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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Nov 13, 2017
Mia31765 Borrower

This is a nightmare. I traded my car at a reputable dealership. They were to pay off my balance as they did. Before WellsFargo noted the loan paid they hit my credit with a 30 day late payment! My payment was NOT late. The dealer PAID the balance of the loan. Trying to get it removed through them is impossible.  I was told I was still responsible for payments even though the car was traded!! They even said the account was paid and closed!! Stay away!!! Run!!!!

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Sep 23, 2017
I hate this lender very much.
Anonymous Borrower

Set up auto car loan payments isn't easy at all. Can't do much over the phone, have to go mailing stuff which take forever. Feel like they're making it difficult for you to make payment on time, so they can get the late fee.

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Aug 07, 2017
Horrible customer service. Incompetent
Ld0836 Borrower

I had a loan from them back in 2014. Unfortunately after having my car for less than a year I was hit by a driver who ran a red light and my vehicle was totalled. I had medical bills plus the stress of finding a new car. I was fortunate that the red light camera showed the other driver at fault and the insurance paid the majority of the loan and my Gap covered the remaining balance. The insurance companies sent me documents and copies uof the checks that were sent and recieved by Wells Fargo in 2014. As of June 2017 Wells Fargo still reported an open account at $0 to the credit reporting agencies. I filed a despute thinking after the account had been paid off years ago there was a simple error that had not closed the account properly. I was wrong after the despute, Wells Fargo then reported not only the account still open but that the remaining balance was over $18,000. I am currently in the process of buying a home and overnight my "total debt" increased that much. I immediately called Wells Fargo and jumped through hoops to speak to the correct person regarding my account. After explaining my situation 3 different times I was finally transferred to a female employee that was extremely rude. She treated me like I was this worthless person that just didn't pay my bill. I was never late before the car was totalled and I have still never had a late payment reported on any account I have ever had and also have over an 800 credit score. As she continued to talk down to me and refuse to listen to my explainaition she stated that the reason the account was still open was because I owed them a little over 300.00 dollars. She could not explain what the charge was for or why I owed it. She just repeated rudely that it was my responsibility and that I should have known that I was responsible for that amount not the insurance companies. Desperate and feeling pressured by getting the home loan I reluctantly bit the bullet and paid the random amount she stated I still owed. I felt that paying 300 was worth getting the account removed as quick as possible and not having to deal with them anymore. The employee assured me that the account would be reported closed and paid in full as soon as my payment had been processed. That was over a month ago and as of 8/4/17 they are still reporting to the major credit bureaus that the account is open and still 18,000. So even though they recieved checks for the full amount of the loan and told me over the phone I had only still owed 300, this is what they are reporting, and let's not forget the flat out lie that it was going to be corrected after I made the payment she stated I had to for it to be closed. WAIT! It gets better on 8/5/17 I recieved I check in the mail from Wells Fargo for 429.00 and a letter stating it was an overpayment refund check. I'm confused how could I over pay if I was told I still owed?!? And if the account had been paid in full why are they still reporting an 18,000 dollar open account to credit reporting agencies?! I have now written a letter and sent copies of all the paperwork originally provided from the insurance companies and I'm waiting to hear back. This has been so frustrating and confusing. I think what bothers me most is how badly I was treated over the phone and then to turn around and send me a check because I had been right all along.. it would have taken her 2 minutes to listen to my explaination and allow me to email her the documents I had. 

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May 27, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

Very Rude with me, I truly will never do business with them again. Customer service is HORRIBLE.

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May 11, 2017
Auto Loan
Anonymous Borrower

Bought a car and financed it with the intention of paying it off right away.  They will not accept a payoff over $3000 online or over the phone.  The only option they give for this is snail mail.  Which means you better guess how long it takes the post office to deliver it because they are charging daily interest for every day they don't receive their money.  Ridiculous.  Everyone I talked said there was nothing they could do to waive the additional interest accrued.  The last person I spoke to stated 'that is the cost of doing business with them'.  Great response in customer service.

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Mar 13, 2017
Anonymous Borrower


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Feb 22, 2017
Absolutely terrible
Anonymous Borrower

They play with your money however they like, and always to the bank's benefit, with total disregard for the client's best interests and wishes.

Stay away from Wells Fargo at all costs, or prepare for an early payoff with hundreds/thousands of dollars worth of completely unnecessary fees.

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Feb 04, 2017
Good service, low interest rate
Jason1856 Borrower

Anyone who has anything negative to say is a result of them not making payment. Wells Fargo has been the best to me as a far as Auto loans.. and I have delt with some of the worst. Iam talking getting attorneys, and involving the police, the DMV and the dealer investigator unit of the DMV. Just to obtain my title. But Wells Fargo dealer service have been nothing but the absolute best. My advice to those who are complaining. You should pay your bill, and pay your insurance and there will be no issue. God Bless

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Feb 02, 2017
Terrible Experience
PSD04 Borrower

Dealing with WFDS is equivalent to doing business with the MOB.  I couldn't wait to pay off my car loan just to avoid dealing with WFDS. 

They kept losing my insurance information and attempting to take out a private insurance policy on my vehicle.  I ALWAYS had the vehicle insured!

Getting the insurance situation fixed was a complete joke, they're nothing but a bunch of thugs.  STAY AWAY

They harassed me non stop about this insurance situation when I flat out refused to pay their insurance.

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Jan 17, 2017
Never released the lien
Anonymous Borrower

I paid off my loan early. A year later when I sold the car it still hadn't been released and now the buyer is unable to register the car. What a nightmare for me the seller and for the buyer. Wells Fargo Customer Service had very little answers and said it would take up to a week to process... What a joke. It is almost as if they don't care. Well if they don't care then they will never again have my business!

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