Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express Reviews

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express Reviews
3.3 out of 5 stars
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Customer Service

4 out of 5 stars

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Aug 20, 2019
Only card I am using right now.
Reviewer98 Cardholder

I've had this card for around 5 months now. It's very good for beginners. My sister with no credit history got approved for $2k. I was shocked when I got approved for $10k, I thought they made a mistake. My other cards have a $2k and $750 limit with interest, so I have stopped using those completely in favor of this one. I make payments on time and try to pay it off completely each month and my limit has just been upped to $15k. Love this card. I'll keep using it until the 0% interest deal wears off. I did not have any issues with the welcome bonus like some other reviewers did. I believe it goes towards your statement balance at the time.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 04, 2019
Customer service was rude and wanted tax
BusinessOwner41 Cardholder

They want your federal tax returns. They did not require them before issuing the card and then after a month told me they needed them. I of course said no to that. Had I have known that they would have asked me for federal tax returns I would not have applied. Putting 4 years of federal tax returns out on the internet or even stored on their systems so they can be hacked later is just not a good idea. The value of the card is not worth the risk. No other card company has asked for my federal returns.  752 Fico score and don't need the hassle or risk. When I talked to them they said they had to have them or they might cancel me. I said to cancel my card I was not longer interested in it. Even though the card was paid in full they canceled the card and put it on my credit report that they had cancelled it when I had cancelled it.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Oct 13, 2019
Merdok2000 Cardholder

Terrible card.  Had a $7500 limit and paid my balance in full every month.  Had my limit reduced to $1000 because according to the two, "the most I ever spent on my card any month was $900.  

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Oct 22, 2019

Seriously!!!! only cuz you had spend $900 the most! i wish i don't suffer the same issue cuz i only use this card for college fees!

Oct 08, 2019
So far so good
Abuelail Cardholder

Don’t use it if you can’t pay back the money

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Dec 03, 2019

You have to pay your monthly balance completely?

Oct 08, 2019
If they ask for a financial review and
quintonashton Cardholder

And you don't provide it they shut down all amex cards

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Oct 29, 2019

so you approve of this?...since you gave it a 5 star rating

Oct 02, 2019
This is my go to card for everything!
fixingthepast Cardholder

I use this to pay all my bills online then pay it off before the billing cycle ends. Stacks of points that way.

I have never had an issue with this card, and even though my CR took a nosedive after buying a new car, my limit remains the same.

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Oct 15, 2019

It’s a cash back card. I doesn’t earn points.

Sep 30, 2019
Nicktheflash Cardholder

Its the worst card ever and worst company/bank last weekend whilr i was out and trying to purchase something at the store i realized they reduced my limit FROM 20,000 to 1000 !!!! Unbelievable!! Just because my credit score dropped few points and that’s because of the equifax fraud which i had nothing to do with it and theres a le suit for them! Idk if they can do that i never missed any paiment and never had any issue as of paying my card so just dont get this card or any American express cards theyre really umreliable 

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Oct 02, 2019

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Oct 15, 2019

Chase bank style

Oct 24, 2019

Absolutely they do. Happened to me also.

Nov 07, 2019

I’m worried. Just checking out the reviews. 810 credit score and now , sounds like the old Amex rules and stipulations don’t apply here. I’m not doing a transfer balance with them after reading the reviews. Ty’all

Nov 08, 2019

I use AMEX gold since 1993 with unlimited spending and never had any problems with their service. I do pay annually fees, but it is worth it.

Nov 10, 2019

You posted this same review, word for word, about the American Express Platinum card on the same day your posted this. Between the duplicate reviews and terrible spelling/grammar/random capitalization, credibility is questionable at best. The "Equifax fraud" was a couple years ago, how exactly did that affect your credit score in September 2019?

Sep 11, 2019
Zero benefits with short balances
emmerised Cardholder

Not worth it. 

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Sep 16, 2019

Hmmm. I got a lot of benefits with long balances. Definitely worth it.
Maybe you have a Xema card.

Sep 21, 2019

Maybe you have bad credit

Sep 09, 2019
oldmanpop1 Cardholder

great card if you use it wisely

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Sep 12, 2019

how much score do I need to get this card ?

Sep 06, 2019
Offers good cash back rewards
Ladybug190 Cardholder

This my firsy American Express card. I applied throught credit karma and received a $2k limit. Application process was easy and an instant approval. Card arrived fast. No issues as of yet!

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Sep 19, 2019

Hi, what range was your CK score when you applied for this card?

Oct 29, 2019


Dec 21, 2019

Did you had to show them any income papers?

Sep 05, 2019
Sippirain Cardholder

My credit limit was cut in half for NOT USING my card as much as they wanted me tok and my credit score plummeted. About 6 months later they closed the account becasue they say I wasn't using the card enough. WTF!

Thankfully all 3 credit scores are now almost at 800.

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Sep 05, 2019


Sep 16, 2019

Thank you for your review. The exact same thing recently happened to me even though I used the card the previous month, but not the last!!! I put a monthly online membership fee to auto charge to the card to keep it open. I'm sorry that happened to you. If you had put something small on it every month at minimum it probably would have stayed open.

Sep 16, 2019

Oh and my score is over 800 too and they still cut my limit in half. I've always paid on time. The card is 12 years old and this is how they treat a card member.

Sep 20, 2019

How often were you using the card? Generally if you use it once every three months, it shouldn't be closed.

Sep 24, 2019

I was using it monthly, stopped one month and they cut my limit in half while I have a perfect record for 12 years with them and a FICO over 800.

Sep 01, 2019
Good card but?
Flexxx1969 Cardholder

The card itself is not bad aside from the fact you can only receive the rewards above $25 dollars and it takes forever to get them sometimes as long as a couple months. My Capitol One Savior card is much better.

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Sep 03, 2019

Hi i love my amex card i couldn't get that cap one card not approved but got approved for the amex card with a 2k limit now my limit is 10k my score was 694 on experian 700 equifax 700 trans.

Sep 04, 2019

Amex has deals I take advantage of that cap one Savor does not. I have the Savor card too. Some of the Amex deals far exceed rewards dollars and are directly applied to the account within a few days.

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Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express Reviews

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express