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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Sep 07, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Rip off, never fly Frontier again

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Aug 19, 2016
Total Scam
Anonymous Cardholder

I earned the 40,000 miles by paying the $500 minimum, paying off all balances, and paying the annual fee. They have failed to apply the 40,000 to my account and it has been over two months. I've tried calling to resolve this countless times and keep being fed more and more excuses. They say "rest assured that the points will show up in my account" but over and over that has proven to be a lie.

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Aug 17, 2016
Absolutely no reason to have one.
Witttay Cardholder

Application process was passable but only because it required so little imput from BarclayCard phone support. Credit card was fine to use at first but when I attempted to raise my card limit (FROM $500!) they insisted that the card had to be open 8 months before any credit line increase could happen which made the card absolutly useless (I have a credit score of 740-750, I don't understand why the limit was $500). Fast forward a few months and I'm stuck in a rural airport in Indiana trying to get home to New Jersey. I am carrying a large amount of luggage so I opt to rent a car to drive home to NJ which is where it all hits the fan. In the US youhave /very/ limited oppertunities to rent vehicles if you are under 25 years old unless you use a credit card but the problem with a $500 limit is you cannot even pay the temporary hold on the card required to rent the car. So I call up Barclay and after a solid 5 minutes of PRESS SEVEN TO TALK TO A REPRESENTATIVE I finally get in contact with a person who I cannot understand. I spend two hours on the phone being transfered around sometimes to helpful people sometimes back to where I started in an attempt to get an "emergency credit line increase" which I ended up finding out from the one competent rep who actually took time out of their day to help that "emergency credit line increase" form was the exact same form they would usually use for a credit line increase it just had a very official name. After three tries with three different people to have my credit line temporarily increased so I could have a TEMPORARY HOLD so I could rent a car I ended up giving up on the operation and walking the entire airport until I found out that Hertz was okay with heavily bending their rules on paying with a debit cards long as I put a hefty security deposit on the vehicle (Thank you Hertz for having mercy on me). 

I have never had quality support from the BarclayCard phone support. Constant smoke and mirrors (like the "emergency" increase form) and a million prompts before I could talk to an actual person who almost every time was unhelpful. I'd like to give some redeeming qualities of the card but I really can't think of anything.

Also, that "50,000 miles = two round trip tickets" they sell you on ends up getting you one round trip ticket in basic coach between New York and Chicago in the offseason. I haven't even tried to redeem it yet but judging from what everyone else on here is saying its going to be an absolute nightmare of a process to actually use or god forbid transfer my miles.

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Jun 07, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

I met the requirements for the card and the points showed up on my Barclay's account but they do not tranfer the miles. I was promised on over half a dozen occasions the miles would transfer to my early returns account and they never did. One lie after another. It is a bait and switch scheme and it is apparant there is a incentive not to honor the miles. They open up bogus resolution tickets to make the customer feel something is being done and nothing happens. They even said they would do a three way call between the bank and Frontier which was I was disconnected and hung up on. Do not get this card.

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Jun 01, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

First off.. they charge you annually and the fee keeps increasing. At first it was $60, this year it was $70, then I got another random "service charge" for $60. NOT happy and it's literally impossible to use your miles. Skip this card and run for your life.

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May 18, 2016
terrible terrible terrible
sharpiestories Cardholder

found out I was being lied to about interest rates and told "you should have read the fine print" efter they explicitly told me something contrary to the fine print. 

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May 18, 2016
sharpiestories Cardholder

Reuccuring interest charges. called, they said they would take off. never took off. customer service is awful and just says the same thing over and over again. rewards are nill. I've never had a worse card. 

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May 17, 2016
don't. just don't
Anonymous Cardholder

IT IS NOT WORTH THE HASSLE! This is the worst credit card/bonus card EVER!

They continually change the rules, charge you $69 fee before you even activate the card, trying to get someone on the phone to actually give you one story is near impossible. Its not worth the hassle! I wanted it for the 40,000+500 bonus points but I'm cancelling it. Every time I call they someone gives me a different story. I don't think they want people to actually use the rewards. 

It's not worth the stress/hassle! 

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Mar 25, 2016
They claim they never heard of a 40,000
caseycam704 Cardholder

They are liars and cheats. I only applied for this card because of the bonus miles. After a year of asking about this bonus, they claim that they searched high and low and didn't see any offer such as that!!!  Seriously??  I searched for 2 minutes for this offer in 2015 and got 12 hits.  I am reporting them to the Consumer Fraud Division, as should all of you.


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Feb 18, 2016
Anonymous Cardholder

Diddo to all the negative reviews and then some.  I could write a page about how annoying this offer is.  We applied on a flight in September 2015 after carefully reading the application.  There were NO restrictrictions for using the miles we would earn for signing up (40K plus 500 bonus for in flight app) other than we would have to pay a fee that was clearly noted.  great.  Paid the annual fee and waited until 12/09/2015 for miles to show up, but only the 40k.  Contacted Barclays and they said I would have to contract Frontier.  Not important enough to deal with.  Finally have a chance to use the miles and cannot get to show my 48k in miles.  Call Frontier and a very nice rep explains that my credit card miles and Fly Frontier miles are not linked even though they share the same Frontier Early Returns number.  Fine.  She fixes that.  Miles are now showing.  Go to book a ticket (the orginial credit card flyer indicates we can  fly anywhere in the US for 20k in miles).  Nope, 10k to North Carolina and another 30K back.  So, we are 1200 miles  short.  Fine. I opt to use miles for one way to North Caroline and then realize that the "Works" is not offered.  So, must pay for the upgraded seat, checked bag and carry on.  Seriously?  So, there is no way to get the additional benefits of "The Works" if you pay with miles.  Fine.  I book the entire flight without using any miles.  I called Frontier and ask to speak to a supervisor.  I explain the situation and the 2.5 hours I have put into these "free tickets" and she says the only think she can do is take 20k of my miles to pay for the one way, but we will lose the perks of "The Works" and will have to pay for carry on and more leg room (my husband is 6ft 6in).  Not acceptable.  She apologizes and says that is te best she can do.  TOTAL WASTE OF 3 HOURS OF MY LIFE!  Do not apply for this 2 more hours and pay full price.

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