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May 11, 2017
Great Experience
nocerz Borrower

I wanted to buy out my lease and was refered to them via the manufactures financing company. I recieved a great rate of 4.84% (for fair credit) Witch is half of the interest rate that the dealership directly offered my. I was approved for Financing with in an hour and was good to go. Couldnt have been easier! And my payment dropped by 40 bucks a month!!! 

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Jul 31, 2016
Rip Off
Anonymous Borrower

Last Resort Loan

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Jul 29, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

I did not apply, I just wanted the possible interest rates. My credit score dropped 3 points as a result. I was approved for a 30K loan with a 27.4% interest rate. Stay away. My score was 720 at the time. Stay away from any loan and save for a car you can buy outright!

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Jun 10, 2016
Santander Call Center Is In Jamaica...

I went to the website and applied for financing after finding a car on their site. They steered me toward RoadLoans, who gave me three loan choices - with between 8% - and 10% interest rate,  depending on which terms I selected. The car I originally saw was sold before I could get to it (an entirely different rant on the lies dealerships tell) so I ended up at another dealership. As I'm telling the rep I have financing, he asks me who it is. I tell him "Santander", ahd he says, "Oh, yeah, I know all about them. Their call center is in Jamaica." Red flags start going off. I say, "But their offices are in Dallas". He agrees, but says every time you call their customer service, you get someone a heavy Jamaican accent. That night I go home and start looking. The horror stories about them are all over the internet. I make an immediate decision and apply with CapitalOne instead. I get approved for a max interest rate of 5.36% and $40K(!) Since I'm not looking to spend anywhere near that - I go with CapitalOne. Ended up with 4.78% interest rate and - most importantly - the peace of mind that I'm not going to get cheated or have my car illegally repossessed (Thank the Lord). 

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Jul 04, 2016

Santander also have several call centers and offices in TX. Dallas and Irving. FYI

Nov 06, 2016

omgg why didnt yo call the call center yourself XD and it probably wasnt Jamaica it was probably a very helpful guy with a Jamaican accent in TX. the dealer turned you off becuase of persons accent and u feel for it. I hope capital one treats you well. but also know that some dealer don't like when ppl use financiers that not in their circle. they get paid for pulling credit and using their folks

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