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Jun 25, 2020
good til it wasn't....
yld4rae Account Holder

The safe to spend is a joke and is not real time...the lady actually told me that your safe to spend balance is not actually what's in your account.  Be that as it may, I keep very detailed records of my spending outside of the app, and my balance never adds up.  i was told, on one occasion that i my account went up by $50 because of a hold that was released by merchant.  but when i asked if merchants hold an amount larger than what was paid, I was told no.  So then, who was holding this $50 and why did it just pop up in my account??? thusly,  if I pay a bill, and if the company doesn't take it out over the weekend, Simple will credit a portion back to your account but there won't be an actually transaction in your ledger. 

Basically your daily  "safe to spend" will vascilate with the wind if you pay bills or try to conduct any type of real business.  And then, not helpful or sympathetic.  Twice I've gone to bed with a positvite balance then woke up to a notification that I've spend $30 or $40 over what was "safe to spend" and my account was in the negative.  If I get paid $100 and spend $95 in bills...whatever holds and payments should be for $95. and if a merchant is doing shady ****, protect me as a consumer.  I"ve been a client for several years.  thousands of dollars in paychecks. you think they were willing to help?  not at all.  it doesn't make sense...if I never took my balance to 0, how could i have overspent????  how sway????

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Feb 05, 2020
No electronic bill pay.
buddylee1983 Account Holder

They decided that old fashioned paper cheques would be better than electronic bill pay. For a bank that has prided themselves on cutting edge technology and convenience, paper cheques definitely should not be on their menu of services. When queried about why they did it, all they would say is that not many people were using that service and they were going to allocate that money elsewhere. 

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Jun 25, 2020

Nah, you just have to set it all up correctly. Don't give a bad review just because of a user error...

Feb 01, 2020
kevinwdoyle Account Holder

thils bank stolen$500 from my mobile deposit of postal money order and its been over 2 weeks now and i comtinue to get my support messages ignored

phone calls get hung up on and they still havent even acknowledged that they are goijng to return my $500 they cashed from mobile deposit and kept every last cent from it! beem over 2 weeks now!

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Jan 10, 2020
One Step Forward is Two Steps Back
tpfenner Account Holder

Simple descided to take two steps back. They introduced paper checks, something that could be seen as a new feature, but at a cost. They removed Bill Pay from their service. For some people that did not matter, they use auto-draft from whatever account or bill that they have. The problem with this is that many people used bill pay to create goals for their bills and preferred to Send their money instead of having it Taken. The reason for this is that you get to decide how much you spend and when it happens. Pay early, pay a little extra, it gave you one certral location to manage all your bills. I realize that some people did not take advantage of this feature, but many did. Those that were fully utilizing this feature are unable to use the new system accurately. The problem for me is that when I prompted them with my problem and asked them for a solution, they were unable to provde me with one. This is likely a cost saving decision that is being wrapped as an advantage and fed to us. I've had this bank since it's first year and have attributed this bank and it's previous servies as what helped provide me financial freedom and full understanding of my financial situation. This is no longer the case. I will be switching to a new bank in the near future.

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Dec 24, 2019
KR8090 Account Holder

Don't put your money here because you will not be able to get it out when you need it! Simple Bank is not actually a bank, they are an internet facilitator. The money you think is at Simple is really at BBVA USA. Simple bank can't wire or perform instant transfers like other banks can because they DON'T HAVE THE MONEY. They have to request it from BBVA. I have been a mortgage broker for 30 years. My clients, first time buyers, bank with Simple. When they contacted them to ask for their down payment money to be wired to the title company so they could close, Simple Bank said no. Simple's "solution" is for them to transfer no more than 10K per day to a different bank that the clients link to Simple. Then that transfer takes 3 days to occur, then they need to wait until the funds have been in the second bank long enough to wire. We dont have that kind of time. We did a conference call to Simple Bank, Tanya at Simple Bank refused to transfer us to a supervisor - said their supervisors don't take calls. Then we got a customer experience rep who was the one who admitted they can do a rush on a cashiers check because they dont' actually have the money. This "bank" is a fraud and a scam. if I could give them zero stars I would.

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Jun 28, 2020

If this is true, this is very scary and very sad. :-(

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