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Mar 11 2015
Credit Karma Member

Credit Karma recommended I apply for Capital One's "VentureOne" card with good approval odds. I decided to apply, as I'd been working on improving my credit for the past two years. However, not wanting to just jump in, I researched both cards using Credit Karma's community reviews, credit card metrics, and other credit card boards for opinions, regarding approval. The general consesus is to use Capital One's "pre-approval" tool. Based on Capital One's questions/ remarks for defining "Excellent", "Average," or "Rebuilding," I defined my credit as "Excellent" - even though it's far from it: From Credit Karma: TransUnion Vantage Score: 687 TransUnion "New Account" (traditional FICO estimate): 629 From Capital One's report: TransUnion: 642 I chose "Excellent' based on my personal profile of not having the "Average" negative remarks/ notes. In any case, back to the pre-approval tool, they came back with the VentureOne as a recommendation. So, I figured I'd apply for the VentureOne - no lie, having Credit Karma's "recommend for you" (and the past couple years of credit rebuilding and the research) gave me the 'courage' to submit. 60 seconds later: APPROVED! Addional Credit Profile Notes: GOOD: My credit utilization, deragotory remarks, total accounts (mostly student loans), and credit inquiries were all in "Excellent" status. BAD: My payment history was very poor (95%), and my average age was poor (4y 7m). CAVEATS: All of my open/ current accounts have been on-time/ no lates for the past 2-3 years. My older accounts are student loans approaching 10 years. Lastly, I have 3 CLOSED/ REMOVED collection accounts. The most recent (and last) collection was closed less than a month before applying. I have a decent salary: $63,000. Additional Credit Card Notes: This was the first 'real' credit card I applied for in the past 2 years, after being declined. However, I took note of the reasons why I was declined (Chase Freedom (05/2013) and Macy's (03/2013) ) and worked on improving the areas noted. I chose to apply for the VentureOne card because I want to finance a trip to visit family in Florida and future flights/ trips - I live in California. I also intend to use it for higher expenses, like auto maintenance, to build miles. In the same 10min window, I applied for both the VentureOne and Quicksilver (approved for both) basically because I'd "burned" a hard inquiry anyways. I've reviewed my credit reports, and as I thought, I only have one hard credit inquiry for both cards. I was planning on applying for both eventually anyways, so this was a nice 2 for 1 opportunity. I hope my review helps some people with similar situations. I'll re-review the card, after I've had it longer. But so far, it's working as I'd expected it to, the customer service has been courteous and easy to work with (I had to update my address before receiveng the card), and the website is user-friendly.

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Dec 05 2016
Miles perk is a scam
Credit Karma Member

The card is fine for purchases, support, and online account features. However, it is a complete scam that you earn "miles" -in the sense that traditional cards give you miles for mile. With this card you technicall earn one penny per mile (disguised as a mile). When you get ready to use your 60,00 miles you really have a $600 credit to use towards an expensive priced flight or hotel. With other cards you have a true 60K miles that allow you to book several domestic flights. Buyer be warned..., if you're planning a trip with that special someone, using all those miles you've accumilated, you're gonna be dissapointed. Same on you Alec Baldwin! I'd rather a blackout date that allows me to plan a head and actually go somewhere.

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Oct 13 2019
Credit Karma Member

Applied and denied. 745 score with 2% Utilization and $34k available credit and $117k income. I also hold 2 personal and 1 business Capital One cards.

Oct 03 2019
Credit Karma Member

Capital one owns Credit Karma. Keep That in mind when taking a suggestion from them. great, Very good, and fair odds don't mean anything. they are paid to give you suggestions.

Sep 26 2019
Unbelievably Disappointing
Credit Karma Member

I applied ?for this card through CK ?with a 729 credit score, no late payments on any accounts, 6 year history, owner of a capitalone saving & checking account, and got denied!!! Screw you capital one!!! Chase Sapphire Preferred approves me, with a much better bonus offer

Sep 14 2019
worst customer service.
Credit Karma Member

dont apply. other cards are better

Sep 14 2019
Excellent reward program
Credit Karma Member

This is absolutely the best card, customer service is outstanding when you call, I never waited more than three minutes to get someone on the phone and the reward program is phenomenal. I preferred to pay the annual fee and I get 2 miles for every dollar I spend so you can easily gather up enough miles that it makes it worthwhile paying the annual fee!?

Sep 12 2019
Don???t trust
Credit Karma Member

worth credit card!!! don?t apply!!

Sep 10 2019
Not worth it!
Credit Karma Member

The customer service at Capital One is the worst.? I was treated rudely by Asia FWH353. She would not connect me with a supervisor.?I would not do business with Capital One again.?

Sep 08 2019
I wanted it
Credit Karma Member

Credit karma doesnt know what they are talking about. They said i had "very good approval odds" but i wasnt approved...not cool. Im no longer using them.

Aug 19 2019
Credit Karma Member

Applied for this card, got instant approval. However, within a few days, instead of receiving my card, I received a notice in the mail to contact Capital One to review the applicaiton and confirm my identity. I sent the following per their request: A utility bill, bank statement, and a copy of my drivers license. They said it typically takes about 24-72 hours to review. I called back a few days later and they told me based on the paperwork I was denied with zero explanation as to why. (I still to this day have no idea why. My concern was if there was something wrong with my identity, but they REFUSED to answer.) It took me complaining to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for them to give a crap. Once I made a stink on there, I got a call from an account executive at CO, and she said she re-reviewed the paperwork and I was approved.(which again, zero explanation as to WHY I was denied in the first place and what changed now) I told her I nor my family will ever do business with CO and to close this card she just arbitarily decided to open weeks after I was denied. Which within days of being denied at CO, I had my new credit card in my hand from my local credit union. (which, by the way, I was accepted over the phone. No fuss, didn't need to send over paperwork) After seeing the countless reviews on the CFPB about CO being extremely overzealous with locking cards, I definitely made the right call.

Aug 17 2019
Great for Airline Miles
Credit Karma Member

Everything I see written about the card is correct. It is what THEY LEAVE OUT THAT IRRITATES ME!. Nearly Every Time I use my Capital One Card at a new merchant it is denied. Very embarrassing. So I use a different card while holding everyone up. As I leave the store I get a text from Capital One. "Did you just try to make a purchase at....." I reply yes and they THEN me to go ahead?the transaction has been approved. This happened once at my local Wal-Greens where I shop often. I have had it! Capital One is being canceled. This is no way to run a railroad. I hate it.

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Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card

Capital One® VentureOne® Rewards Credit Card

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