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Aug 07, 2019
Simple and powerful.
Simplyconfused222 Account Holder

Setup auto-pay for everything. Checks take time to clear, no matter what your bank is so if you're using auto deposit expect this...

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Aug 07, 2019
We Went Full Simple
mattchimento Account Holder

My small family moved all of our banking to Simple after using them on and off for several years. We immediately began to save money faster, were able to build multiple successful budgets, and better plan our financial future. I honestly don't understand why bigger banks lack these features. We're pretty much cashless, but when we do need cash, the ATM network has worked perfectly every time.

Simple may not be for everybody, but it's the best bank I've ever used. Highly recommend.

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Aug 07, 2019
Simple and easy
Randalthor80 Account Holder

This bank is pretty no frills. If you're looking for somewhere to have your paycheck deposited into, and use just the debit card, this is the spot for you. The one thing I really enjoy is the goals and how it automatically will earmark money in a protected or non protected bucket for goals that you set. 

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Jun 05, 2019
Great easy to use online Bank
Jno333 Account Holder


Amazing and responsive customer service 

Instant notifications after transactions, giving you advantage against fraud detection

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Jun 05, 2019
Simple is Simple!
Jno333 Account Holder

Amazing and responsive customer service,and quick resolutions to any would be issues! Plus did I mention NO FEES ! EVER! 

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Jun 05, 2019
Extremely simple to use!
Jessiep4 Account Holder

Customer service is very friendly and prompt!

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Jun 05, 2019
Guanniqusi Account Holder

If you want to keep good track of your expenses with a lot of useful automation when it comes to saving towards a goal, Simple is definitely your bank!

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May 02, 2019
Most useful bank I've ever had
rolawson Account Holder

This bank has many features that make managing money easy and fun. The Expenses, Goals, and Protected Accounts features are invaluable.

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Apr 03, 2019
Never turning back
kccarl Account Holder

No fees (ever). Digital envelope budgeting, Safe-to-Spend only displaying how much of your bank balance hasn't already been spoken for (aka helping you to stay away from the belief that you actually have all $1200 of that paycheck to drop on a tv... Kind customer service representatives. Only difficulties come when paperwork gets a little wonky - trying to iron out some of those details with an online only bank does complicate things. But I will NEVER stop recommending Simple (unless it turns into Fifth Third Bank).

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Apr 03, 2019
No fees, no fines, ever.
ShellyJMcD Account Holder

If you are living paycheck to paycheck this may not be for you but if you have a little wiggle room it is great.  Superb customer service, great app with awesome tools for saving and creating goals.  I've been using them for about 5 years now and have zero complaints

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