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Jun 23 2013
I love this card.
Credit Karma Member

So to preface my review: I'm a 20-something female who enjoys shopping at all the GAP brand stores (BR, Gap, Old Navy), and I have other credit cards as well. I have a 755 CK score and carry ~8% utilization. I also have an auto loan and a few student loans. I love my BR visa card. The APR sucks, as to be expected, but I try not to have a balance (or as minimal as possible). I don't know why someone said they can only make 2 payments a month... sometimes I'll go on and make a 3 or 4 payments a month (once a week or so). I have never had a problem with getting the emailed statements, although if you have to wait for a statement to remind you then that doesn't say much for your responsibility. When I first got the card I think my limit was $3000, and it's already up to $6600. I hit Luxe status after my first year of having it and that's pretty nice to have. You do get good discounts, cardmember only shopping days and coupons, and if you use this as your primary card... the rewards are awesome. I'd say around half of my wardrobe comes from these stores, and in the last year I've received over $250 in rewards. Sounds like I spend a lot? Nope, like I said I use this as my primary card and they are almost ALWAYS running a 3x, 4x, or 5x rewards points when you spend outside of their brands. For example, there was a 3 month stretch (around the holidays) where all purchases outside Gap brand stores were 5x. Think of all the gas, groceries, and christmas shopping! I've never had to deal with customer service but I've NEVER had any issue with charges or refunds or anything on my account, ever. Negatives? The rewards are only for those three stores and the APR is high. If you're not the right consumer, this isn't the card for you. If you leave a balance, THIS IS NOT THE CARD FOR YOU. However, if you pay your purchases off and want to use a card that will essentially earn you free gift cards to stores you enjoy, it's a great one. For this time in my life, this is a good card for me. I imagine when I buy a home I may want a card with high cash back on home improvement purchases. Or maybe one day I won't be so interested in these stores. But for right now, I'm happy with it and I don't feel that they try to do anything sneaky or anything that seems like a ripoff. Everything I've encountered is very straight forward. Oh and by the way... I got 30% off my purchase when I signed up in a BR Factory store. If you are signed up for their coupon emails and you see one come across for "30% off Saturday and Sunday only," go in the Friday before and see if they're offering 30% to people who sign up to cards. That's how I did it, and it's because cardmembers get Friday access to that sale each time.

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Apr 02 2015
Ineffective customer service bad rewards
Credit Karma Member

Applied in store with a clerk, immediate $300 approval. Upon 3 months use, the balance showing incorrect. It takes forever for them to have their mistake adjusted, I have made initial report on Jan. However, in the next following month, every time they ask me to wait and it is undergoing process. When it was already March, I called once again, the response is that the formal representative didn't finish her job. So one more dispute and case build 3 month since the first report. Today is April 2. I am going to close account with them, and this also my first attempt to bank with someone that is non major 4 banks.

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Feb 23 2020
Application rejected for no reason.
Credit Karma Member

First time ever got declined even if I have great credit. Weird. All that they explained was that I'll get the letter in the mail.

Jul 18 2019
Waste of credit inquiry
Credit Karma Member

I opened the card in November 2018 and paid off the balance and stopped using it by March. Soon after they closed my account. With no explanation given. Mind you I have had an Old Navy card for yrs that I carry a balance over on. They just keep increasing my limit. So, I take it they don't want idle cards. They want you to use them or carry over a balance. BS! So, RUN unless you are going to carry over a balance and run up the card every month smh. And my first review disappeared after I logged in. Hopefully this one doesn't smh

Nov 02 2018
Rewards are Trickled Out
Credit Karma Member

I like the reward program - wait for a 40% off coupon and use the rewards and it is great. However, 3x point offer rolled around during my b-day month. I routed all incidentals through this card. I was sent $250 in rewards - called and they say, we only send $250 at max per month. So, more rewards will be on the next billing cycle. WHAT COMPANY DOES THIS?? If I earn airline miles, I would get all my airline miles from the start. If I earned cash back, I would earn 100% of the cash back - can you imagine if a card company said, hey, you earned $100 in cash back, but we are only going to give you $25 per month over the next four months? Instead, I am slowly distributed a reward on a monthly basis, like a stipend, that I already earned. This is ridiculous. On the call, the rep stated, 'there has to be a cap on this' - no, there does not. If you send your card member an advertised perk and you want to cap it, note the cap on the advertisement. That is good business practices.

Oct 08 2018
Worst customer service department
Credit Karma Member

Had this card. Planning a trip out of country. They kept trying to get me to activate an updated card that never arrived to my house. I called to cancel that card. They cancelled the card that I was also currently using! Three days before I went out the country! Sent overnight card, that couldn't be activated over night! The customer service was the WORST, never got issue resolved. Immediately paid off card and closed account for their lack of courtesy and competence. They should have never cancelled the card I was using. Monthly finance charge $30-$60 with good credit!

Jul 30 2018
NOT for casual use. Run from Synchrony.
Credit Karma Member

Had my card for a couple months, always paid on time and maintained less than 20% utilization. Didnt make a purchase one month and they dropped my limit to $200. One more month without a purchase and they closed my account without warning. Synchrony makes a habit of this with all their cards, same happened with CareCredit. Unless your credit score is perfect and you plan on using this card every single month, run away.

May 08 2018
Very very disappointing experience
Credit Karma Member

I wanted this card so bad, until I realized that they charge monthly fiance charges between $20-$30 a month regardless of your on-time payments or your balance. They also decreased my credit limit from $1,200 to $800 after only 4 months of non-use (just paying my balance down). In addition, they tried to use a bait-and-switch by seeing that I had a monthly payment at the beginning of the month with a due date at the end (April 3rd payment, April 27th due date) and they charged me a late payment fee by May 1st and an additional finance charge! I NEVER miss a payment! Their logic; The billing cycle is the 4th of the month, so therefore my April 3rd payment *also* went to March, thus making me "miss my April payment". I made them apply my April payment to APRIL, which makes sense to everyone else but them, and I IMMEDIATELY had them reverse the late fee. I'm so through with them and their shady tactics. I won't use this card again.

Dec 04 2017
Drop limit ! Beware!
Credit Karma Member

I paid off my balance on this card and they drop my limit by $200. I paid off my balance on my Gap card and they close to that one so I guess I should be thankful. I don't know what they will do when I pay off my Old Navy card.

Nov 12 2017
Red Flags
Credit Karma Member

I've had this card for nearly a year. I was approved for $400 with my score barely at 600. I was thrilled! And over the past year I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with this card! I was sent lots of coupons and I used these rewards between Banana Republic and GAP and Old Navy and I have a 15 year old daughter so it worked out fine. All of a sudden this morning I look at Credit Karma and find out that my credit line has been decreased from $400 to $200. This happened without notification. I can't for the life of me figure out why. I recall that I paid off my balance just a couple of days ago and my balance now sits at 0. And now this is a new development. I can't tell if I'm being punished for paying off my balance or what the problem is. I have never had a late payment. I have never gone over my credit limit. And to top it off, if I took my daughter shopping next week I might have over spent without knowing that my available credit had been decreased!

Oct 31 2017
Great Rewards!
Credit Karma Member

This is a great card if you shop at Banana, Gap, or Old Navy!! They give you 5% back, essentially $5 dollar rewards for every $100 you spend. You can use those rewards at either of those brands as well. Sometimes they will have windows of time were you can obtain double or triple points (triple if you are a Luxe member). They give you a free $15 reward if you sign up for paperless statements, and $15 reward on your birthday month. $30 reward the first time you use your Banana Visa outside the brand (ex: pumping gas or groceries). If you are a Luxe member they also give you an additional 20% of the points you earned 4 times a year! Luxe members also get free shipping online, and tailoring of items at the Banana retail stores. Best part yet..... No annual Fees!! I'm telling you this has been the best store card I have ever signed up for. I am only giving this 4 stars though because of the APR.

Aug 09 2017
Horrible, just horrible.
Credit Karma Member

I paid my bills on time and I assumed it was like a regular credit card until random 25 late fees were issues each month. The kicker was, they said I owed nothing. I was told nothing and should not have been billed in the first place. I noticed because my credit was dropping and it came up on an alert. So, naturally, I tried to call them and explain the situation only to be met with the horror that I failed to be able to get a live person on their customer service line. I ended up just canceling the card, do yourselves a favor and never open a card with banana republic or it's affiliates.

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Banana Republic Card

Banana Republic Card

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