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Aug 03, 2017
Awesome UI, customer service, SIMPLE!
Anonymous Account Holder

This bank bends over backwards for its customers. I've never been on hold for longer than 3 minutes. I'm never charged fees. My transactions are posted the minute I swipe my card. Their budgeting software has changed the way I manage money. Simple is the best bank I've ever had.

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Dec 30, 2016
Security is apparently very poor
Anonymous Account Holder

I had a Simple checking account and at one point there was a security data breach. My account had been compromised and instead of blocking access to the offending hack they froze my account, started procedures to close the accout, blocking me from EVER getting a new account and blocking me from my own money! This all occurred two days before my employment direct deposit hit. I had no time to re-direct the deposit to another account and I was blocked from accessing the funds when they did get deposited. 

I'm currently facing eviction from my appartment because I haven't been able to pay my rent because of this error on the banks' side! 

I'm furious, speechless with anger. I can't even describe how violated I feel! 

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Sep 16, 2017
Can't close my account
Anonymous Account Holder

Simple says they require a physical address for verification purposes. However, they will not let you use a PO BOX for mailing purposes, or for any reason at all. I recently moved from an apartment, and was looking at moving into a new apartment. I used the "Support" option in the account to notify them of the upcoming move, including the new address. However, due to personal reasons, I did not end up moving to that apartment. I have been living wtih friends and family temporarily, and therefore have no physical address so I can't send any of the address verification documents they require. I stopped using the account, and pulled all the money from it ($0.00 balance). I called to close the account, but they said since the address change request had already gone through, they needed proof of a physical address (which I don't have) to do anything at all. I tried calling and got the run around, but was told I couldn't close my account without verifying the new physical address I had requested but never moved into.

Never again will I fall for the song-and-dance show of being "Simple." Truth in Advertising should be "Complex Finance Technology Corp." STAY AWAY FROM THIS "BANK."

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Sep 16, 2017
Please Read, You need to know this.
Anonymous Account Holder

I try to be evenhanded and fair in all my reviews.  But the short answer is that dealing with Simple is like playing Russian Roulette using four loaded chambers out of six.  I am not a whiner looking to blame the other guy, a screw-up with unreasonable expectations, or a malcontent looking for something to gripe about.  I am perfectly OK with Simple (or any bank) taking reasonable common sense security measures, even when it causes some delay in availability of funds.  I really wanted for Simple to work, and have bent over backwards to make this relationship viable.  But my most recent experience went beyond the pale.

If you have a fairly straightforward financial life, have your paycheck direct deposited to Simple, don't have any other bank accounts, and Simple's very limited and very rule bound services meet your needs, you may be happy with them.

And if you drive 20 miles over the speed limit at all times, everywhere you go, you may never get a ticket.

But in both cases that happy glow you are experiencing is likely to be dashed before the ride is over.

I don't have room, and you don't have time for me to lay out the hot mess I experienced, so let me just give you the bullet points:

- I followed Simple's rules to the letter

- Simple refuses to explain their actions or tell me how to avoid    future problems

- They have created a $1,000 problem for me.

- The instrument involved was a USPS money order purchased by me at my post office  the day it was deposited

- I did everything by the book according to their rules.

- Their was nothing remotely sketchy about the transaction

- Multiple Simple representatives, including supervisors have refused to discuss the facts of the matter with me (really) or explain what, if anything, I did wrong.

- With no feedback from Simple I have no idea what went wrong, or how to avoid problems in the future.

- Making deposits to Simple using legitimate "gold standard" financial instruments that they claim to accept, done properly and with care to get it right, is an absolute crap shoot.

As it happens, I can probably get this straight through the post office or my real bank (Simple is a fake bank in my book) and in this case I can live without the $1.000 for a few days.  Will you be in a position to do that when it finally happens to you?

The answer is NOT Simple.

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Sep 08, 2017
Simple is simple, efficient & flawless
Dylan6889 Account Holder

The app is great and the customer support is amazing!

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Sep 06, 2017
Great service
Anonymous Account Holder

Great Card.

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Sep 06, 2017
Basic Checking/Debit Account
echolis Account Holder

Account transactions are very easy to read. Goals allow for mental allocation of funds, without actually changing your available balance. "Safe-To-Spend" is a nice feature that helps one stay on budget.

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Sep 06, 2017
Simply a fraud.
Anonymous Account Holder

Simple has not met the minimum expectations for personal banking in any regard. Lengthy delays in processing deposits might be overlooked in light of simplicity and ease. There is however no guarantee that Simple will ever deliver on their end of the transaction. 

After two attempts, Simple failed to mail me a debit card as promised

A state tax  refund check was not accepted by Simple because they failed to read the endorsements by my wife and I. Expecting Simple to honor our transaction, I endorsed it specifically for deposit in the Simple account. In order to then deposit it to a real bank required waiting 180 for a state reissue check without the Simple account number on the endorsement side.

Simple will not deposit check payment from a family member that includes my middl name on the "pay to the order of " line, creating embarrassment and delay. 

Most recently Simple began declining to make EFT payments to my chase credit card. 

Simple Is simply a fraud and hoax.

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Sep 06, 2017
Best I've ever used
dscottlewis Account Holder

Website and app allow you to set goals that automatically move funds to meet the goal amount by a target date. Instan notification when your card is swiped showing a safe to spend amount. Fastest customer service I've ever seen with a bank. Very happy customer. 

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Sep 06, 2017
Best I've ever used!
dscottlewis Account Holder

Customer service is the fastes and most helpful I've ever encounterd. The App is great too. Lots of useful tools and features and it's....SIMPLE!

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Sep 06, 2017
Clean, yet modern and powerful.
Pkmmte Account Holder

I've been using Simple for one year now and I absolutely love it. Prior to using Simple, I've been terrible at keeping up with my spending and saving up for things. Simple makes it, well... simple! Although they don't have credit cards, everything feels so well thought out. It's as if they reinvented banking. I don't regret it one bit!

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Sep 04, 2017
Great concept but flawed tech
lrkelber Account Holder

Concept and customer service are excellent, but the tech is often flawed causing you to call said good customer service. There are often Tech feedback loops which are irritating to people who associate the spanked with good technology. They are FDIC insured and a reputable Bank but clearly have issues with regard to technology and need to hire more Developers.

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