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Good Experience Helpful to 90 out of 93 people

I had been approved for up to $22,000 for the purchase of a new or used card. This is great considering i have horrible credit and have only been working on rebuilding the last 3 months.

The approval process was very quick and easy and I only needed $350 down which was the easy part. The hard part is finding a dealership because there are a lot of dealerships that refuse to work with RoadLoans because they are strict on the dealerships (which is kind of a good thing) but in the end I found a New Car Dealership, went in with the loan packet (that I printed off of the RoadLoans website) and $350 down payment and drove off the lot with a 2014 Jeep Patriot.

Pretty good experience for the most part for someone that couldn't get approved for a car loan anywhere else.

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  Jul 21, 2013 Reply

jheistand(1, 90)

Review by jheistand

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Helpful to 3 out of 4 people

Were the payments higher?

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  Sep 10, 2013

niv1981(2, 5)

Review by niv1981

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Helpful to 2 out of 4 people

Were your monthly payments high?

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  Sep 10, 2013

niv1981(2, 5)

Review by niv1981

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Helpful to 3 out of 10 people

I'm thinking of applying to RoadLoans, but I still don't have an understanding of how much will I get approved. If you don't mind telling me how much you make a year so I can get an idea of how much I may be approved based on my income? I really don't have credit history and I just started my job.

Thank you.

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  Jul 28, 2013

rainmirron15(2, 4)

Review by rainmirron15

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DEALERSHIPS HATE ROAD LOANS FOR A REASON Helpful to 46 out of 47 people


I used to work for Autonation - the largest dealership company in the country, and usually first or second in the world. Roadloans is the absolute worst. I've only heard bad things from them on the customer side, because they make it almost impossible to purchase a vehicle. The reason most dealerships won't work with them is because they charge HUGE fees to the dealership(sometimes $1800). So depending on the vehicle, if you negotiate a deal, then at the end break out your roadloans approval, they HAVE to run your credit if they have any chance of selling you the car because it just wouldn't be possible to break even if you go with Roadloans. On top of all that, the 25.99% interest rate that they charge everyone I've ever seen is EASILY BEATABLE by any dealership worth its sand. Seriously, I've seen corner dealerships with in-house financing offer better interest rates than Roadloans for people with recent reposessions on their credit. If you need advice, respond on here and I'll try to get to it. I have email alerts set up. I worked as a client advisor for BMW, a finance manager, and now I'm an underwriter for an insurance company - I KINDA know the business.

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  Oct 04, 2013 Reply

nkapusta87(2, 70)

Review by nkapusta87

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Helpful to 24 out of 26 people

Hey guys, sorry for no response - been really busy lately (work, college, baby on the way). The best advice I can give you is look up "how to buy a car" online. You can find a bunch of step-by-step processes with some really good advice. Only listen to the ones who actually worked at dealerships as journalists/writers often don't know all of the nuances and exceptions to the business. As for a loan company - I would again suggest a dealership if your credit is REALLY bad. Pick the biggest dealership that sells both new and used cars (i.e. not CarMax), because they usually have the most pull with the lenders. If the salesmen ask you about your credit on the lot (which most don't+shouldn't nowadays), just say "I'm not worried about it" or something. You want to negotiate the deal first, then let them try to scramble and work hard to get the deal approved. Also, for challenging credit, you'll pretty much be confined to a newer vehicle with good mileage - I'd ay 2-4 years old with less than 40,000mi. I think the reasoning behind that is if a loan company approves you on a car that breaks down, and you can't afford to fix it, you'll stop paying the loan. If you're on a budget, that probably means an american car like a chevy malibu or a ford focus... if you can afford it, go japanese (no, Kia and Hyundai are NOT japanese). Always remember you can walk away from a deal any time. Until you drive the car off the lot, you can still void the contract. If something doesn't feel right, or they're being too pushy, or putting you on a car you don't like, just WALK AWAY. There are plenty of other cars out there, and plenty of nice sales guys that will sell it to you. Another hint: try shopping online and submitting an online request for info if you really like a car... the internet guys aren't usually as tough about negotiating, and they're usually more professional because their pay plans emphasize number of units sold rather than gross profit. Cheers and good luck!

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  Nov 14, 2013

nkapusta87(2, 70)

Review by nkapusta87

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I am currently 18 months into a 5 year Chapter 13 repayment plan.  The engine on my car seized, so the Trustee approved a motion to allow me to finance a new vehicle.  The only stipulation is that my monthly payment cannot exceed my previous car loan monthly payment of $342.  So far Roadloans has been the only lender to offer me financing.  They've given me options of 18.18% with a $5,000 down payment or 20% with a $300 down payment.  I've tried credit unions, banks, and dealerships, but no one else is offering me financing at all, even with $3,000 to $4,000 down.  The primary explanation is that because I'm in Chapter 13 I have no credit score.  I have reservations about dealing with Roadloans, but my only other option appears to be direct financing through a used car lot a high mileage used car with weekly payments.  Do you have any suggestions on how or where I may be able to get financing?  I really appreciate that you've offered you advice on here!  Thank you

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  Feb 10, 2014

MikeC1968(1, 2)

Review by MikeC1968

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Thanks for the info I was seriously thinking of using them. I'm rebuilding my credit after a divorce, I really need a new car(2009 or higher) but don't want muli Inquires on my credit report . My score went down from 555 to 543 last month after I got a credit card In my name, after being told it would help build UP my score. Please Help!!

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  Nov 05, 2013

Panita50(1, 2)

Review by Panita50

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can you contact me?

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  Dec 09, 2013

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Review by playurpost1

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I have bad credit but have never had a veichel repossed. What would be my best option to getting a car

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  Nov 29, 2013

chito00000(2, 36)

Review by chito00000

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I have a repossession on my credit from last year. Not many ppl will work with me at this point. Road loans interest rate is high but I need a car. Is there another route I can take?

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  Nov 22, 2013

PrissyNai(1, 1)

Review by PrissyNai

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Ok, so I will be working with the state of california, I live in Roseville, CA. I have a 511 credit score and I will need to have a reliable car with a super low down payment. Could you help?

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  Oct 29, 2013

Jclark7(1, 1)

Review by Jclark7

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I could use some help figuring out the best option for me to get a car loan. Really in th emarket, but am rebuilding.  I can be reached at or reply here

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  Oct 09, 2013

psycoone(1, 1)

Review by psycoone

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who would you advise to use as a decent lender? i've got a bankruptcy on my credit report due to a foreclosure on a home that was given to an ex wife. I make good $, & don't wanna have to spend an arm/leg on interest! Thanks!

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  Nov 12, 2013

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Review by tleewill

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satisfied Helpful to 24 out of 24 people

7 1/2 years ago i applied for Roadloans and was accepted, I had just filed bankruptcy and needed a vehicle. The amount they approved me for wasn't enough for the vehicle I wanted so i asked for more and they gave it to me.. I had no trouble at the dealership

Aug 07, 2013 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

did you use the dealership they suggested or you found your own?

LaDonnia's reply was:    

  Jan 21, 2014

LaDonnia(1, 1)

Review by LaDonnia

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Understand the Process! Qualify Dealer Helpful to 11 out of 11 people

I applied for a loan with Roadloans back in mid June, 2013.  I was impressed with the application process but also wanted to believe that it was to good to be true. I was so happy that I had been qualified for an auto loan as it was the first time I was since being married and without my husband as a co signer.  I have one word of advice........ I think Road loans process is perfectly fine, but is simply as 'referral' online promotor for 'Santender Finance'.   - the advice is .. understand what the application process is asking....  do not 'choose' the dealer on line -rather - say 'choose dealer at any other time',... then search for the vehicle / similiar as that road loan will pull a few to give you an idea of what you 'might qualitfy' for..... then go shpping,  test drive, and negotiate your BEST price first, then once you have that setleed....'Qualify' your dealershp before you start the buying process and ASK THEM 'are you famlliar with Road'...?  

My experience was good and bad --- I thought Raod loans & Santender were more then forthcoming and rather painliess closing process, unfortunately ended up to be the Dealer who had egg on his face at the end.. #1 -- he lied to me that he was familiar with the terms of  Roadloans & Sandtender, when in fact he was not., 2 had he been familiar he would have known to advise me that the paper work & deal had to be closed within a 30 day window.  #3 --- Dealer shp ran the deal, intending to work with me as I needed a little extra time to come up with balance of down payment --- at the end --- Dealer did not want to close the deal - as he was going to be acessed a late fee.  Dealer scrwed the deal  & me out of the financing!! So then had to wait for Santender ot return Title in order to get my down payment down.  Ended up paying portion of Sales Tax  & had to sign off a vehicle I Never owned.!!  

Just understand the process  & make sure your DEALEr does!! 

Everything is fine, when they  went for final review of my original application -- they determined that my Annual Income was less then the previou few  months income as I had just got to back to work, therefore -- but they were fine just required an d increase in the down payment - which I understoond.    So they were fine with working out the details. It was the DEALER who fudged it.

Yes I would go with Roadloans again / Santender Finance.

Sep 24, 2013 Reply
Roadloans is a farce.. Helpful to 23 out of 25 people

I received an email from credit karma advising me to try to lower my car payments with a refinance thru road loans. I applied online using my wife as a consigner just in case. I was immediately approved and cut my payment in half. I downloaded all paperwork and in the mail it went. I received a phone all from "Raina" with a message to call back. Upon calling back I was told that I could not speak to "Raina" but anyone could help. It seems in jersey I couldn't add my wife because she was't on the original loan. I was told no problem. Just reapply alone. After doing so, I was immediately approved. Congratulations the page said. After the same process, they now tell me they can't approve me because I submitted 2 applications within 30 days. I called and the girl said that all of a sudden I didn't meet the criteria. SHe said my auto would need to be newer than 2006  with less than 100,000 miles and when I told her mine was a 2008  with only 38000 miles she said I needed a supervisor but the she hung up on me. This company now has all my info and I feel that it is a scam. I am quite surprised at credit karma even associating with them. I actually feel let down by credit karma.......

jag821's review was:    

  Sep 24, 2013 Reply

jag821(1, 23)

Review by jag821

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Roadloans is 100% legit car loan company Helpful to 9 out of 9 people

Couldn't have put it better myself! I have not great credit so went with roadloans as well. Awesome experience on roadloans end. HORRIBLE experience with the slimy dealerships!!! Went to 3 different dealerships who all swore they worked with roadloans to get me in the door. Once I was in, ALL had different reasons as to why they needed to run me thru their own lenders. The 1st dealership, I was naive and went along with it even though I stressed over and over again that I wanted to just use roadloans. He insisted that he understood after, I wouldn't buckle about how his lenders could offer me a better interest rate. He gives me bs that he needs me to fill out their form (finance form, I later realize) to make sure "I am who I say I am".  Once he realized he couldn't get any of his lenders to take a risk with me (which I knew & told him would happen), he started to proceed with rL. The crooked finance manager then told me & him that they couldn't use my rL check becos rL's "dealer fee" (he called it) is too high. Fine. I left. That was @ DarCars College Park Nissan in College Park, MD.

Went to another dealership but went in wiser from that 1st experience... On top of my dad schooling on how shady the dealerships work (crooked ones, anyway). This one did EXACT same thing as the 1st one I went to and insisted that they could guarantee an approval with someone for me becos he was really "concerned" about rL's high interest rate. Look... I know my credit sucks! I know that i got myself into that position. I, also, know that I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT get a better deal than what rL offered me... High interest & all! What can I say? I'm a realist. Still, I listened to this guy in front of me spewing bull outta his mouth like a fountain. Filled out their finance form that he slapped gingerly in front of me. Guess what? Once again... No lender would touch me. I was like the plague to these guys! SERIOUSLY

Went to third dealership with my rL check. Same thing. Ok... Getting old at this point. Did I mentioned that I called rL at the 1st dealership to inquires about this high "dealer fee" that was mentioned by the shadyman (aka salesman, if you want to be literal)? rL said that there is no "dealer fee" & suggested CarMax (boy, should I have listened! Coulda saved myself a hell of a lot of stress and time!!) I would not TOUCH a form @this dealership. They gave me the "dealer fee" excuse too and I just walked out. If it wasn't rL, I refused to have my credit ran. Period!

A co-worker of mine suggested a good friend of his and got me on the phone with him. He worked at a big dealership and was friends with someone I knew personally. He wouldn't try to run game on me like the others. WRONG! I had already gave him a little info over the phone about myself. I told him I do not want my credit ran AT ALL. Stressed this to him repeatedly. He was just like the others and stated that he could get me a better deal, lower interest, the whole nine. "NO"! I told him only going with rL. Told him I would call him back. I didn't.

This next dealership I talk to on the phone before I wasted my time. He insisted that they deal with rL all the time. Got thru the door. Guess what? You tell ME what happened. You guessed it. They could get me lower interest rate. Blah, blah, blah. He ran me WITHOUT MY PERMISSION (got my info from my rL forms I handed him to get my car. He swears that he's got a better deal with none other than SANTANDER for a 2% lower interest rate than rL with $1200 more down. Guess what jackass! Same bank and I don't have $1500 just lying around to put down!

Mind you, each time I'm doing this, I have to put the dealer I go to on my voucher forms. So, not only was all of this wasted TIME, ENERGY, and GAS for my boyfriend driving me to all these place, it's wasted PAPER - to top it off!

Went to next dealership that I spoke over the phone with. Swore he used rL... Yada, yada, yada. Walked out within first 10 minutes if visiting there. I'm sure we all know what went down in there.

Called rL, yet AGAIN. The first two times I called them to complain about these dealerships, they kept saying  "go to CarMax", "go to CarMax". Screw it... What have I got to lose @this point? If they try the same sh*t, I'm never looking @a rL anything again! 

My credit got ran EVERY TIME by these slime balls!! I got letter after letter of denials in the mail from lenders..not to mention the many inquiries that popped on my credit karma acct from ALL of them. Even though, ALL were told NOT to run my credit repeatedly!!!

Walked in CarMax. Fences 100% UP after the atrocious experiences that I'd had in the last 2 weeks!! They suggests the lender thing. I declined. Ok. No pushiness, no "I can get you a better rate". Nothing. Wow. This was foreign to me. I almost didn't know how to respond to that. The finance manager spoke with rL. 2 hrs later, I drove off the CarMax lot in my white 2010 Honda Civic LX with my daughter! Wow. Who knew?

Moral of story: RoadLoans is completely on the up and up. It's a legit car LOAN company, NOT referral service. They use one bank...Santander. If you are going to use them and want hassle-free experience, please, please, PLEASE just find the nearest CarMax! It'll make your car buying experience pleasant enjoyable. Oh! And stress-free! All of the dealers that I went to before CarMax were in rL's preferred dealer network, and they all wanted to use any lender but rL. Why? You ask. Not becos of high "dealer fees" that don't exist; becos they won't make hardly any profit off if the car becos rL won't pay the outrageous percentage that the DEALER charges!!  How do I know all of this? I'm a proud owner of a car financed though roadloans as of October 2013!!!

That was my experience, anyway :-/

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  Jan 29, 2014 Reply

UnImpressed(1, 9)

Review by UnImpressed

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roadloans - carmax Helpful to 8 out of 8 people

Can I just say that Carmax and Roadloans are not the same company in any way.

 I used to bank with Santander when i lived in Europe and they own roadloans. i have a friend who got approved for a roadloans blank check with a 3% interest rate and another who got approved with a 24% interest rate. clearly they had very different credit scores hence the difference.

One thing I do know is no one can run your credit at a dealership UNLESS you provide them with your social security number.... i have been to carmax before and got denied and they run your credit right in front of you....

i get that people have ba experiences but that shouldnt reflect on a company as a whole. I have been in the states a few years now and i have seen how car dealers get down and most dont play fair.

Some delers wont accept the roadloans check because they dont want to pay the advertising fee or watever its called and as such they will try and convince people to run financing with them... my friend bought a car from carmax with the roadloans check during tax season, made it clear they didnt wanna run financing and that was that. it was straight forward and all they asked for was insurance references and drivers licence. deal was done in less than an hour.

Just speaking from what I know and I know everyones experience is different, im currently waiting for my ch7 to discharge thn i will apply for wells fargo or cap one blank check as i know Roadloans interest isnt the best when you have bad credit however no matter how bad your credit is they approve most people.

another thing.... carmax has their own finaning company and they only approve top credit tier customers... so with that being said why would they be part owned by santander especially when they are a publicly traded copany based in the states and santander is based in spain.....

Sep 15, 2013 Reply
Beware don't do it Helpful to 16 out of 18 people

The dealers still run your credit And you can't find no cars for what your approved for.

Aug 26, 2013 Reply
Helpful to 12 out of 13 people

I "borrowed" from my retirement account and walked into the dealer with cash in hand. THEY STILL RAN MY CREDIT! I asked why and they replied "It is standard procedure". I was fuming. My husband treated it as no big deal. I've been working hard to better my credit score for the last several years. It is a long, tedious process. If I wanted them to ding it, I would not have had the money in my hand. Why would they do that with the money flapping in the breeze at them?

stacyh's reply was:    

  Sep 22, 2013

stacyh(2, 13)

Review by stacyh

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Helpful to 6 out of 10 people

why would you let them run your credit with preapproval and a loan in hand... they were trying to you a better deal... let's tell the whole story.

RAC66's reply was:    

  Sep 08, 2013

RAC66(1, 6)

Review by RAC66

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If you could give no stars I would Helpful to 28 out of 33 people

The people in road loan customer care are polite but not helpful to say the least. I applied for credit for an automobile about jan 2013 and they sent me an approval letter to take to the dealer. When I arrived at our local dodge dealer trying to purchase a 2 year old Chevy/Gmc truck (sorry guys don't remember which) went through a test drive, liked it and went to hash out the numbers they did the papers to find out I hadn't been approved after all. They pulled up a prior application from my husband and said " oh well we approve him, but not her" what kind of crap was that. All the hard work to find out they don't look at anyone who is dealing with fraud but they will surely run your credit!

rolltideram's review was:    

  Jun 19, 2013 Reply

rolltideram(2, 29)

Review by rolltideram

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Joke Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

These guys are a joke. Applied approved, but the dealer says it will not honor it, and not just one several.

Do not waste your time and calling to get a straight answer is useless.

Dec 30, 2013 Reply
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RoadLoans began originating loans in 1997, and is headquartered in Dallas, TX. They are owned by Banco Santander, a leading global bank with 66 million customers throughout the U.S. Santander Consumer USA Inc. is one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the automotive finance sector. With its Drive®, RoadLoans and Santander Auto Finance brands, SC USA is a leading provider of finance programs that cover the entire non-prime spectrum.

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