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Most Helpful Positive Review

Dec 01, 2013
Said yes when no one else did!
Anonymous Borrower

They worked with my husband and I when no other bank wanted to. Not only thought but took my trade in with negative equity and put that on my loan all with a great interest rate. So far all has been amazing for us! Will be financing again through them!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 06, 2013
Terrible Company to work with! Stay Away
Anonymous Borrower

We purchased a luxuary vechicle through NMAC for the past year and they are terrible. We recently moved and needed them to send the title to the new state so we could register our car. Problem 1 they never added my wife to the account as a co buyer even thow she was on the contract, so they would not speak with her. This was their error and took 2 months to fix. Problem 2. After changing my address with them 10 times over the phone and internet it was never updated, sill an issue 3 months later. Problem 3 after cofirming with a rep they recivied all the correct paperwork to send the title, the title department never proceesed the paperwork. After a month we spoke with Andrea a supervisor and she assured us that they would next day air teh title, it took another month for our state to recieve the title. This was after calling her every few days to see where it was.This left us with an unregietsed vechicle for 10 days, Problem # 4 After they sent the title and added my wife to the contract, they closed our orginal account and opened a new account number and never notififed us. Since we had set up autmatic payments with them we didnt notice that they didnt take out the payment for 1 month, we noticed after the second month and called them to find out why the payments weren't being proccessed, they said our account was closed and they sent us to collections after two missed payments and never notified us. When we called they refused to speak with us and we had to talk to only talk directly with the collection agency. The collection agency confirmed that it was NMAC error and said they would retract and remove it from our credit report. Still we have not seen this done yet. Very upset bc we have excellent credit!  Problem #5 After all our issues we decided that we wanted to refinance and get away from this company. We went through a credit union and tNMAC refused to accpet thh check from the credit union. This is the worst comapny I have ever dealt with, they make error after error and never do anything to help the customer. We've spent countless hours trying to clean up their mistakes and all they say is that they are sorry. Stay Away!!!

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Jun 18, 2017
Used their service for leasing 2014 Leaf
harig Borrower

Had one of the worst customer service experience dealing with their CC. They didn't revert fines for late payment, even though they didn't send me the statement and later they found that they didn't update my address for delivering the statements. In spite of their agent agreeing to my suggestion of clearing the current months due amount along with next months payment, they reported it as delinquent account to credit bureaus. Don't know whether to call it poor communication or lack of sensitivity towards customers but I'm totally done with them. Even after bringing it to the Customer service Sr. managers notice, they didn't show the professionalism expected of a company with international standards. Totally disappointed.

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May 24, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

Customer service is a joke. Online automatic payments were set up, and the payments were withdrawn from the bank account every month. 2 years into the loan, we can't get the title sent to motor vehicles to register the truck in the state we moved to. Nissan claims that a payment was missed over a year ago. Pulled the bank records and the loan amount was clearly pulled from the account by Nissan. Their response to being shown this was "well I can see that the money was taken, but I don't know where it is"  How in world is that my problem?! The list goes on, but to make a long story short, the vehicle is now on a repo list and the only way to stop that from happening is to make an additional payment (plus late fees) which we may or may not get back once the issue is cleared. 

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May 23, 2017
Incompetent and terrible company
dec1slh Borrower

I signed a lease in March of 2015.  By June the car started having issues with adaptive cruise control, for months they technicians told it was due to dumb reasons such as a setting being enabled, sensors not being clean etc.  then they came back and said there was damage to do a wreck.  I had not had a wreck, I go the vehicle when it had 9 miles on it.  For all I know they caused damage when trying to figure out why adaptive cruise control sporadically failed.  There was nothing I could do, it was their word against mine. I started making more on my payment because I wanted to pay it off early and trade ad a different dealership.  I know I didn't have to do it this way, but it just simplify's the process (in my mind).  I noticed that when I started making extra monthly payments ( it was only about  $91 a month)  the payoff quote wasn't adjusting the way it should, after about 3 months of that I decided to pay it off in full and trade.  the payoff quote never corrected itself.  I pretty much GAVE Nissan $284 dollars, because the NMAC folks say they don't control the quote. I understand that you may not control the quote, but you do control how much is reported as paid, even though the extra amount I paid was accounted for as far as payments was concerned, they were not accounted for in whatever formula is used to calculate payoff quote.  It's is just strange that when I made regular payments the payoff balance went down by approximately the amount of the payment.  When I made the large $4800 payment it went down by $4800.  there is no way possible that the extras payments of ~$91 were reflected.  I know it's on $284 but I don't work to give my money away to Nissan, especially something that was a lemon from the start.  By far the worse vehicle I have ever had and the worst customer service....EVER.  Customer service had the nerves to tell me that the car is not financed it's leased and I just didn't and believe I understand more about loans, financing, leasing than they ever would....I know enough not to ever deal with Nissan or Infinity in the future.

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Apr 08, 2017
Rental of a new car for 3 years
cdupuis Borrower

I have leased a car at Universal Nissan Orlando earlier this year.

My sales person and the finance person promise me they would take care of the payments remaining on my old lease and I did not have to worry about it.

To my surprise, my credit score dropped from 823 to a low 700 all of a sudden.  When I verified I saw it was an entry from NMAC saying I missed my payments.

I have contacted NMAC at more than once and told him it was Universal Nissan who did not pay.   I asked them to remove the entry from my credit report.

So far nothing has been done.

Still waiting for action on this.

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Mar 23, 2017
Horrible company
Anonymous Borrower

slow, inefficient, non-empathetic company. 

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Mar 23, 2017
Horrible Customer Service, inefficient w
Capcharles Borrower

Customer service will lie to you about check processing times. Seems like there are out to get customers to pay extra interest and fee, they even pose threats to sending accounts to collections. 

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Mar 23, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

Completely incompetent. Every agent is a liar. Thank you for your apology, that really helped me get the title faster after I asked you to expedite it 3 times, you lied and told me you would. Horrible customer service, and incompetence at every level up to "supervisor". 

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Feb 11, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

I have been a customer of theirs for 6 years. My last payment they tacked on $381 dollars because they told me that I could miss a month because my area was a national disaster area. I have to extended my contact any extra month and they came out to a total of $831. They didn't break it up just hit it all on me at once. I have never been late on a payment and they would not break the payment up fpr me. I will never purchasea car or a truck from this company ever again. They don't know how to treat customers who are loyal to them. They are the worst company I have ever dealth with and this is my 3rd car I purchase brand newl. 

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Feb 09, 2017
Fair and provides some flexibility
ncordon Borrower

My credit score is not that great but NMAC still approved a new car loan at under 5%.  If necessary, I can defer one to two monthly payments per year (this means it extends the life of my loan, which means more interest at the end of the loan.  I do not recommend doing this unless you absolutely need to).  There is a 10 day grace period for monthly payments, meaning if my payment is due on the 15th of each month, I have until the 25th of each month to make payment without being considered late.  This works out nicely because I can schedule payments conveniently around my pay schedule (I get paid every two weeks), without stressing over my NMAC due date.

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Apr 02, 2017

Can I ask what your credit score was. I was thinking of going to them but I'm nervous due to my credit score and being upside down in my loan

Jan 16, 2017
One year in and been a great experience
Jimmy1026 Borrower

NMAC good rate for average credit and never had an issue with paying online.

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