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Aug 03, 2017
Awesome UI, customer service, SIMPLE!
Anonymous Account Holder

This bank bends over backwards for its customers. I've never been on hold for longer than 3 minutes. I'm never charged fees. My transactions are posted the minute I swipe my card. Their budgeting software has changed the way I manage money. Simple is the best bank I've ever had.

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Dec 30, 2016
Security is apparently very poor
Anonymous Account Holder

I had a Simple checking account and at one point there was a security data breach. My account had been compromised and instead of blocking access to the offending hack they froze my account, started procedures to close the accout, blocking me from EVER getting a new account and blocking me from my own money! This all occurred two days before my employment direct deposit hit. I had no time to re-direct the deposit to another account and I was blocked from accessing the funds when they did get deposited. 

I'm currently facing eviction from my appartment because I haven't been able to pay my rent because of this error on the banks' side! 

I'm furious, speechless with anger. I can't even describe how violated I feel! 

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Nov 11, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

So they have a safe to spend amount shown that is supposed to be updated real time. Apparently mine wasn't updating and it showed a positive balance on my safe to spend amount, even when I had gone over that and was spending into my goals amount. The guy treated me like I was an idiot and just didn't get it. I know how to view my balance and it showed I had money in my safe to spend the whole time I was overspending. It made it look like I had money that wasn't there. Anything but simple. I'm sharing this because I hope no one else gets burnt by this company.

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Nov 09, 2017
Simple Banking is exactly what I needed.
PrincezzA Account Holder

Easy to apply and get a online checking account. Offers all the quality of a branching bank service without all the hastle. Friendly customer serive, detailed online help center. I recommend this for any new bank account holder or anyone who needs a second chance banking option. I love My Simple Online branchless banking Service.
Did I mention it was free to get started no credit check or up front fees. Works as a funding source for verifying paypal accounts too!!!! What a Simple solution for so many of my finacial problems.

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Nov 08, 2017
Basically told me to Bugger Off
PrincessAlliee Account Holder

When I first opened my account 3 years ago, I didn’t mind all of their rules and restrictions since I just wanted a bank to help me budget my savings. I highly appreciated the No-ATM Fees feature and decided to just them as my main financial institute to receive my direct deposits. Wellllllll, all of that may be fine and dandy but when I got over charged and then two separate fraudulent charges on my account just this year, they did nothing. One fraudulent charge was at a hotel in PA, to which they told me “they found no error” but I was free to correspond with the merchant and (in my own words) figure this **** out by myself. Which I did, and was credited back. Then it happens again just a few days ago at a Whole Foods. Which they should see in their system (especially since I filed a complaint with them about it) that ever since they overcharged me 3 months prior, I no longer shop at WF. Again, I was told to figure my **** out by myself. So I’ve now emptied my account via transfer to my Adult bank account and have decided to leave Simple for good. Their account is for Children, just like I was when I first started with them. Simple is anything but Simple and if you like banks that don’t give two spits about you and you don’t mind solving every issue by yourself, be my guest and waste your time with them. 

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Nov 01, 2017
The best bank I’ve ever had. Ever.
Cjlannan Account Holder

Simple is exactly as the name indicates. Simple. As heck. No overdrafts, incredible and personal customer service. Simply the best! No fees to just be a **** customer. Am I right?!

Simple has modernized conventional banking and used to power of technology to harness the full potential of personalized banking with built in budgeting right on the app. All to the exponential power of awesome.

Now, If you have some elaborate Three Card Monty “1099” work that requires your money to get scrubbed by western union before being transferred to DuetcheBank (specifically in Cyprus) you should probably go with another bank. 

Or if you deal in enormous check only. But then again you would probably not be the average standard bear that the majority of US homes are. The people who the biggest ten financial institutions are always actively trying to poop on. Just saying.

Being pooped on by big banks? 

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Nov 01, 2017
it's great
scottherren Account Holder

you should get this bank because it's freaking simple

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Oct 31, 2017
Can't handle basic banking operations
Cmcla Account Holder

I've attempted to use my simple account on and off for the last 2 years, completely unsuccessfully! My latest attempt involved mobile depositing a $1600 paycheck into my account. The deposit was rejected the next day. The support message said they were unable to discuss the reasons behind the decision but that the check was "not eligible for mobile deposit." This wording puzzled me since they did they weren't able to discuss it and then used a word like "eligible", which I took to mean there must've been some unknown rule had been broken. I called in right away and attempted to find out what made this check ineligible. "We reserve the right to refuse any deposits." "No, you didn't do anything wrong." "It most likely won't affect future deposits." "There's no other information available." "The team just decided to refuse to accept this one." IWHAT??? I'm sorry, but that is complete nonsense. Save yourself the headache and get a real bank that has some accountability.

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Oct 12, 2017
Was good, not so much now.
Anonymous Account Holder

At this time they conceal the details between their "Safe to spend and Goals". What that mean is when you over draw on your "Safe to spend" and it draws funds from your "Goals" you will have no way of knowing the amount, when or what it was for.  You just have to trust them. Trust a bank..... I personally have gone back and forth with them on this matter to resolve. They are not transparent. In any case, their app is pretty good other than that particular issue. But I would recommend checking out other similar apps to see if there is one with a better reputation and more transparency.

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Oct 08, 2017
Simply a fee free bank
Johinza Account Holder


Best interface for a bank I ever had.

Fee Free ATMs available usually can find them at a Walgreens

Support is non-robotic

Can send checks


No way to put cash into the bank unless you go buy a money order and upload the check

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Oct 04, 2017
Easy, minimal UX, & awesome for goals!
applekor76 Account Holder

This bank is unlike any other. You won’t be sorry. Bonus: right now they don’t seem to have “savings” account right now: which is GREAT bc the government says you can’t take money out of normal savings accounts more than 6 times a month. It’s subtle but it matters when u want make a purchase that might use funds from your “goals”. Which kinda act as MULTIPLE (unofficial) savings accounts.

did I mention no fees? Other than out of network ATM fees by third party ATM companies.

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Oct 04, 2017
Amazing banking for the modern world
elliotwhitehead Account Holder

C U S T O M E R  S E R V I C E ! ! ! 

These guys rock. They have the best customer service out of any industry / company I've dealt with, and have built an incredible software product that makes banking and saving work with a modern technoogy-infused lifestyle that so many of us live today. 

11/ 10.

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