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Apr 14 2017
Still Amazing-3rd Review
Credit Karma Member

I posted two prior reviews, one on the application process and one since having the card. I have had the card two months now. On my 60th day (4/9/17) I applied for a CLI (read reviews and everyone said they applied after 60 days and got 3X the current limit) so I was told I had to wait until the day after 60 days. Well, I applied and it is true I was approved for 3 times my original limit. I started with 2k which I was initially surprised anyway due to my credit score (thought it would be more like $500) and now I am at 6K. I read some comments that people do not believe that individuals are getting these limits. I can attest this is true, when I was initially approved I had a 659 credit score with three collections, several store cards, subprime credit cards and 27% utilization. I now have a 673 Experian score and 1% utilization across all accounts. I follow the recommendations of charging and paying off in full so I only charge what I was going to pay in cash anyway (monthly bills, gas, etc). Do the prequalifier first!

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May 29 2019
Review the list of where you earn cash!
Credit Karma Member

Beware that Walmart, Target, and Amazon are NOT on the approved grocery stores. Which means that you will not get 6% shopping there for groceries, only 1%. Also, not all gas stations either. Not happy about 95 annual fee but it's very easy to earn the 250 bonus.

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Dec 27 2019
Nice design. Plastic and not medal.
Credit Karma Member

Great cash back options, amex customer service is amazing also, I was approved with a transunion 725 and Equifax 717

Dec 13 2019
Not worth the annual fee
Credit Karma Member

It has really good cashback on grocery but not gonna be worth the annual fee since it only apply to supermarkets and it doesn't include Costco, Targe or any local small business...

Dec 06 2019
The worst
Credit Karma Member

I was approved with the promotion free interest for 15 months in june..its now December and never once did they honor the promotion or applied it to my account. I called October they said give it a week it's under investigation..I called 2 weeks later in November they said the samething..I called today and the same answer so since it takes them months to fo an investigation I canceled the card and will never do buisness with them again.

Nov 30 2019
Among the very few best companies!
Credit Karma Member

Granted higher credit limit than any competitor. Customer service fast and first class. That, plus the generous AMEX perks, makes this, my "go to" card. Highly recommended!

Nov 23 2019
Excellent Service
Credit Karma Member

Between this card and a Business card I spend about $6000 a month. AMEX customer serivice is the best in the business. On the Blue Cash we put all our groceries, gas, streaming services and earn loads of cash back.

Nov 16 2019
Great card
Credit Karma Member

Like the 6% back on groceries / streaming services

Nov 14 2019
A poor choice for regular use.
Credit Karma Member

The rewards are pretty good but the customer service is bad. I got scammed on eBay. I pre-ordered a Nintendo switch lite which said it would ship on 9/20 in August. The seller mailed me a letter confirming that the product would ship on 9/20 and asking me to be patient and give good feedback. I never received the product and the seller would not respond so I disputed the charge with Amex. They investigated the charge and claimed that since the merchant has a tracking number from August that proved I had received the switch lite in August before it was available anywhere. I contacted Amex again by chat and was told the dispute had been decided in my favor and to check the message again, which the message definitely did not say. I called in again and was told the dispute team would be informed but the dispute team responded again saying that they would not reconsider. At this point there were numerous one star reviews on eBay for the item saying it is a scam. I wish I had never applied for Amex.

Nov 12 2019
Stay away from Amex!
Credit Karma Member

Horrible company, bad customer service, you will regret this decision!

Oct 31 2019
Best cash back card for groceries.
Credit Karma Member

Excellent cash back card. I get 6% back from streaming services and at US Supermarkets(Kroger, Publix) (Not Superstores:Walmart, Target, etc...) and 3% back at non-superstore/supermarket gas stations. The customer service has always been top notch. Highly recommended!

Oct 23 2019
Great Card
Credit Karma Member

I rarely carry a balance so the card pays for itself. I remember to use it for all grocery purchases and gas from standalone gas stations. BJs and Sams club you only get 1%. You can earl cash back rewards quickly by using it for as many purchases you can and making more than one payment a month. Customer Service is excellent. I got a new card in 2 days after fraud was detected. This is one of the best cards out there. Only downside is this card can't be used that much overseas. Most prefer visa or mastercard. And they charge a foreign exchange fee. I use another card instead.

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Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

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