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Oct 03, 2014
Simple is "simple"
dragonfyre13 Account Holder

I can't say I've ever really "liked" a bank before, but Simple changed that. It really is simple to do most all the normal workflows a customer would want to do, and they've approached creating a bank, an interface, and a customer service organization from the perspective of "how is this easiest from a customer perspective". No hidden fees and usage of actual modern technology makes this above and beyond any other bank out there.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Aug 19, 2015
More like Complicated Bank
cussie811 Account Holder

I applied for an account and was asked to upload some documents. Okay, no problem, I uploaded them.  A few days later I got approved. Yay, or not. I waited a couple of days and I transferred money from my external account. Was given a date they would be available. Not even a few hours later I received an email saying my account was frozen.  What? I called customer service because I found it odd that as soon as I did an external transfer. They were requesting the documents that I had already sent in again. Okay, I sent them in again and the two months bank statement. This is starting to annoy me. Why has Simple Bank become Complicated Bank?! The day that the funds made it to my Simple account, I recevied an email saying it was CLOSED! What? They wait until you fund the account and then close it and keep your money. I called customer service and they can't tell me when I'll get my money! I find it strange that every rep I speak to has the name Ryan. This company is just out to get your money. Now I'm out of $4,500! No idea when I'll get it back.

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Oct 22, 2016
IchirinHana Account Holder

This bank should get no stars. I had someone write me a bad check, first time I ever had an OD in simple. They blocked my account, CS on the phone hangs up on you with no information and no explanation. They don't respond to the support messages. I wasn't given any chance to correct the OD and was turn to collections. Absolutely worst bank, totally a scam. Don't fall for the 'no fees'bright an shinny. The treat you like trash. Should have a 'No Star' option.

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Oct 06, 2016
Dont be fooled by the modern interface
Anonymous Account Holder

At the start I was happy with the banking services Simple offers. After using it for a few years, unfortunately I feel strongly that I need to put a review out there to let people know the difficult experiences I had, which ultimately caused me to leave its customer base.

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner OR aspire to become one- THIS IS NOT THE BANKING SERVICE FOR YOU.

Simple banking does not provide a way for its users to deposit cash. While at the start this was a minor inconvenience for me, it became more problematic for me later.

My experience using their electronic check feature earns them a 'one star' rating. On several occasions the persons that were meant to receive the check I sent through Simple's system- never received them and I had to go through a process of contacting Simple customer service and get the checks sent a second time. This caused me extra time, inconvenience and worry and I lost confidence in the checking system all together.

This brings me to my "last straw" issue- I am a hairstylist- I worked as an employee and recently started renting a chair at a salon. This is a fairly minor change in the big picture of my job reality- but it meant that I needed to be able to start depositing cash on a regular basis. I went to a credit union and opened A PERSONAL ACCOUNT there- simple so I had the ability to deposit cash and write reliable checks as needed. This additional account is not classified as a business account and it is in my name only. - I then tried to write myself a check out of my personal credit union account into my simple account- at which time Simple declined it and specifically told me that I could not deposit a personal check to myself from another account. The message also told me to instead set up an external transaction account feature with in Simple- which has to be in my name specifically. So that is what I did. The external account connection was set up successfully and when I had a question about it- I called Simple's customer service- out of ignorance- I told the woman that I was in part using this new account for business. Who knew that would be such a big deal. I was told that connection with business accounts was not allowed and that I needed to disconnect that external transaction feature immediately. This is incredibly inconveniencing to me- because now I have absolutely no way to move money between my two accounts.


I can not recommend Simple to anyone who owns a small business- or would like to start one in the future. I am taken aback by this policy. There is NO ROOM FOR GROWTH with in this banking system. I was enamored with and drawn in by the 'simple' user interface and the youthful modern vibe the culture of the customer service people presents. BEWARE- because under that appealing interface is a big business rigid banking system (BANCORP+) that does not allow its users any options or the ability to grow their personal finances.

I had no option but to close out my Simple account and move entirely into credit union accounts. Again, extra time, headache and inconvenience for me.

Final verdict-

The name of the company should be 'Basic' rather than 'Simple'

Its lack of options/ services proves to be inconveniencing in the long run.

Dont be fooled by the modern friendly interface- its a big business bank with limited services.

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Oct 06, 2016
Like a brand new toy from a dollar store
jessicadawnlynch9191 Account Holder

This bank seems great until you have an issue. My card was locked from use for absolutely no reason and my funds frozen. You cannot reach anyone to help. CSRs literally say I cannot help you I'm disconnecting the call without any information!! Then you try to use their "support" and noone can get back to you. So yea its pretty and shiny on the outside,but there is nodepth to this company. They currently have my money locked with no way to get it out.

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Oct 07, 2016

I'm not sure how you received that service, I've never had a problem ever.

Oct 06, 2016
Fast. Transparent. Simple.
kreeverss Account Holder

This is everything  I needed from a bank that's brick and motar. No frills, just your account, and helping establish goals to better manage your money. Super friendly customer service. Only issue is that I wish they we're a tad faster witht the tech features...but they're already ahead of most.

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Oct 05, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

wonderful support and easy to use.

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Oct 05, 2016
Banking made simple and fun.
ShellyJMcD Account Holder

Not for those living paycheck to paycheck, if you don't read the very clearly stated policies you will be frustrated. But not too worry, the superb support team (except one overzealous gal who blocked my card) will answer your call,no phone tree or long wait.

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Oct 05, 2016
easy friendly user experience, no fees!
williamgs Account Holder

easy to use, no monthly fees, no need to visit a branch to open, my only complain is that deposit from another account is a little hide, take a while to find that option, should be easier to add funds from other bank account, transfers from your bank take up to 4 days

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Sep 14, 2016
Banking Made Easy
cabomix Account Holder

No fees not trouble... neutral points, no checkbook, it takes upto 4 business days to get the full amount of your deposit over $100. The app for check deposits sometimes takes blurry pictures of the check and you have to reporcess the check. But all this is classic for Online banking only banks. Their goal is that you autodeposit your check and you spend it on the ATM card because that is how they make their money...Nothing wrong with that... just beware if it fits your lifestyle.

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Sep 08, 2016
Free Banking, so disregard the whiners !
pmartin1664 Account Holder

First, this is a real bank. Yes, they want your business. But sometimes when isues or flags are raised, they like ALL OTHER financial institutions, require fact checking paperword from potential customers. This is called....Good Business ! It protects them, but moreso it protects you and I. It keeps their service FREE !!! If they allowed every flag to pass through, well then, sure enough the fraud community would make "Simple" their object of attack !! Every member would start paying monthy fee's. So..... if they ask, simply givde them the proof that you are real. It's really that simple. Yes, some innocent folks do get caught up in the process. But they also get their funds back if they decide to cancel out after the fraud departent concludes their work. But why would any honest person say no to free banking. Most complainers are morons....there's always a reason that a bank freezes ones assets that are on deposit. These people are either shady, or they were at some point !  You'd be foolish to pay for banking, when you can get it free, right here ! 

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