Toyota Financial Services Reviews

Toyota Financial Services Reviews
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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Oct 30, 2019
Worst company ever!!
Megjay27 Borrower

T-boned in June and the car accident wasn't my fault. Geico totaled the rav 4. Gecio gave them 29k for the rav 4. Now Toyota wants another 12k because they are waiting for the rav 4 to be sold! How the hell can a suv that's in the junk yard in pieces be sold and if so, that's not my problem, I didn't cause the car accident!!!! Toyota financial has ruined my credit score. That 12k is sitting on my credit report and they haven't sent me the bill. I wouldn't even owe them a penny if they sent me the bill because the car accident wasn't my fault! Now I can't continue with my life with my husband and look into home mortgages because no one wants me until this is resolved! I hired a lawyer and will go from there! I'll never buy or drive another Toyota as long as I live!

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Oct 04, 2019
Worst Service I've ever Received.
Antonio0812 Borrower

I had a Toyota Prius C that was totaled by a drunk driver. The accident happened in July and our insurance sent Toyota a check to cover the loan balance and I have GAP insurance to pay for the remainder. This check was cashed by Toyota in September but Toyota is still charging me monthly payments. It is now October. Their website's help menu just gives me an error message so the only way to contact them is via phone. My insurance broker, insurance adjuster, wife, and I have been calling for months and get put on hold only to be hung up on after about 20 minutes or so. Again, we've been calling FOR MONTHS. I finally got through today and they said they haven't received this check (even though it was already cashed) and that it will take weeks to cancel our warranties. My wife and I are expecting our first child and we still have no car since we have to make payments on a piece of scrap metal that's sitting in a junk yard. This is adversely effecting our credit, my ability to get a job (I quit my job a week before the collision) and my bank account keeps dwindling even though we cancelled our automatic payments months ago. We did nothing wrong; all insurance companies involved said we were 100% not to be blamed for the accident. We were struck while driving the speed limit in our lane BY A DRUNK DRIVER! This was completely out of our control and unavoidable. I've never dealt with so much incompetence in my life. We are taking them to court. I'd rather get financing through a loan shark than Toyota at this point. STEER CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY! 

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Oct 30, 2019

I'm in a similar boat as you guys right now! It sucks!!!

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