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Apr 22 2019
A lie
Credit Karma Member

They told me I would get 2 round tip tickets for any where in the US. When I went to go use my tickets, I only get 20,000 miles. Not enough to fly anywhere for 2 people. The fees you have to pay for the trip are double what they are for other airlines. You dont really end up saving anything!

Dec 30 2018
Good mileage build, easy to use.
Credit Karma Member

High annual fee but works fine.

Jun 14 2018
Had to cancel
Credit Karma Member

Was approved about a month ago for 5k. I never received the card, nor packet, nor anything. Called several times and was assured it was on its way. Was given 3 different mailing dates each time I called. What was worse is I found out the 90 day reward points had started from the time the account was opened, so when I called to finally cancel, they said "well, you have 60 days left. I was infuriated. The customer service reps seemed like they were dragging me along. This card did not work for me.

Jun 05 2018
Already having problems
Credit Karma Member

I ordered this card a month ago on a flight. They have had my account up for some time. Already they have delayed delivery of my card twice, and keep saying it's in the mail. First I was told it was mailed before May 21. I called back, then they said it was mailed May 24. I keep getting the run around. The first time I called, I was treated poorly a rep. there when I asked about recieving my card. So my account has been running for weeks, but I can't use it. I have called a few times, but about to cancel this account all together. This definitely has me concerned. I am a first time customer to this card and bank. My other card companied, lenders, have never had these issues. I don't understand why I keep getting brushed off, and put off.

Dec 28 2017
Received 40,000 Bonus Miles
Credit Karma Member

After reading the reviews on Credit Karma for this card I was skeptical about getting the 40,000 miles as described. I decided to go ahead and get the card anyway. As soon as I received the card I paid the $69 annual fee and then purchased over $500 all within a few days and within 30 days of receiving the card my 40,000 miles were added to my Fly Frontier Early Returns account. However, when I tried to use my 40,000 miles my transaction wouldn't go through so I called Fly Frontier and the rep tried running the transaction and she wasn't able to run the transaction either so she transferred me to a supervisor and he said that my Early Returns account didn't sync correctly with my 40,000 bonus miles so he created an additional Early Returns account for me and then combined my two Early Returns account together and proceeded through successfully with my transaction. I purchased 4 one-way tickets from Las vegas to Charlotte with my bonus miles and only had to pay $20 in taxes and fees. So, with the exception of having to spend 30 minutes on the phone placing the transaction for my flight I'm happy with this card and I'm looking forward to using this card and receiving the $100 credit voucher each year.

Mar 01 2017
Credit Karma Member

Signed up in flight "earn 40,000 miles which = 2 free round trip tickets anywhere Frontier flies in the US...or 1 internationl ticket. All you have to do is purchase a pack of gum to activate the card." Lie... the interest rate is 25% and you need to purchase $500.00 plus pay the annual fee. The 40,000 miles is from place of departure.. so from Chicago to's 20,000 1 way... hardly = 2 free round trip tickets. Won't be using the card. Scam.

Dec 02 2016
Not sure per reviews
Credit Karma Member

Let's see I just got a AAdvantage and a Barclay Rewards all within the last 2 weeks - I subsequently had to recon the Barclay as the system declined but was able to be approved, well 8 days later I applied for this card to increas my buying power between flights (Frontier was cheaper for what I needed it for) ok so I apply - same decline - call in for recon - no dice due to new account being opened and inquries. As consumers we need to fight this who agreed to these regulations - can you imagine having your GPA drop every time a potential school or business viewed your why is credit any different, its none of their business where I apply or how often I apply, if I have 0 late payments what difference does it make how I manage my credit file you should be looking at my income, score, and payment history the things that really determine your risk but we shouldnt lose points from viewing our credit and should do away with hard and soft we have the power and we continue to let these banks drag us - I sent letter to see if I can recon or remove the inquiry at least - will report back if I remember too

Sep 08 2016
Rip Off
Credit Karma Member

I applied for this card on a flight. After receiving it reread and decided against it and never activiated it. They still charged me activation fee and late fee and would not refund. I tried to get them to refund but the crooks would not have it, and it cost me $100 to get out of it as I did not want this to affect my credit score. NEVER APPLY FOR THIS CARD!!!

Aug 17 2016
Absolutely no reason to have one.
Credit Karma Member

Application process was passable but only because it required so little imput from BarclayCard phone support. Credit card was fine to use at first but when I attempted to raise my card limit (FROM $500!) they insisted that the card had to be open 8 months before any credit line increase could happen which made the card absolutly useless (I have a credit score of 740-750, I don't understand why the limit was $500). Fast forward a few months and I'm stuck in a rural airport in Indiana trying to get home to New Jersey. I am carrying a large amount of luggage so I opt to rent a car to drive home to NJ which is where it all hits the fan. In the US youhave /very/ limited oppertunities to rent vehicles if you are under 25 years old unless you use a credit card but the problem with a $500 limit is you cannot even pay the temporary hold on the card required to rent the car. So I call up Barclay and after a solid 5 minutes of PRESS SEVEN TO TALK TO A REPRESENTATIVE I finally get in contact with a person who I cannot understand. I spend two hours on the phone being transfered around sometimes to helpful people sometimes back to where I started in an attempt to get an "emergency credit line increase" which I ended up finding out from the one competent rep who actually took time out of their day to help that "emergency credit line increase" form was the exact same form they would usually use for a credit line increase it just had a very official name. After three tries with three different people to have my credit line temporarily increased so I could have a TEMPORARY HOLD so I could rent a car I ended up giving up on the operation and walking the entire airport until I found out that Hertz was okay with heavily bending their rules on paying with a debit cards long as I put a hefty security deposit on the vehicle (Thank you Hertz for having mercy on me). I have never had quality support from the BarclayCard phone support. Constant smoke and mirrors (like the "emergency" increase form) and a million prompts before I could talk to an actual person who almost every time was unhelpful. I'd like to give some redeeming qualities of the card but I really can't think of anything. Also, that "50,000 miles = two round trip tickets" they sell you on ends up getting you one round trip ticket in basic coach between New York and Chicago in the offseason. I haven't even tried to redeem it yet but judging from what everyone else on here is saying its going to be an absolute nightmare of a process to actually use or god forbid transfer my miles.

May 18 2016
terrible terrible terrible
Credit Karma Member

found out I was being lied to about interest rates and told "you should have read the fine print" efter they explicitly told me something contrary to the fine print.

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The Frontier Airlines World MasterCard®

The Frontier Airlines World MasterCard®

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