Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express Reviews

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express Reviews
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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jul 20, 2019
Good in Super Markets
ZackAttack8203 Cardholder

This is a really good card for 3% cashback at super markets. I strongly recommend getting this card because 3% can go a long way for getting food and/or supplies from supermarkets (WALMART AND TARGET aren't supermarkets

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 04, 2019
Customer service was rude and wanted tax
BusinessOwner41 Cardholder

They want your federal tax returns. They did not require them before issuing the card and then after a month told me they needed them. I of course said no to that. Had I have known that they would have asked me for federal tax returns I would not have applied. Putting 4 years of federal tax returns out on the internet or even stored on their systems so they can be hacked later is just not a good idea. The value of the card is not worth the risk. No other card company has asked for my federal returns.  752 Fico score and don't need the hassle or risk. When I talked to them they said they had to have them or they might cancel me. I said to cancel my card I was not longer interested in it. Even though the card was paid in full they canceled the card and put it on my credit report that they had cancelled it when I had cancelled it.

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These reviews were written by current and former cardholders in the last year.

Nov 12, 2019
Amex will bring you down.
Juanc99 Cardholder

WARNING! I was enlightened after a terrible lesson in 2014 with these guys. I have a 811 CS presently. Was able to get out of so many credit mess through the help of my credit tutor @royalblade1 on telegram. 

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Nov 12, 2019

He’s currently helping me build my credit. I’ve seen 100 points increase in the past 3 weeks.

Nov 12, 2019

He’s very good. Royalblade@ ProtonMail. Com I believe that’s his email.

Nov 12, 2019

Heard about his credit repair services on here and I must say, it’s been a better day for me and my family since we employed this guy’s service. I was able to get a home loan that we do uch needed. Grateful!

Nov 12, 2019

Do they do any thing with credit inquiry

Nov 14, 2019

@JACK19701 yes, i believe so.

Nov 14, 2019

How much do they charge?

Nov 14, 2019

.......IN PROGRESS. He’s been impressive so far.

Nov 14, 2019

Would be needing their service. Hope I can trust you all

Nov 14, 2019


Nov 14, 2019

Good info

Nov 15, 2019


Nov 28, 2019

I’m Brooke, CEO and founder of wonderous world. I totally endorse Royalblade as your best choice for credit fixing. He as been instrumental to my financial success this year.

Dec 03, 2019


Jan 20, 2020

Yeah totally helpful review...

Nov 05, 2019
Great customer service

Applied via Credit Karma and got approved for $20k limit. Received card in the mail with envelope slit open. Person used my card fraudulently. I used AMEX online chat and also spoke to their fraud hotline specialist and they resolved the issue quickly and mailed me a new card via FedEx. Its only been 1 week since using the card and I've already received my $150 statement credit after drawing charges over $2k. Haven't seen any cash back credits yet but again it's only been 1 week and I think those come at the end of each statement period.

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Oct 29, 2019
Hi360 Cardholder

First credit card and love it. So great for gas and grocery shopping. I'm a college student and have built my score from the low 600s into the low/mid 700s in less than a year by keeping my credit use under 10% and paying it off monthly. The app is sleek and easy to use, even esp to understand rewards points and purchase bonuses to add to your card. Amex customer service is great.

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Oct 26, 2019
Finally Got Approved!
Teavey Cardholder

I applied for this card a couple of months ago and then another few months before that. Both times I was denied because I had too many accounts that were recently opened. Anyhow I was going through all of my accounts to make sure that they were up to date and then when I logged into CK this came up on my list of recommendations as being "pre-approved" so I figured that I'd give it another shot. Sure enough they approved me!  This was the final piece of the puzzle that I wanted to have in my profile and I hope to have good experiences with using it.

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Nov 24, 2019

Did they give you a good credit limit?

Oct 24, 2019
Cheating card PLEASE BE AWARE.
D4drive Cardholder


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Oct 26, 2019

How many points did your score drop? I had this happen to me once but it was because an old creditor that I finally paid off started reporting me. When 2 years worth of negative history suddenly popped up on my credit report, card issuers were pulling the plug on me left an right. I hope that Amex doesn't do business this way.

Nov 05, 2019

This is why I chose the savor one credit card with capital one instead of this card, there are so many complaints of this happening and it’s not okay, things happen and scores go up and down and I would never touch this card.

Nov 10, 2019

So, if I'm understanding this post correctly...your overall revolving credit utilization shot up at some point after you got this card, with a resulting (I'm assuming substantial) drop in your FICO score? Seems safe to assume that your FICO score dropped below some threshold and therefore triggered a decrease in credit line. I'd also assume that if your FICO score had dropped even lower it might have resulted in the account being closed. As bad as this was for you, this was not "cheating" on American Express's part. Most banks do periodic account reviews, with similar results if there's substantial changes in a customer's credit profile. Your key takeaways should be 1) watch your utilization carefully, and 2) learn what days of the month that your accounts tend to report, and 3) wherever possible, make payments in advance of those "reporting days" if your credit utilization is higher than it should be.

Oct 21, 2019
Good gas and grocery card.
KTURN71 Cardholder

I got it for the gas and grocery rewards originally. They offered me a pretty decent limit even with low credit history. They base most of your limit on the last payment you made on another acount X4. Great card for every day purchaes.

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Nov 22, 2019

What grocery stores do you use it at

Oct 21, 2019
Watch out!

I had to cancel this card after 5 years. I got an unauthorized $50 charge from Uzbekistan. No, I've never been to Uzbekistan. I've been in America all my life . When I reported it I was told that it was for a gym membership in that country and that that was a recurring monthly charge. What this meant was that I would have to dispute the charge every month for the rest of the time I owned the card.

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Nov 03, 2019

I had Sears put a recurring charge on my account after I cancelled with them. So I called my card company and they suggested that I just get a. we card reissued.

Maybe you can call them and ask for a new card saying you keep getting unauthorized charges on your account.

Nov 08, 2019

I agree with rsmy123 just get a new card. Any card company will do that if there’s charges you don’t agree with

Oct 14, 2019
I see some things never change...
Random789644 Cardholder

I had this card from 2001-2006. Everything went fine until I found myself getting divorced in mid-2005. Suddenly, out of the blue, they cut the limit down from $10k to roughly $4k, with no warning whatsoever. Note that my ex and I kept our finances separate, so the card was just mine. My balance was a bit north of $5k at the time, which shoved me immediately into their fun 30% punitive interest rate because I was suddenly over their new limit (where previously I was not.) I call them and ask why they did this, they said "policy", and refused to discuss anything further. Nice job of coming out of nowhere to kick a man when he's down, Amex!

Fast forward 13 years, and with a vastly better credit score (and a far superior wife, little-to-no debt, a massively higher salary...) I figured I'd start looking to expand my card portfolio a bit. I generally keep the balances well under $100, and pay them off each month. However, I wander by here, and see that others still suffer the same issues I had suffered. The whole demanding one's tax returns as well? Umm, no thanks, Amex. I see you still have a long way to go to clean your act up, and I for one refuse to fall into your mess again.

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Oct 28, 2019

Totally loving this part of your comment.... "and a far superior wife "

Nov 01, 2019

far superior Like it's a car or something.

Nov 03, 2019

She's better quality, monthly maintenance is a lot less, and fewer problems.

Jan 03, 2020

Whats with the tax return ? I have this card but they haven’t asked me for that or have they ? 🧐 can anyone explain ?

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Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express Reviews

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express