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Jul 21, 2013
Good Experience
jheistand Borrower

I had been approved for up to $22,000 for the purchase of a new or used card. This is great considering i have horrible credit and have only been working on rebuilding the last 3 months.

The approval process was very quick and easy and I only needed $350 down which was the easy part. The hard part is finding a dealership because there are a lot of dealerships that refuse to work with RoadLoans because they are strict on the dealerships (which is kind of a good thing) but in the end I found a New Car Dealership, went in with the loan packet (that I printed off of the RoadLoans website) and $350 down payment and drove off the lot with a 2014 Jeep Patriot.

Pretty good experience for the most part for someone that couldn't get approved for a car loan anywhere else.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Sep 15, 2013
roadloans - carmax
Anonymous Borrower

Can I just say that Carmax and Roadloans are not the same company in any way.

 I used to bank with Santander when i lived in Europe and they own roadloans. i have a friend who got approved for a roadloans blank check with a 3% interest rate and another who got approved with a 24% interest rate. clearly they had very different credit scores hence the difference.

One thing I do know is no one can run your credit at a dealership UNLESS you provide them with your social security number.... i have been to carmax before and got denied and they run your credit right in front of you....

i get that people have ba experiences but that shouldnt reflect on a company as a whole. I have been in the states a few years now and i have seen how car dealers get down and most dont play fair.

Some delers wont accept the roadloans check because they dont want to pay the advertising fee or watever its called and as such they will try and convince people to run financing with them... my friend bought a car from carmax with the roadloans check during tax season, made it clear they didnt wanna run financing and that was that. it was straight forward and all they asked for was insurance references and drivers licence. deal was done in less than an hour.

Just speaking from what I know and I know everyones experience is different, im currently waiting for my ch7 to discharge thn i will apply for wells fargo or cap one blank check as i know Roadloans interest isnt the best when you have bad credit however no matter how bad your credit is they approve most people.

another thing.... carmax has their own finaning company and they only approve top credit tier customers... so with that being said why would they be part owned by santander especially when they are a publicly traded copany based in the states and santander is based in spain.....

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Sep 07, 2016

Roadloans seems to have their hands in every auto credit application that is processed online.  I have applied to a couple of these " guaranteed " auto loan sites only to receive the rejection from Roadloans and another hard inquiry on my building credit profile that will stay there for TWO years. I am now being alot more careful and selective and avoiding this useless lender at all costs.

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Sep 07, 2016
Make sure you call instead of online

I did the application for a refinance online cause who calls in now a days. Well I still had to call in cause I wanted a shorter term than the offer then mid way through the girl tells me I cannot remove someone we have to do the refinance together and I have to re apply. Which means another credit pull. I asked her why this isn't disclosed in the beginning so I could of applied correctly and she said they didn't have to. So now I have to re pull my credit for a joint application so I'm just going with another lender

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Jul 29, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

I did not apply, I just wanted the possible interest rates. My credit score dropped 3 points as a result. I was approved for a 30K loan with a 27.4% interest rate. Stay away. My score was 720 at the time. Stay away from any loan and save for a car you can buy outright!

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Jun 10, 2016
Santander Call Center Is In Jamaica...
HoustonDriver Borrower

I went to the website and applied for financing after finding a car on their site. They steered me toward RoadLoans, who gave me three loan choices - with between 8% - and 10% interest rate,  depending on which terms I selected. The car I originally saw was sold before I could get to it (an entirely different rant on the lies dealerships tell) so I ended up at another dealership. As I'm telling the rep I have financing, he asks me who it is. I tell him "Santander", ahd he says, "Oh, yeah, I know all about them. Their call center is in Jamaica." Red flags start going off. I say, "But their offices are in Dallas". He agrees, but says every time you call their customer service, you get someone a heavy Jamaican accent. That night I go home and start looking. The horror stories about them are all over the internet. I make an immediate decision and apply with CapitalOne instead. I get approved for a max interest rate of 5.36% and $40K(!) Since I'm not looking to spend anywhere near that - I go with CapitalOne. Ended up with 4.78% interest rate and - most importantly - the peace of mind that I'm not going to get cheated or have my car illegally repossessed (Thank the Lord). 

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Jul 04, 2016

Santander also have several call centers and offices in TX. Dallas and Irving. FYI

May 23, 2016
stay away

went to Roadloans after reading about various online auto loan lenders. was approved (which was not a surprise) but at over 8% APR and for almost $50k??? a friend was approved for 6% at a dealer with less income, credit history, etc. so i knew they werer throwing out the bait ($50k loan) for me to bite on the high interest rate. no thanks.

next, not ten minutes after I submitted my application and got approved, a local Ford dealer calls me. calls me again. and finally calls me a third time when i pick up the phone to get the hard sell. the guy was sooooo hard to get me into the finance office he would not take no for an answer. he was almost willing to stay at work until 3 AM to setup an appointment to see me. no kidding, Roadloans. thanks for hooking me up with the wet blanket of a salesman.

so i let the offer expire and today I get a letter from the dealership which i did NO BUSINESS WITH stating my credit appication was rejected. what credit application???? i never stepped foot in their office, gave out my info to the salesman (thanks, Roadloans), but somehow I get rejected for a loan I didn't apply for?? i know the official-looking letter is phishing, trying to get me into the finance office to sucker me into a loan through them. i know i won't shop at this dealer, and i know i won't take a loan through Roadloans.

right now i'm sitting on a 1.99% offer from an other lender which i more the type of offer i should be getting with my credit. if the only thing that happened was getting a horrible offer from Roadloans, that'd be it and we'd be done. no harm, no foul. but forwarding my info to a scumbag dealership (maybe others??) and then having them run me for a loan without my authorization?? what. the. hell.

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Apr 28, 2016
Auto refinance

Throught LendingTree, they caused a hard inquiry dropping my score by 3 points, bring my total inquiries to 6! Every other offer was done with a soft inquiry!
Worst part, I would never even consider a loan with them as my score WAS above 730 and they offered a loan with 17% APR! REALLY!!

Althought I hit the "I applied" button up top, I did not! I just needed to submit this review!

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Apr 18, 2016
Auto refinance

They came back with the same high interest rate that I told the I wanted to lower. I was told that should be no problem. My credit score was lowered due to their inquiry. 

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Apr 18, 2016
Auto refinance

They came back with the same high interest rate that I told the I wanted to lower. I was told that should be no problem. My credit score was lowered due to their inquiry. 

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Apr 03, 2016
Approved but soooo many hoops

Applied on line and was instantly approved for up to $23.5k @ 9.5% for a purchase from an individual. Then received email with a long list of requiements and added expense before loan could be funded.  Besides the APR being higher than anticipated, the hoops were discouraging.  Called my credit union (NFCU) and obtained approval in 5 min.  Instead of receiving email with requirements, the next day I received the loan package via express mail including check made out to seller. The APR was under 5.5%, saving a lot!! Roadloans, while providing a service, should be used only as a last resort

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