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Aug 04, 2016
rtap23 Cardholder

I really like this card. I am less then 10000 points away from having a free 7 day cruise. So far this card has worked well for me

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Feb 06, 2015
Excellent card with excellent benefits.
clubsuper Cardholder

I have been very happy with this card from the day I received it. I use it for just about everything. I have "cashed in" the bonus points several times and never had a problem. The interest rate is a bit high, but if you don't carry a balance, that's not a problem. My limit has been increased on a regular basis.

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Jan 29, 2015
Lots of promises, zero benefits

I got this card because I traveled on a Carnival cruise and signed up for their 'Vacation Club' which was anything but 'elite'.  They promised that we would get 'discounted cruises' at 'last minute prices' and benefit after benefit after benifit.  After paying $5k to join.  The scam involved 'cruise points' which were worth $3400 in cruises (paid $5k?) got 2 short cruises out of the deal because the cruises were at full price (pay for it and there are 50% discounts).  I did use one of the $299 weeks in Puerto Rico (when I showed up to the resort no one knew I was even coming). 

Got the mastercard, charged everything on it and when I went to use the points they were worthless.  They ended up expiring.  I could 'buy' points to supplement the ones 'earned' but again, the price was $25 for $17 worth of benefits on the card.  Don't bother with this one.

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Jun 06, 2014
Bad Card Overall
LNS14 Cardholder

I applied for the Carnival MasterCard while onboard a cruise 2 years ago and it has been a not so pleasant experience. Firstly the rewards are deceiving- you may get 5,000 points for your first purchase on land but the catch is that the points you earn expire 5 years from when you earned them. As for benefits they are scarce and whatever the large print gives, the small print takes away, seriously the exclusions on the benefits make it impossible for you to actually benefit from them. This customer service is horrible, some of them really do want to help you it is just that they are too incompetent to perform even the simplest of tasks. For example on New Years Eve I was notified that possible fraudulent activity had occured on my card-sure enough someone had stolen my card information and used it. After calling customer service they assured me that the charge would not post and that they would send me out a new card and they would expidite it for free too. True to their word the charge disappeared and my new card arrived, but on Jan 31 that same fraudulent chage went through and posted- I called and was assured that a credit will post to my account and I will not be held responsible for the fraudulent charge. Fast forward a month when my bill is due, no credit in sight and I called again and was told that the credit is still pending, and that if I wish I may subtract the fraudulent amount from my payment but I would have to pay interest-ON A PURCHASE I DID NOT MAKE!- So I paid it and in a few days the credit arrived. Since then I have replaced it with the Chase Freedom and kept this card locked up until I can use what little rewards I have.  

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Apr 03, 2014
website says $5 - its 4%, deceptive

needs to be addressed but meanwhile they are wasting our time and ruining their name

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Jan 25, 2014
Misstated transfer fee on website

Website said $5 transfer fee. It is actually 4%.

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