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Aug 13, 2016
TJ416 Account Holder

No fees; Even when my account went inactive for months! I love my BANK account. No drama just SIMPLE. 

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Oct 06, 2016
Dont be fooled by the modern interface
Anonymous Account Holder

At the start I was happy with the banking services Simple offers. After using it for a few years, unfortunately I feel strongly that I need to put a review out there to let people know the difficult experiences I had, which ultimately caused me to leave its customer base.

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner OR aspire to become one- THIS IS NOT THE BANKING SERVICE FOR YOU.

Simple banking does not provide a way for its users to deposit cash. While at the start this was a minor inconvenience for me, it became more problematic for me later.

My experience using their electronic check feature earns them a 'one star' rating. On several occasions the persons that were meant to receive the check I sent through Simple's system- never received them and I had to go through a process of contacting Simple customer service and get the checks sent a second time. This caused me extra time, inconvenience and worry and I lost confidence in the checking system all together.

This brings me to my "last straw" issue- I am a hairstylist- I worked as an employee and recently started renting a chair at a salon. This is a fairly minor change in the big picture of my job reality- but it meant that I needed to be able to start depositing cash on a regular basis. I went to a credit union and opened A PERSONAL ACCOUNT there- simple so I had the ability to deposit cash and write reliable checks as needed. This additional account is not classified as a business account and it is in my name only. - I then tried to write myself a check out of my personal credit union account into my simple account- at which time Simple declined it and specifically told me that I could not deposit a personal check to myself from another account. The message also told me to instead set up an external transaction account feature with in Simple- which has to be in my name specifically. So that is what I did. The external account connection was set up successfully and when I had a question about it- I called Simple's customer service- out of ignorance- I told the woman that I was in part using this new account for business. Who knew that would be such a big deal. I was told that connection with business accounts was not allowed and that I needed to disconnect that external transaction feature immediately. This is incredibly inconveniencing to me- because now I have absolutely no way to move money between my two accounts.


I can not recommend Simple to anyone who owns a small business- or would like to start one in the future. I am taken aback by this policy. There is NO ROOM FOR GROWTH with in this banking system. I was enamored with and drawn in by the 'simple' user interface and the youthful modern vibe the culture of the customer service people presents. BEWARE- because under that appealing interface is a big business rigid banking system (BANCORP+) that does not allow its users any options or the ability to grow their personal finances.

I had no option but to close out my Simple account and move entirely into credit union accounts. Again, extra time, headache and inconvenience for me.

Final verdict-

The name of the company should be 'Basic' rather than 'Simple'

Its lack of options/ services proves to be inconveniencing in the long run.

Dont be fooled by the modern friendly interface- its a big business bank with limited services.

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Jan 04, 2017
Modern banking as it should be
theJBRU Account Holder

Simple currently offers single-user accounts with an elegant web interface and app. Their customer service is top-notch. They respond to messages promptly and if you ever need to call an actual person answers the phone! Their best feature is "Goals," essentially a system to set aside money from your balance automatically for planned purchases. You see a "Safe-to-Spend" amount when you open the app so you know what's available that hasn't been otherwise allocated. For me, this has allowed me to actually save money for the first time in my life. Having a $10k checking account balance before Simple would have been unthinkable, now I carry that regularly and am building my savings on a regular basis. I've been able to make new computer purchases, take several vacations, and set aside emergency funds all due to this automatic saving.

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Jan 04, 2017
easy to use
lellewynn Account Holder

its easy to use. no problems at the atm. and i LOVE the "safe to spend" feature

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Dec 30, 2016
Security is apparently very poor
Anonymous Account Holder

I had a Simple checking account and at one point there was a security data breach. My account had been compromised and instead of blocking access to the offending hack they froze my account, started procedures to close the accout, blocking me from EVER getting a new account and blocking me from my own money! This all occurred two days before my employment direct deposit hit. I had no time to re-direct the deposit to another account and I was blocked from accessing the funds when they did get deposited. 

I'm currently facing eviction from my appartment because I haven't been able to pay my rent because of this error on the banks' side! 

I'm furious, speechless with anger. I can't even describe how violated I feel! 

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Dec 22, 2016
This bank is disorganized
Anonymous Account Holder

Long story short, I waited two weeks for my debit card and still waiting. I have been with them for a year. They do not respond timely. They mailed three different debit cards to a wrong address. When I asked them to record my feedback, they simply ignored it. 

They will not help you. 

The interest sucks. Go with Ally or a Credit Union. 

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Dec 12, 2016
Fantastic bank. Unmatched UX
shift5 Account Holder

I haven't had to use my Wells Fargo account in years. Just wish Simple did mortgages!

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Dec 07, 2016
They just get it!
Daethian Account Holder

I've been with Simple since the beginning and I love them. I recommend them to everyone. They make banking so easy for me, with the tools I want for managing my money.  Their customer service has never once been anything less that perfectly helpful. They always respond prompted to support chat messages. This is so flipping easy! If Simple was a man I'd marry him.

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Dec 05, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

This is not a bank. Scam. Horrible customer service. It's an app that's all. If you need a real bank that can serve a normal consumer in 2016 look elsewhere. 

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Dec 07, 2016

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Nov 03, 2016
Inconsistent and Unforgiving Policies
jr221985 Account Holder


I'm closing my account with Simple this week because of their arbitrary and inconsistent application of their policies, and don’t give notice to customers when they decide to change their policies (or in this case, enforce an unknown policy that was never enforced before). 

I normally have a direct deposit split between my traditional credit union and Simple. Pretty frequently over the past year or two, I would write a check from my credit union and deposit it in Simple with their app. Easy, secure, never had any problems with deposits. It is also much faster to deposit a check than an external account transfer, which is usually a couple of days late if they work at all.

Three days ago, I went to do the same thing and my deposit was rejected. I was informed because my name was on both accounts I cannot deposit that check. Now, this normally wouldn’t be a big deal, although frustrating, but I just switched jobs and my direct deposit has not been set up yet. In my budgeting timeframe, I had planned on that deposit working, just as it has in the past. That means all my automatic payments - think housing payment, student loans, car payment, everything, will be late and I’ll be hit with late fees (and probably a credit score drop) because their customer service flat out refused to help me out with depositing this check and told me it was impossible. They have taken a “hard line” in June 2016 with this policy that I’ve never heard of and was never informed of. Well, it’s November I have certainly deposited many of my checks since June. Impossible? No. Stubborn? Yes. Completely unwilling to help a customer? Absolutely.

So if you want impersonal, canned customer service (“I’m sorry”, “I understand that must be frustrating”, “Have a great day!”), you will never change jobs or direct deposit methods, and you’re OK with external transfers that always complete two business days after the date they quote you, then go ahead, sign up with Stupid Simple. 

And this was all to put a few thousand dollars INTO the bank. That’s what a bank wants their customers to do, right?

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Nov 02, 2016
Best bank ever with no fees and easy to
Anonymous Account Holder

Bank is all online. Very easy to use and the app is great. Many ways to save money with this bank. No mothly fees. Only down fall is there is no way to deposit cash at this point.

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Nov 02, 2016
Modern banking with a great interface
Anonymous Account Holder

I love everything about Simple, from the user interface, to Goals, to the general polish across the whole experience.  My only concern is the lack of Joint Accounts.  However, Joint Accounts are in Beta, so I'm excited to see what Simple will come up with!

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