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Mar 25, 2017
Amazing sign up offer! 80,000 POINTS!
jonconsa Cardholder

got approved right away! 10.5k limit

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Oct 19, 2016
Grocery double points & no annual fee

I have several rewards cards, most for hotel points.  One of the best features about this Amex, aside from the fact that it is a no fee Amex card, is that it provides double points on groceries.  Since this is our biggest expense after rent each year this really pays off, especially since we don't carry a balance on any of our credit cards.  One of our favorite hotel chains is the Hampton Inn so the points come in handy.

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Aug 24, 2016
Great Rewards, No Annual Fee
besimistic Cardholder

I was approved within minutes with $10,000 credit (slightly more than my total available credit right when applying). I've started my credit history less than 2 years ago. I have two Capital One cards with a total of $9,300 available credit (one with $3,500 and another with $5,800). I have a 724 credit score with 100% on-time payments. My credit utilization rate has been hovering at 20–45% so needed some more credit on my account to lower my utilization rate and add some diversity to my accounts and rewards options.

I also applied and was approved for a Discover Card the night before. Surprisingly, Discover still hasn't told me the total amount of credit that will be available while Amex told me instantly and has quickly set me up with my online account which has a simple, clean interface.  

Combined this should bring my utilization rates below 5–15% each month, God-willing. 

The Hilton HHonors points are valued about around $0.04 per point (http://onemileatatime.boardingarea.com/value-miles-points/) which means the $50k is worth about $2k in points (and $75k is valued at $3k if that offer is available when applying). This card gives 3–7 points per dollar, which means you can earn about $0.12–0.28 back for every dollar spent if my calculations are correct a far greater value than the 1.5% cash back I was getting on my CapitalOne card. 

This is great for a no annual fee card.

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Nov 29, 2016

I think you missed a digit on the left side of the "4". According to the website, it is .004 cents per point. Figure non bonus dollar spend is three times this and you wind up with .012 which translates to 1.2 percent back.
That said, having fuel and groceries at a higher points rate helps make up some of the difference.

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