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Oct 03, 2014
Simple is "simple"
dragonfyre13 Account Holder

I can't say I've ever really "liked" a bank before, but Simple changed that. It really is simple to do most all the normal workflows a customer would want to do, and they've approached creating a bank, an interface, and a customer service organization from the perspective of "how is this easiest from a customer perspective". No hidden fees and usage of actual modern technology makes this above and beyond any other bank out there.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 07, 2017
Absolute scam
Anonymous Account Holder

I opened my bank account in Nov. 2016 for my wedding money that was given to me, they were going to be adding shared accounts so that my fiance and I would both be able to access the money. As soon as I deposited the first check, my account was frozen due to Simple needing verification documents. I sent my documents and called to confirm they had what they needed. The agent was very kind and stated to expect a support message from the "Verification" team later that day. 24 hours later I still had no message so I called to ensure that they didn't need anything. The caller stated that this process takes time and that they would get back with me. I asked the agent what kind of time we were talking and she stated she had no idea, but that they would get back to me. I allowed 4 days to pass, and still heard nothing. Mind you, my account and MY money was locked. I then called and spoke with someone again who stated she couldn't tell me when the team would review my documents, nor would I be able to speak with that team. I even spoke with 2 different managers who stated they couldn't give me any answers but that it would take time for them to unlock my account. Not to mention, the final phone call I had with them the two support team members were rude, condescending, and absolutely robotic in their responses. 

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Jun 14, 2017
Awesome customer service & UI!
jduran159 Account Holder

Although Simple is a tech company and doesn't actually handle your money, they're great and you'd never know BBVA was involved if they didn't tell you! Safe to spend is awesome, their goals are amazing. I personally use Goals for short-term goals whereas some people may prefer to save long-term. People are more than 10 times more likely to post a negative review than a positive one so this review goes out there as an honest one! Please give this bank a try if you've been on the fence. I am a Chase Private Client and they're supposed to provide "concierge" banking, but that doesn't come close to what Simple offers. Genuine human goodness, just like they advertise! 

There is some sort of trust/psychological safety you'll have to establish since everything is handled online and over the phone app. It's worth it. They give you all the tools to succeed and their support website is phenomenal! 

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Jun 08, 2017
Great way to manage money!
Anonymous Account Holder

Love this service. No more over spending and great way to watch your account.

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Jun 08, 2017
This bank is a joke
Anonymous Account Holder

If you link an external account to simple, simple will freeze youre account until you can prove its your account. If you linked accounts are new like mine were, you will not be able to submit the required info which is 2 most recent monthly statements. My account has been frozen for 6 months. Customer service is a joke. Send in a message to customer support and it take 6-7 days to get a response. Stay away from this place.

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Jun 07, 2017
Best self-serve banking experience
alexandreuribe Account Holder

If you're just getting a bank account, or tired of mediocre apps and customer service, go with Simple. You'll still want to maintain independent brokerage/high-yield savings accounts, but for checking and small savings, absolutely great.  

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Jun 07, 2017
Simple is just that... simple.
Anonymous Account Holder

I've contacted support (text and phone) and always had an amazing experience.

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Jun 07, 2017
Modern day banking with great benefits.
Anonymous Account Holder

This bank is excellent. There are no overdraft fees, the customer service goes above and beyond, they calculate and give you statistics on your spending habits, and the app works really well. I strongly recommend this bank.

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Jun 07, 2017
Ignore the negative nancies and try this
shaunmwa Account Holder

Yes - if you have never banked with a branchless bank before it takes some adjustmetnt (duh). The mobile deposit limit starts at $2k otherwise you have to mail in the check UNLESS it's direct deposit (sure inconvenient often does this come up nowadays). Like seriously - what a dumb thing to get mad about unless you are literally on the edge of getting evicted (which coincdentally this bank will help you budget for that better). 

If you deposit $5k+ there is a 5-day hold but there aren't any 'loops to jump through' ( know...just be patient). 

The customer service kicks that crap out of any traditional bank with which I have EVER banked - you can submit questions in-app from virtually any screen and get a response pretty quickly. I prefer this over calling an 800-number any day of the week, especially for menial stuff (ie "Hey where do I mail a physical check to again?"). 

The goal setting/budgeting functionality is why to use this bank, in my opinion. It blows anything out of the water - and I've banked with Chase, BofA, HSBC, and Suntrust. I track ~30 categories monthly and have saved a ton as a result. 

Sign up, txfr a couple hundred bucks just to try it out, and then when you are comfortable make the full switch. Sounds like a few of the people who wrote negative reviews didn't want to take responsibility for the fact that they probably DIDN'T do this and instead when they tried to make a switch to a new style of banking all at once they got frustrated. 

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Jun 07, 2017
Everything about it is literally simple.
lightmanx5 Account Holder

It's not just a name, it's literally the best thing to happen to personal banking ever. No fees ever. Free checking, instant transfer to other users, joint accounts, wow! It's simply the best... Better than all the rest!!!

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Jun 07, 2017
Simple is the best bank I've ever had!
phillipreece Account Holder

I love you guys! But not in a weird way. ...well I guess it's kinda weird. Aren't I supposed to hate you? You're a bank after all! :)

I jumped on board with Simple as soon as I could because you said you'd be different than those other banks and you are! Every interaction I've had with customer service has been pleasant and you always go above and beyond.

You even saved my honeymoon! (Not that it matters because my Simple account has lasted longer than the marriage, haha)

If there's ever a way I can help you guys out feel free to let me know. <3

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Jun 07, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder


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