWARE 

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May 06, 2016
Rip-off targeting poor and elderly
StripperCanoes Cardholder

My mom-in-law received a $100 GreenDot Visa card as a gift. Her son tried repeatedly to activate the card and according to the activation process, were never successful.

A few months passed, and she brought the card to me to activate. Turns out the card was active and her $100 card had an available balance of $40. 

I checked the transaction history and found that GreenDot was charging her $7.95 per month for having the card!

This is an incredible rip-off targeting the poor and elderly, who can't afford to have money stolen and have no recouse when a company like GreenDot does exactly that.

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May 05, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

My card got HACKED. I filed 2 police reports.I have to do their job for their incompetent ***. Contacted the store manager myself. Police provided the thieves on surveillance cameras. And these sick *** holes in the dispute department denied my case twice. $815.85 gone. So they think...I've now got an attorney on it.

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Apr 12, 2016
The card isnt the problem its the bank
Anonymous Cardholder

Funds come up missing and are rarely if at all replaced as well as the run around every time you call to find out about it. There is more than half of my wages gone and after almost 3 weeks still hasnt been returned and I'm still getting the run around. I'm taking legal action against them they are very unprofessional. It all seems too fishy to me This bank is full of thieves DONT use it. The card is convenient but it's to easy for funds to dissappear and way to difficult to get them back.

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Mar 20, 2016
World's worst!
Anonymous Cardholder

Original card has to be "activated" through very long process including giving SS #. Then you get another card in the mail to be activated. Told me iron was activated and then it didn'the work. Value declines by $6.95 a month. Finally got through to a human who said it wasn't activated! Took another half hour. I hope this worked. Don't know yet. DO NOT BUY THIS CARD FOR YOURSELF OR AS A GIFT!!!!

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Mar 13, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

I received a prepaid card from my elderly parents as a gift. They were completely confused and thought it was a secure gift card and all that would be needed is a pin of some sort. Low and behold this company requires a full disclosure of your personal information including a social security number in order to activate it. I work in a heavily regulated banking industry and am well versed in the requirements put out by our federal government post 9/11 as part of a plan to eliminating funds being transferred to terrorists and this company has figured out a way to manipulate this into a horrific experience for the common consumer. DO NOT mistake this for a gift card it is not, it is a prepaid debit card and falls under a unique set of rules. I am not willing to provide my full information to ANYONE let alone a company who will not even speak to you until you provide your ssi number to activate the card. I would get it if they had great customer service but the service department is obviously outsourced to another country and they are of little assistance and will only provide limited information until you activate the card at which point it is implied that you are now a customer. Technically this is similar to walking into a bank and opening a checking or savings account. Buyer be warned! 

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Mar 05, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Greendot is a scam they cancelled my card that has 5000.00 on it.They keep lying saying that sent a new one through fedx but have no tracking number. I called fedx gave them my address in was told nothing was ever sent to my address. I as to speak to a supervisor and there's never one available and never return calls. I have been dealing with this for a month. Do anyone knows how I can get my money from these crooks?????

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