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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Dec 28, 2016
Random service for excellent customers
ouellette210 Cardholder

Balance tranfer offers are subject to how they feel on a given day despite having a 840 FICO and nearly four years of perfect payments with them. They don't even have the decentcy of sending you a letter or caling.

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Jun 14, 2016
Not a card for me
dmoorerepair Cardholder

i have had this card over a year. all my payments on all my accounts are on time 100%. Barclay started mne with a very low 250.00 limit. my fico was at 640, now at 655. no cli's automatically, and denied when i asked for one.

at a 250.00 limit, this card isnt very helpful, and not able to be used for anything larger than a 40.00 purchase without raising my utilization beyond 30%.

For me, i would not reccomend this card

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Jun 08, 2016
Bwilliams85 Cardholder

I love the rewards!! After applying for this card with a 580 cs I was approved and have been establishing credit every since. Thank you Barclaycard 👍

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Jun 04, 2016
Approved with Limited Credit History
MetalGuy052 Cardholder

8 months of total credit history.

Only had one card at time of app (cap1 secured mastercard $500 limit)

Paid as soon as purchases posted 0% utilization for all 8 months.

Applied over the phone was denied. Hung up and immediately called recon line (found number on barclaycard site) and was approved for $500 limit to start. 

They told me I was denied because my highest balance was only $16 out of all the 8 months of use. They said if I would have used the cap1 card to buy more expensive stuff and paid it off before due date I would have been instantly approved and for a higher limit.

Right after they told me that they asked me a few generic qestions about what I would use thw card for, what I did for work and why I waited so long to start using credit. When they were satisfied with my answers I got approved. 

CK scores at time of app TU697 EQ703

Between 2-3 inquiries on my reports.

No Baddies

You should apply if your credit profile is similar to mine but with higher purchases lol. Be prepared to call recon and know what you will say because they will ask you about everything on your report lol.

I applied for the blue cash everyday from amex 30 mins after the barclay and got instant approval for $1k limit. You might want to nust go that route if you don't want to be interrogated 😉.

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