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Jul 09, 2020
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Tresl was exceptional to work with from start to finish. They handled near EVERYTHING for me to refinance my vehicle. It was easy to access my information and contact my advisor, Robert every time I needed to. The entire process was super smooth, even during a pandemic. Highly recommend. 

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Jul 03, 2020
Inaccurate financing documents!
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Rate Genius' process is very slow; they seem indifferent to actually completing the process; the closing documents were full of errors (not in my favor!); and customer service is practically non-existent.

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Jul 07, 2020
Very easy process, great service
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The refi process was so easy, most of it online. Great suppor by text, email or phone call.

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Jul 07, 2020
Look elsewhere!
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I had to call to find out they needed more information from me. Then I had to call to find out I said not to continue with the loan. Worth noting, no one ever contacted me to tell me anything about the loan. They hit my credit for literally no reason. 

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Apr 07, 2020
Not even worth 2 seconds of your time.
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There Is No Loan. 💯

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Jun 12, 2020
Not as advertised
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I have excellent credit and meet all the requirements for their offer of 4% APR, and they offered me a 10% APR. It’s not me, it's them because other lenders are offering me 3-5%. Really disappointed at theim for their false advertising.

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Jun 07, 2020
Great beginings, absolutely horrible end
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Their Covid 19 payment asssitance is fraudlulant and has now cost us a 30 day late derogatory remark on our credit reports (-35pts on all three agencies). We had been jumping through hoops for 3 months to only be told last week that the program no longer exists. We even refianced the loan prior to the 30 day mark and they still reported a 30 day late. I will be taking them to court if this does not get corrected immediately.

I have already filed with all the appropriate government agencies and spending more time writing reveiws to get the word out about their egregious tactics.

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Jun 22, 2020
If I could negative stars I would do It
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Was given preapproval immediately for $35000 then they took it back- then I submitted all my documentation. Was told everything was great. Just call when I get there! So I go. Then I'm told- well you're $50 short?!? Uh how? Well we can't count your husband's income but we can't his truck payment and other stuff against you?!? Uh... and they won't reason with you either? 1 hour later they're still being stupid about this. I can go back and redo this entire process and add my husband... uh no- just forget- how about I don't need the stupid car! Jerks! 

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Nov 19, 2019
Treat Loyal Customers like Trash
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Have had my loan for several years (only 2 years left), never missed or late on a payment. I called to ask for a deferment. Was told you can have three in the lifetime of the loan, they must be one year apart and that I qualify. Never asked for one before. Was transferred to finance department where they hassled me on the reason. Gave several legitimate reasons and was told no for all of them. I see other reviews saying same thing, one even said she has CANCER and was going to be out of work!! Why bother offering something to make "it sound good" and then not honor it. A lot of other banks don't even ask a reason!! Know several people who have deferred a pymt more than once, no problem from their bank. What a joke! I will never finance another car through from them. They don't care about their loyal paying customers.

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Jun 21, 2020
Organized Crime
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Exeter Finance has a very peculiar business model. For example you finance a vehicle for $15K. Exeter adds all of the finance charges and fees to the loan on the front end - for example Exeter will add and additional $10K to the loan at signing so the amount financed becomes $25K. Then they will charge a daily usage fee (they refer to this as their simple interest loan) . Ultimately you end up paying $30K ++ for a $15K loan. I have one of their representatives on record (she was aware of the recording) saying their business model is designed around consumers defaulting. With that, if you default, they will repossess the vehicle while still holding the consumer liable for the full amount - principal + interest. Then they sell the same vehicle for even more financial gain. Sounds more like a payday loan business model to me. What a ripoff and NO I DO NOT RECOMMEND. Deal with this company and you will find yourself still owing the full original cost of the loan 4 years into a 5 year contract. Needless to say, trying to obtain any information on your account is the most painful of all. You are better off riding a bike or using public transportation than dealing with this type of organized crime. ...

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Mar 30, 2020
Scummy company
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The company is scummy; I lost thousands of dollars

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Dec 31, 2019
Would not recommend.
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Lets start with a positive. They financed my vehicle. They also offer autopay. Which is nice. But, aside from that. Poor customer service,Poor communication, Poor resolve. It is an ok company as long as you dont need to talk to anyone or get anything done. Just keep quiet and make payments. 

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Mar 23, 2020
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I sent my check in at the end of January for my Feb 4 due date. They received my check and the funds were debited from my account. I then received a notification that my credit was dinged for a late payment. 

After sending them confirmation from my bank that they had received my money on Jan 27, they credited my account, but refused to contact the credit reporting agencies and advise of their mistake. 

Definitely would not recommend this corrupt company. 

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Apr 01, 2020
Riddled with errors
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I have been a loyal PNC Bank customer since I opened my account at age 16. But PNC made a simple clerical error that was devastating to my family – and they refuse to correct it.

Long story short, we welcomed our new baby a few years ago. We used a PNC loan to buy a safer car. The automatic payments worked like clockwork for years. But PNC mistakenly stopped them. Then, they mistakenly sent notices to the wrong address. Before I knew anything was wrong, they reported us to a credit agencies. Now, years of planning and building our credit to apply for a mortgage are ruined.   

It would all be so simple to fix. The PNC employees I spoke to agreed the bank had made a mistake. All it would take is a simple letter. But they refused.

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Jul 18, 2019
lost my title
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I paid off my car and have not received my title. I called and waited 25 minutes to speak with someone to find out what happened. They mailed it out on June 28th, and it is now July 18th, and I still have not gotten it. Why was this important document sent through USPS and not Fed Ex or UPS? If I was offered either of those options, I would have paid the 6 or 7 dollars for a safer, more guaranteed method of delivery. Now, I have to pay $60 to DMV to get a duplicate title. Being a single parent makes this a hard pill to swallow. I did nothing wrong, yet I have to pay the price for other peoples' stupidity , carelessness, and ignorance. I will continue to post negative reviews on all social media sites until I feel justice has been served. I have read other complaints about this same issue. I wish I did my research before financing with them. Others have filed complaints with the attorney general, and it looks as though I will be doing the same thing.

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Oct 30, 2019
Worst company ever!!
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T-boned in June and the car accident wasn't my fault. Geico totaled the rav 4. Gecio gave them 29k for the rav 4. Now Toyota wants another 12k because they are waiting for the rav 4 to be sold! How the hell can a suv that's in the junk yard in pieces be sold and if so, that's not my problem, I didn't cause the car accident!!!! Toyota financial has ruined my credit score. That 12k is sitting on my credit report and they haven't sent me the bill. I wouldn't even owe them a penny if they sent me the bill because the car accident wasn't my fault! Now I can't continue with my life with my husband and look into home mortgages because no one wants me until this is resolved! I hired a lawyer and will go from there! I'll never buy or drive another Toyota as long as I live!

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Jan 13, 2020
Important To Know
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I applied to refinance my auto load through this company and was told they couldn't approve me simply based off of the mileage I currently have on my vehicle. With this being said, I would highly recommend checking with them before applying to see what the mileage of your vehicle is required to be in order to even be considered for a loan otherwise you will end up applying for a loan, having a hard credit inquiry on your report from them only for them to tell you that they cannot approve based solely on the mileage of your vehicle. 

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Sep 03, 2019
BMW Financial Services Nightmare..
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BMW engineers some of the greatest cars in the world, but pales in terms of customer relationships.

I had a nightmare with BMW Financial Services.  I leased my third vehicle from them, through the same dealership, and for 3 months they were sending my bills to pay to an unknown physical address and all of my contact information (email and phone numbers) were wrong.

So, I get a call from the Dealership's service manager that my car is being repossessed and that I need to contact BMW Financial Services.  This was the first I had heard of it.  SO I immediately contacted BMW and paid the outstanding bills.

However, in the meantime, BMW Financial Services had reported my late payments to all three credit bureaus.  This completely tanked my stellar credit rating to boot!  

When I confronted BMW Financial Services, they were not sure where my contact information came from, but they corrected it for me.  However, the damage was done.

I have been a BMW Fan for 20+ years, but this has caused me to avoid BMW for myself, my kids, and many friends.  What a disaster and they refuse to acknowledge their problem for having completely wrong contact data in one of my, at that time, three BMW cars.  The other two profiles had the correct information, but I guess they dont look that hard to find me.

Its been three years, but I am still MIFFED and Angry for this stain on my record due to their data errors.


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May 21, 2020
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There rates are super high they approve everyone as long as you have a passport tried to talk to them how I can lower my rate the lady on the phone said you can't I was like okay and I had a question then she just hang up I'll never get a lone from them again 

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Mar 10, 2020
Auto loan.
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If you have trouble, they turn you over to criminally abusive collectors.

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May 18, 2020
High interest rate but I needed a vehicl
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I set up recurring payments and did not have any problems. The payments were deducted from my account on time every month. I paid the loan off early because of the high interest.

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Jun 15, 2020
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I have leased 6 vehicles with them so a customer of over 10 years. The financing, the bank service keeps getting worse and worse. They will take your car payment and apply towards your property tax without your knowledge or approval. It is illegal, as that rule applies only to fees. Property tax is not a fee, so they have to right to take your money and apply it towards your taxes especially if you still have months to pay off the tax. And to have it moved back is ridiculously impossible. It is your money, but they do what they want with it, forcing you to come up with more money to make your car payment again since they misplayed the first payment. Plus, if you do not catch it on time by checking your online account weekly, they will report you to the credit bureau for late payment, although you did pay!

Be careful! Honestly, it is so shocking and frustrating, that I will not be getting another Hyundai! Never have I had such a ridiculous issue with any bank. 

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Jul 07, 2020
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They wont report to Credit Bureaus when you pay thousands off princible, but they will immidiately if your payment is a day late and still not update your loan balance  

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Jun 16, 2020
RUN don't walk Need to be investigated
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I was thrilled and frankly suprised that I secured a 0% loan with Nissan Finance. I loved my car and was so happy. Unfortunately, what seemed too good to be true, ended up being too good to be true. Horrible experience with Nissan Finance, After years of paying for my car that I loved and losing it because of Nissan's misappropriation of my payments, losing my account information, and having no access to an attorney prior to having to leave the country for a period of time, I have NOTHING for my money. Nissan FINANCE apparently has NO CUSTOMER LAISON and the customer service reps knew nothing about my account and even forced me to pay money I didn't owe to even speak to them about it!! This is what I was told when I attempted to try to find out what in the hell these people did with my money. My account seemed to have just disappeared when I called for help. I tried everything and to no avail. Nothing like paying for your vehicle every month, having it almost paid off to have a tow truck driver show up at your door to repo your vehicle. I stopped it but then they took it when I had to leave the states on scheduled trip. No notice, no explanations and they couldn't even identify my account number when I called. Over 10k down the drain. Nissan Finance needs to be investigated. 

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