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Jun 08 2017
Things To Consider Before Applying
Credit Karma Member

This is an update from my prior review back in March 2017. I hope this review would help those that are considering applying for the Amex BCE. Now while this is one of the hardest cards to get an approval, note that, once you get approved for it, it is packed with great rewards and bonuses that will save you more money in the long term. When I orignally gotten an approval for the card, my CK credit scores were at 662, but my FICO score at the tme of application was at 742. So for those thinking about applying, please remember to check the following first so you do not waste a hard inquiry. - Length of credit history 6 mos and longer ( if any of you have a high credit score from CK but if the length of your credit history is less than 6 mos old. you would need to wait and age your account until your reach 6 mos. and more) - AMEX likes thin files with no missed payments (during the time of application) - No Baddies or deregatories on your file - Is your FICO score specifically with Experian at least within 690's and over, since AMEX tends to pull the reports from them "MAJORITY" of the time. I say 690 is the absolute guarantee of an approval with the best sign up bonuses and interests. Anything less than that, then you are looking at a lower SL and no sign up bonuses. I hope this breakdown would help some of you, I am sharing this because I have went through it, applied, got denied, without realizing that I needed to age my accounts for 6 mos. and longer to have an actual FICO score, but I did not wait and I wasted an inquiry. I suggest using your approval odds as your motivation, but check for those factors before you apply to ensure success in getting an approval. My current FICO score from Experian is 721 and I am gardening to get that back up again to where I used to be or higher. But overall, my experience with American Express has been amazing. Their sign up bonuse of getting $100 back if you spend $1000 in the first quarter of your membership saved me a $100 on a new TV that I bought. I also get %10 cashback when I use it for dining at restaurants, and more cashback bonuses when being used wisely. I am very happy and content with the AMEX BCE and back in April they reconsidered by original application for the AMEX Green card and approved me for it as well. So if you applied and did not get an instant approval. Call the reconsideration line and you might get suprised. I hope this thread helps.

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Mar 29 2018
Credit Karma Member

I own the card, and am an AMEX member for over 10 years. They took my rate from 14% to 18%, event hough I am using less than 1/3 of the card, and have NEVER been late. Called twice, wrote once. They offered to cancel my card, but would not budge. Said they were "Competetive witht he market."

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May 13 2018
Great for gas and groceries
Credit Karma Member

Good overall card for gas and groceries. Just a heads up that you can only redeem your rewards in increments of $25. Amex started me off with $10k limit and after 6 months requested $24k limit and was instantly approved online with no hard pull on credit. Highly recommend Amex if you want to help increase credit limits.

May 12 2018
Credit Karma Member

Credit karma had my odds at poor, experian fico 683, I applied after prequalify was offered blue. Credit karma is not that accurate, but appreciate the venue.

May 08 2018
Not Approved, easy application
Credit Karma Member

Read reviews and figured I would take a chance. Applied with a 650 CS and didn't get approved, had fair approval odds, just have to work more on CS and then reapply.

May 08 2018
Credit Karma Member

Like the rewards that is with this card

May 08 2018
Credit Karma Member

Wasn't sure if I'll be able to qualify but once CK gave me the good approval odds I said why not.. Not sure what score they used because checked 4 different places and pretty much different but got approved for a high amount... Glad I got my 1st American Express ????????

May 07 2018
So Far So Good
Credit Karma Member

Applied and was instantly approved for 15k. Spent the required 1000 within 2 weeks of receiving the card and 2 days later, boom 200.00 statement credit! Love it so far!

May 07 2018
I OWN IT!????????????????????
Credit Karma Member

The Best Credit Card To Have In Your Wallet!????????

May 07 2018
So happy I got it!
Credit Karma Member

I just applied over the phone with a representative and was immediately approved for $4000 CL! This is my second credit card and I wasn't expecting my limit to be that high. The credit card I currently have has a limit of just $800 because I'm a college student and it is a student card. I had scores of 690TU 695EXP and 724FICO so fairly decent. Credit Karma said I had excellent approval odds and after researching and debating on whether this was the right card for me I gave it a go. I plan on using this card mainly for groceries and gas, the same purpose I use my current card for and my current utilization on my card is about 15%. I'm so glad I was approved and hope this cards helps build my credit score even more.

May 07 2018
Surprised with a huge approval
Credit Karma Member

Applied with CK 718, but my FICO is 648 and I have one collection. First I was skeptical after reading all reviews that I'll get approved. I have other credit cards (2 Cap one and Discover) both cards are below 6% usage.I applied on Sunday 5/6 and it's says "please call customer service" so, I called the next day and all they do is to verify you identity and was Surprised with $6k approval. Hope this gives you a little clue that might help to make a decision prior to apply. Good luck????

May 06 2018
Perfect for Familes!
Credit Karma Member

We are a family of 6, we spend an average of 600 per month on groceries, so the $95 annual fee is totally worth it. 3% on gas for two vehicles comes in handy, though it's not valid at Sams Club of Safeway gas. Which is fine, we typically use Shell with our King Soopers fuel rewards. This is also are main card on everything, though we do encounter some instances where AMEX is not accepted, Xcel Energy and our water bill through the city of Westminster here in Colorado. Also diary queen, which was odd. So make sure you still carry a visa or MasterCard as backup. The Amex benefits with deals are nice. For instance we added the "spend $75 at home improvement stores and get 10 back" was pretty nice. The Amex app reminded me when I was at Lowe's. Swiped and it showed as a stems from credit. Not bad. This card is a must for families.

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Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

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