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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Mar 10, 2017
promise not met
Anonymous Cardholder

Promise $100 cash back when used. Never able to get it. Bad, bad card.

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Feb 17, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

barclay has some of the worst custome

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Dec 21, 2016
Great for the sock drawer
tallguy210 Cardholder

Do not apply for this card unless you want to stay at your same credit limit for years and years and years and years and years.  It's impossible to get a credit limit increase on this card, no matter how much your credit report improves over the years.  The only thing they are big on is asking you if you would like to do a balance transfer, every single time I call.  Once, they reduced my annual percentage rate from 25% down to 20%, wow.  I've read on other forums where people who have a bankruptcy on their credit reports seem to be treated way kinder when it comes to getting soft pull credit limit increase.  For me, best thing I can do right now is put this card back in the sock drawer.  No way do I want this to be my daily use card. 

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Dec 05, 2016
horrible customer service.
Anonymous Cardholder

Rude and incompentent customer service. So rude they won't even mind losing you as a customer. SKIP.

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Oct 11, 2016
Funky card
Anonymous Cardholder

No problems with using the card.  The frustration comes when you want to redeem your rewards.  Unlike Citi and other card companies (which are efficient and easy to use when redeeming rewards), this card is a nightmare.  First, I was told I would have to wait 60 days from the first transaction.   Then I was told I would have to wait 90 days from the first statement balance, which is actually 4 months from the first date of purchase.  I hope they are not fraudulent.  Customer service tries to help, but they are hard to understand, and even harder to decipher.  They provide no incentive to keep using the card.  A mystery why they think anyone in this day and age of lots of CC that reward in an honest and efficient manner would put up with this.  I never use a CC without a reward structure, and I never use a CC that is a hassle.

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Jul 11, 2016
Upromise cash back bonus denied
GeneJeanie Cardholder

For prospective card holders: the "up to 10% cash back" is the sum from the credit card issuer and the online merchant. The credit card issuer guarantees 1% cash back on all spending, and up to 4% additional cash back for "eligible" online purchases. There is generally another 5% reward (but as low as 1% and as high as 9% during promotion) from the online merchant for your "eligible" online purchases.

However, the online portal that one must use to make one's purchase eligible for this generous cash back is unable to reliably track my spending. I have had to file many claims for the missing 4% out of 5% Master Card cash back and the merchant-dependent 1-9% online shopping bonuses. Even so, many of my bonus claims were denied after Upromise conducted its reviews. The reasons for denial were always generic excuses like "clicking between multiple browser windows or tabs" and "taking advantage of other promotional offers" -- I made sure I didn't do any of those after my bonus was denied the first time! But many of my bonuses are still frequently denied.

The bottom line: I have had to use a spreadsheet to track every spending I make and every reward I receive, so I know when to file missing reward claims. If you want to get this card, you should get a spreadsheet ready and write to Upromise frequently to fight for your bonuses, too.

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Jun 06, 2016
cardmaven Cardholder

if you want to fight about every bonus cashback then this card is for you.

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May 04, 2016
IDamian Cardholder

Barkleys has 2 cards  Sallie Mae Rewards (which is GREAT!) BUT THEN THEY ALSO HAVE UPROMISE.  THIS IS ABOUT UPROMISE ONLY!!!

STay the hell away from UPROMISE. If I could give a negative score I would. I have never had so much trouble with a company of ANY kind.

I have a rating well over 800. I use 9 different cards. I am experienced being with a CC well over 35 years. 

1) They first promised Peapod.com $9 reward AND 5% on ll items bought,

THEN without any 30 days warning or any warning of any kind they state the $9 is only for the first time. FIne  but they  keep the promise of 5% on all else you buy online. SO I continue to use it throughout 2016 another 6 times. NOW THEY TELL ME TOO BAD, it ended on 2015!!

2) They take 90 days to send out any rewards you have accumulated 

3) They take 90 days (3 FULL MONTHS) to determine WHAT YOUR REWARDS comes to in the first place: 3 MONTHS! Their sister card Sallie Mae Rewards does it INSTANTANEOUSLY AND ALLOW YOU TO SUBTRACT THE REWARD FROM THE CHARGE FOR THAT MONTH. UPROMISE WILL ONLY SEND A CHECK IN THE MaIL 60 days later. ( WHo in their right mind wants to keep track of rewards from 3 months prior then wait ANOTHER 60 days (5 months in total) before you see the first dime?

4) Their personnel hardly speak English. YOu can get by with that because at least they are patient when you ask to repeat but much of the information you request is something they put you on hold in order to check with their supervisors, as if they just joined 2 week prior

5)  The sheer hassle is something is a nightmare. IF you get the right person to talk to, they will inevitably put you on hold until you get the RIGHT ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION. Just today, the Supervisor I spoke to never listened to my question but simply spoke about what he wanted to tell me having nothing to do with my question. A Supervisor!

Pros:   Uh, while it is no longer available they did originally give me the $9 and the 5% when I shopped at Peapod.com which is the ONLY reason I stuck it out this long!!     (Unfortunately Sallie Mae REwards card will not reward online grocery stores).. 

It is my intention to use the AMEX Everyday card which at least gives me 3% on Peapod.com and completely cut up my UPROMISE Card. However I found out this won't be enough. I have to do more than simply not use the card.

I usually allow my blood to stop boiling prior to writing a review. This is the once case I have channeled my inner frustrationdirectly to every single fact that they simply can not handle like a normal company.


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