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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Oct 29, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

I met all of the terms and conditions for the card's bonus miles and my bonus miles were not showing up on my account. I spent over an hour on the phone being transferred around and noone was transferring me to the right people to help resolve the problem. I was extremely frusturated with the whole process, and it makes the "bonus miles" not even worth it. 

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Jul 09, 2017
Extremely dissapointing.
Anonymous Cardholder

I applied for this card on a flight.  I was told that it would provide me enough miles to get me 2 round trip tickets ANYWHERE IN THE US or 1 round trip ticket oversease.  I have been saving my miles so that I could fly home with my 7 year old daughter to see my mother whose health has not been the best this year.  When I tried to use my miles, I was told I was over 30,000 miles short.  I called customer service and they told me that it depends on what time of the year and what route.  So apparently it is not ANYWHERE in the US.  I fly frontier a lot and have spoken highly before about them.  Now, I am extremely dissapointed in them and will be cancelling my card and looking for a new airline.  Completely dishonest!!   Do not get this card. 

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Jun 26, 2017
Mistake that I hope I cancelled in time.
Anonymous Cardholder

Like the others that I've read, I was eager to get the card, buy my pack of gum and pay my 69.00 annual fee to redeem the 40,000 points in flights.  But trying to deal with setting it all up and getting the points made me realize that this was a mistake.  I called to cancel today and got the run around.  They did assure me its cancelld and that I would not have to pay the 69.00 fee but when I asked for a confirmation number I was told they dont provide such a number.  I hope this is over before it even began.  I guess its true, nothing is ever really free.  Good luck to anyone who gets this card.

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May 08, 2017
Never could redeem points- worst airline
Anonymous Cardholder

I have had this card for about 6 years (maybe longer) Barclay's Bank (Bank behind the card is ok) but try to redeem points - I just gave up 60,000 (yes 60,000 points).  I could never ever redeem them.  I tried multiple times booking a flight only to be told no seats available.  On one occassion after trying to book for anytime up to 4 months out to Milwaukee I asked the customer service specialist where I could fly -- anywhere-- anytime to redeem my points -- and they could not give me one single flight.  I wish the CFPB (Consumer Finance Protection Bureau) would investigate this company as far as I am concerned it is both false and deceptive advertising.  I will never fly frontier again - not to wish them well but maybe someone will buy them sooner than later and put them out of thier misery for everyones sake. Good luck trying to redeem the points for anything - they say you can use to rent a car (give that a try - didn't work for me either) but if you love magizines I think you might be able to redeem for them sucessfully - let me know if anyone has been successful. 

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Apr 30, 2017
Abysmally awful in every way
Anonymous Cardholder

My wife and applied for this card, we started using it, and she passed away a few months following that. Dealing with Frontier/Barclay Card has been the singular worst and most difficult experience of settling her estate affairs. The reps are either confrontational, intractable, or basically don't speak well; they make demands, they won't follow through, and they terminate calls as quickly as they can. They provide incomplete and incomprehensable information when they can at all; their automated menus are unhelpful and obstructionary; and you rarely get the same answer from the same person twice. Strongly, strongly reccommend not doing business with Barclay Card at all, and Frontier Airlines (and their associated credit program) if you can possibly avoid it.

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Apr 03, 2017
Anonymous Cardholder

It doesn't matter how many "miles" you earn because when you try to redeem them for a flight, they won't be honored.  It's usually an excuse such as "there are no seats on this flight for Early Returns members."  After 5 years of trying to get a flight with my "miles" I finally gave up and decided to redeem them for a free rental car.  I got the rental car voucher for a 7-day rental from National Rental Car, but they wouldn't honor it because there were "too many other people using vouchers."  TOTAL FRAUD!!!

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Mar 17, 2017
Trouble transferring miles.
Anonymous Cardholder

On my Barclay card statement it states that I had 40,000 miles transferred. When I call Frontier, they can find NOTHING about me. I gave them my name, Frequent flyer #, phone number, etc..... I talked with 2 different people at Frontier and they could not find ANYTHING about me, even though I have been emailed twice with my Frequent flyer info. They say the number doesn't exist, my name doesn't exist, my phone number doesn't exist... what a nightmare! I have a feeling this will be a LONG process to resolve!!

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Mar 14, 2017
Poor service, high fees, cumbersome
Anonymous Cardholder

Got this card as planned to fly more on Frontier, until multiple abysmal travel experiences--cancellations for weather, no re-books, stranding our teenagers. Then we were charged high late fees on small balances that we are sure were made in time--we have numerous other cc's which we pay off on-time every month and are never late. We use the same schedule to pay this card. I feel they churn charges and fees, post payments late, etc. Then trying to cancel was impossible! Endless menus, transfers, begs to keep the card. Then I was cut off when almost done with the process, had to call back AGAIN. There are MANY credit cards out there. Avoid this one.

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Mar 01, 2017

Signed up in flight "earn 40,000 miles which = 2 free round trip tickets anywhere Frontier flies in the US...or 1 internationl ticket. All you have to do is purchase a pack of gum to activate the card."  Lie... the interest rate is 25% and you need to purchase $500.00 plus pay the annual fee.   The 40,000 miles is from place of departure.. so from Chicago to's 20,000 1 way... hardly = 2 free round trip tickets.  Won't be using the card.  Scam. 

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Dec 22, 2016
Poor Value
Anonymous Cardholder

This card was OK, but its more points for a trip than say Southwest, yet you only get the base fare covered.  So you still have to pay for your suitcase, seat or any other extra.  If they would make the works avialable with points, I would give it more stars.  Get any other airline card is my advice.  I am hoping to use up my points and dump this card.

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