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Sep 02 2018
Fast Approval $10k
Credit Karma Member

I was hesitant to apply reading the reviews. Equifax 738 TU 730 Experian 695; knowing that Amex uses Experian had me nervous. I already have one AMEX for my business so I decided to try it. I was approved immediately for $10k, my highest credit card to date. I have been rebuilding my credit for 3 long years and I will not stop until those scores are over 800. Thanks Credit Karma i has excellent approval odds

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Dec 03 2018
Was let down.
Credit Karma Member

I applied solely to do a balance transfer. I had "excellent odds" and was approved. I was only approved for a credit line of $1,000 with a 718 credit score. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing that right. I got approved for 10k on another card a year ago easily but this "balance transfer recommendation" card was a huge let down.

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Mar 23 2020
Great card
Credit Karma Member

FICO before applying was 725, got approved for $3k, not bad but ill apply for a CLI after 3 mo's. 2nd AMEX card in my wallet, both are great. Highly recommend it. Personally think it's a great starter card for people who aren't part of the AMEX family yet. Got my sign on bonus right away in the form of a statement credit. I just save all the cash back until I need to make a big purchase or something. Highly highly recommend.?

Mar 22 2020
It worked for me!
Credit Karma Member

I got the card last yr in July, I used it as agreed, spent over $1,000 and paid it off during the promotional time of zero interest. I got the $150 bonus applied to my bill. I don't know if people think the bonus will be paid to them. Is not as it is given as a form of a credit to the balance owed on the card. I am happy with Amex.

Mar 07 2020
Why i give the card an okay.
Credit Karma Member

Iv had this card for ayear now and never have got a cli i was approved with 2k but since i already had amex everyday cash card i just moved some credit to the amex cash magnet card and will have the card paid off in 4 months all my cards iv had ontime payments never late.

Feb 28 2020
Easy appl process, ok initial CL
Credit Karma Member

Got approved with good credit, initial limit was $2000; after 6 months paying on time, Amex raised limit to $5000; accepted everywhere I've used it, impressed with website, great card to have!

Feb 19 2020
Credit Karma Member

Had the blue cash card for a year and was invited to get this card. Extremely pleased-my limit is 4x the initial CL. They actually lowered the APR for 6months! I am very impressed with AMEX - recently offered a loan at an interest rate lower than any bank or lending institution- 7%!

Feb 16 2020
Not as advertised.
Credit Karma Member

Excited to apply for this card because I already had a card with them and a great experience. Additionally it had a 0% promotional rate and a welcome bonus which after meeting the requirements and inquiring about the bonus and 0% expiration found out that while I had gotten approved they would not honor these sign up bonuses. I've openned a case to investigate and will hear back in two billing cycles. I've read through the fine print in the promotional offer and did not find the disqualifiers that the customer service representatives said applied to me. I've looked into other case and it seems like others are in the same boat as me.?

Feb 16 2020
Credit Karma Member

never get 150 when called straight said sorry was wrong offer buddy cheater

Feb 03 2020
Absolutely the best
Credit Karma Member

I have had nothing but great experiences with all of my American Express Cards. Customer Service people are very helpful and very polite. Highly recommend these products.

Jan 31 2020
Scamy company
Credit Karma Member

I was very reluctant in opening an Amex card after it's huge ordeal years ago, and now how some retailers still don't trust and won't take their card. Should of listened to my gut. I opened up two cards at the same time, one with amex for groceries/supermarket and one for gas. Two major monthly expenses. I have spent over 10k in the last few months alone on this card, even tho Google says im grocery shopping at a supermarket, amex finds an out to not give you the 6% bc on how that retailer applied with them. Not my problem.. not any customer problem. That's amex back end problem. Only offered side apologies and no credit or actual fixes to keep me happy. Should of listened to my gut..

Jan 04 2020
easy to get, low credit limit
Credit Karma Member

i have 10 cc's never a missed payment, always pay full amount off before pmt due on any of them, had a score of 746 when i applied got 2000 cl big deal, sites easy to use but u cant use ur cash back till its 25 or more, no biggy, i never call cs on any of my cards so cant say if their cool or not. Gave 3 stars for the low credit limit, discover gave me 8500 w/a lower score.?

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American Express Cash Magnet® Card

American Express Cash Magnet® Card

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