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Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation

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Most Helpful Positive Review

Dec 01, 2013
Said yes when no one else did!
Anonymous Loan Holder

They worked with my husband and I when no other bank wanted to. Not only thought but took my trade in with negative equity and put that on my loan all with a great interest rate. So far all has been amazing for us! Will be financing again through them!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 06, 2013
Terrible Company to work with! Stay Away
Anonymous Loan Holder

We purchased a luxuary vechicle through NMAC for the past year and they are terrible. We recently moved and needed them to send the title to the new state so we could register our car. Problem 1 they never added my wife to the account as a co buyer even thow she was on the contract, so they would not speak with her. This was their error and took 2 months to fix. Problem 2. After changing my address with them 10 times over the phone and internet it was never updated, sill an issue 3 months later. Problem 3 after cofirming with a rep they recivied all the correct paperwork to send the title, the title department never proceesed the paperwork. After a month we spoke with Andrea a supervisor and she assured us that they would next day air teh title, it took another month for our state to recieve the title. This was after calling her every few days to see where it was.This left us with an unregietsed vechicle for 10 days, Problem # 4 After they sent the title and added my wife to the contract, they closed our orginal account and opened a new account number and never notififed us. Since we had set up autmatic payments with them we didnt notice that they didnt take out the payment for 1 month, we noticed after the second month and called them to find out why the payments weren't being proccessed, they said our account was closed and they sent us to collections after two missed payments and never notified us. When we called they refused to speak with us and we had to talk to only talk directly with the collection agency. The collection agency confirmed that it was NMAC error and said they would retract and remove it from our credit report. Still we have not seen this done yet. Very upset bc we have excellent credit!  Problem #5 After all our issues we decided that we wanted to refinance and get away from this company. We went through a credit union and tNMAC refused to accpet thh check from the credit union. This is the worst comapny I have ever dealt with, they make error after error and never do anything to help the customer. We've spent countless hours trying to clean up their mistakes and all they say is that they are sorry. Stay Away!!!

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Jul 09, 2016
Their Autopayment process sucks
praveen2311 Loan Holder

I had my autopayment setup and everything was going fine until they changed their payment processing system. They cleared by autopayment information, didn't let me know about it and i was thinking that my payments were getting processed on time. One morning, when I checked my credit score, I found that my score dropped all the way from 710+ to 580+ (WTF) because of two latepayments. when I talked to them they said that they changed payment processing and sent an email about it to all the customers but I never got any email. don't trust them or their system. 

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May 19, 2016
fmartinezii Loan Holder

If you can avoid them you absolutely should. I got a loan through NMAC back in 2014. For whatever reason they failed to to file the right social security number for me.(mind you this is after I purchased the car) This was a huge problem for me because I had a co-signer for my loan and wanted to use this loan to help rebuild my credit.  When I first called NMAC they were very helpful and made me feel comfortable that this matter could be easily resolved. After calling several times and getting my information taken down every single time 4 months later there was still no correction, Finally I get fed up and ask to speak to a manager. The manager told me that the issue could be simply fixed by sending them a fax with my social security card and drivers license and waiting a few weeks. After calling them back a few weeks later they told me this was not the process I needed to go through and there was nothing they could do for me since the error was allegedly made by the dealership. So I go down to the dealership and low and behold the info is correct on the contract. 

Back to dealing with NMAC....

Now that I have been given the run around going on 6 months I decided to take a more stern approach and tell them that if they don't want to fix this I will stop paying on the loan. They quickly reminded me that taking that route will also damage my co-signers credit.

So I spend the next year paying down the loan on a car that someone else was getting the perks of my timely payments.

More recently I got a credit report that included experion. And what do I see... My car that I purchased and all the timely payments I made. BUT not for Trans Union or Equifax. I call them back and ask them why the correct social is showing up for 1 bureau but they have the incorrect social for the other 2. After a combined 2hrs of being on hold and disconnected 3 times I finally got fed up and refinanced my car through USAA. Fortunately I repaired my credit enough through other avenues that I was able to qualify for a loan without the need for a co-signer and a manageable interest rate.

I can't say this enough:

But I will NEVER



Deal with this company again. And if anyone ever ask me about my experience with NMAC I will not hesitate to give them the review they deserve.

Nissan Motor should really request that they change their name. For all of you that may not know Nissan Motors and NMAC are to totally different companies that have nothing to do with each other than them offering auto finance to a dealership.

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May 10, 2016
Horrible Customer Service
Anonymous Loan Holder

Companies earn their reputation. NMAC is no different. Our experience in dealing with their customer service is one of total frustration. Their arrogance and system failures causes them to blame the customer for any issues they caused. Our credit was affected by them dropping one of four cars we were leasing from auto-pay. Then we were not contacted about this until 2 payments were late. They had all sorts of illogical excuses about the problem and why we should have our credit impacted due to their mistake. The Nissan Dealer could be good to work with but then you have to deal with's not worth it. I contacted them about having the negative credit report removed and they promised to call me back within a few days...14 days later and they still haven't called. So, I'm writing this while I am on hold for that department again. It's now over 30 minutes..."please remain on the line and your call will be handled in the order in which it was received"!  If you're looking for aggravation sign up with NMAC!

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May 05, 2016
Anonymous Loan Holder

I had a loan through NMAC set up for automatic billpay through my bank.  In January, Nissan stopped generating the bills to billpay, and without any notification, I missed a payment because of it.  So I started getting collections calls.  They said it must be the fault of my billpay service.   I switched to using their auto-draft payments through the NMAC website since then there was no way there could be problem.  I get a collection call three months later saying that no payments have been made in three months.  So I check, and sure enough, I'm now 3 months late.  

I only got this loan because they were offering 0% APR and I could easily just pay off the loan, so that is what I have now done.  Either this company is completely incompetent with their billing service, or they are trying to increase their revenue by tricking people into late fees.  Either way, I just decided to pay the loan off early rather than keep putting my credit at risk because of their terrible billing procedures.  Just get a loan through your bank if you are buying a Nissan.

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May 04, 2016
Horrific customer service at NMAC
Anonymous Loan Holder

I leased 5 Nissan Altimas at the same time for our family. The dealership was good to work with on the initial leasing. However, when we had to work with NMAC on the payment side it became a nightmare. I would probably rank them right up there with Comcast in terms of horrible customer service. You know how bad that is...any company that falls back on their policies and procedures to cover their a$$ and feel good about themselves, while they totally offend their customers, is a company that has so few competitors it doesn't need to satisfy customers. If you want to lease a Nissan, what are your options on the financing option, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. The dealership states that they cannot control what NMAC does and they are a separate entity from the dealership. So welcome to our Nissan dealership and Leo the Loan Shark financing!

Our experience with NMAC:

1. Mixed up names and addresses for billing, inability to change anything on statements...addresses and who is paying the bill.

2. Paying through their website and autopay...doesn't always work, dropped from autopay. This is somehow our fault.

3. Transferred multiple times to different CSRs for the purpose of wearing you out. Remember they never make mistakes.

4. Report to credit bureau within days of a late payment due to their system not processing the payment or dropping you from autopay.

5. Refuse to correct credit bureau reports when it is their error.

6. Hire customer service reps fired by Comcast (my humble opinion).

7. Dealing with NMAC...arrogant, offensive, poorly trained, no accountability, false information entered into their's their way or the highway!

Our advice: choose a different car manufacturer. Life is difficult enough without having to be subjected to the horrors of NMAC.

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May 02, 2016
Car Lease
Anonymous Loan Holder

Although NMAC handles all your money and will without hesitation deposit your check no matter what, they are completely unhelpful and claim to have no power. They are the single biggest reason I would switch car brands.

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Mar 27, 2016
Terrible. Stay away!!
Anonymous Loan Holder

I had autopayment with my account, so I never had to worry about the bill. They ruined my credit because they conveniently did not charge me one month. Then they failed to deliver my title. After bugging them a bunch of times, they still kept holding onto title. Isnt that conversion or theft or something?? Just a little more and I think Ill file suit.

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Mar 07, 2016
I purchased an 2012 Nissan Sentra
Anonymous Loan Holder

Brand new of the lot of nissan, However two years later my nissan sentra was stolen on january 15, 2015 and Now I am just fidning out nissan motors acceptance corporation lied on my credit reports and put an repossion on all three credit reports instead of let them know my vehicle was stolen at that time. Now I have to take time and correct all three credit bureau reports and send proof of my stolen report and recovered report so the credit bureaus can take the repossion off immediately.

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Feb 22, 2016
Anonymous Loan Holder

Worst financing company to work with. They couldn't care less about their customers. I leased twice and was late ONE month in 6 years because of an online payment glitch. They reported it to the crefit companies, which dropped my credit score about 30 points for a few months. Only blotch on my record. They SUCK. 

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Feb 27, 2016

What do you think is going to happen if you're late? It tells you in the contract that they will report to credit bureau.

Feb 12, 2016
I baught Infiniti new got 3.9 %

I got financed on a new Infiniti QX60 3.9 % and payments i can afford where no on else would have done . great people to work with  love these guys

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Jul 16, 2016

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Company Overview

Nissan Motor Acceptance is the auto finance division of Nissan North America. There are two primary options for financing a Nissan vehicle: the SignaturePURCHASE from Nissan offers competitive loan rates and terms from 12 to 72 months for new or pre-owned vehicles less than six years old; the other major option is the SignatureLEASE from Nissan, with terms ranging from 12 to 60 months. Pre-approval for either option is available online. Customers can also manage their accounts and make payments online with the NMAC Finance Account Manager. More information on specific auto financing is available at Nissan dealers throughout the U.S. Customer service is available online, over the phone, and with Nissan dealers nationwide.

Founded in 1982, Nissan Motor Acceptance is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee and provides financial products and information to more than 1,250 Nissan and Infiniti dealers throughout the United States.