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Nov 09, 2013
Pass them by!!
vicmacbou Cardholder

Have had Capital One for years...  used to be a good deal, with very competitive rates.  NEVER missed or had a late pay, and they "rewarded" me with a higher rate one day.   Called to have it lowered a couple of times and never got any results.   Am paying them off, and moving on.  

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Dec 10, 2012
Capital One is the Worst Credit Card
comeonrob Cardholder

I had this card when I applied with Best Buy for credit.  They lored me in with a 300 limit.  After two years of never missing a payment, never any fees, except for the ludicrous annual fee of $59; I cancelled the card and never recceived an increase.  Why would I ever pay 1/3 of my credit limit in a fee?  Capital One could care less that I wanted to cancel.  They sent my call to India and I could hardly understand the Rep.  So I cancelled.  This is the worst card I ever had............btw, when I asked for an increase, I always got the song and dance that Capital One is a conservative lender and no increase could be granted at this time.

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Nov 15, 2012
dodgeramhemi12 Cardholder

great card great customer service no problems at all and increase your limit when they say as long as you pay your bill on time

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Sep 19, 2012
tefr Cardholder

 I meet or exceed all the criteria listed on their site's "excellent" credit pop-up rating so, I applied.  No sooner had I finished the on-line application, I received a "declined" message!  These people will NEVER get ANY of my business!   NOT worth the "hard credit" against your credit rating!  DON'T bother!

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Aug 05, 2012
alanmac67 Cardholder

Rewards are easy to use. It was easy to file a dispute and have it resolved when fraudulent charges were on my card. This is the only card I use when outside the country

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Capital One® No Hassle Miles(SM) Rewards - EXPIRED OFFER