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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jul 29, 2014
My Car Was Repossessed
Anonymous Borrower

My car was repossessed due to me being 2 months late on my payments.  Totally 100 % my fault.  I called Honda Financial and my only complaint was I had to wait to speak with a specific representative until 10:00 the next morning (I lost a lot of sleep).  When I called the representative was extremely helpful and went through all of my options.  She wasn't rude or condensending in any way, just very matter of fact (after all, I owed her company money).  I was required to pay off my car in order to get it back but she even gave me options on how to do this.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Nov 16, 2012
Honda Woman for Life!!!!!
Anonymous Borrower

I have worked with this company since May 2007. 1st issue, I moved with my military spouse to Alaska. During the move a payment was missed (one and only), I did not receive a courtesy call, it was only after we were settled that I was able to get online only to see an extremely large payment. I called to explain the situation and bring the payment up to date. I was treated like a second class citizen to say the least. In 2010 I chose to upgrade my vehicle and was once again treated awful (to much to explain). I had to report them to BBB to get standard customer service. My family was involved in an awful crash, when I called them they refused to give me the payoff (I was unable to access the website) and were only concerned with future payments until the bank paid everything off. All I can say is........KEEP RESEARCHING other companies........customer service SUCKS!!!!!

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Apr 03, 2017
Unprofessional and deceptive
Anonymous Borrower

They do not have any grace period for a late payment and are unforgiving with anything. They will repo you within 30 days.

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Mar 27, 2017
Payoff amount not applied to account
Anonymous Borrower

Honda cashed my payoff check two months ago and still haven't applied it to my account for payoff.  I'm still receiving bills, late fees, and harassing phone calls.  Every time I call they reassure me it's "being taken care of", including the hits I'm receiving on my credit reports for my "overdue" payments.  If I could give zero stars I would.

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Mar 13, 2017
Anonymous Borrower


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Mar 07, 2017
I had no problems with honda financial
Anonymous Borrower

The loan i took out of my side by side was great experience

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Mar 06, 2017
Anonymous Borrower


East financing; competitive rates (beat NFCU and Penfed); fast title after pay off; good customer service; overall decent experience. 


Credit Reporting. I paid my car off 3 years early. I would make my monthly payment and sometimes an extra one. Honda picked random dates to update my CR. Sometimes they would reprt when the statement cut and othertimes randomly. For example, I paid my car off on 16 Feb, but they reported my Feb balance on 3 Feb. My statement closes on 21 Feb. Een though my account is closed and paid off, they still haven't updated my CR yet. YMMV with reporting, so don't expect a certain date.

Overpriced GAP insurance from dealer. Total rip off. Was able to cancel through the dealer (as it was their product). GAP was 4x NFCU's rate.

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Mar 05, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

the final document was much different than Honda's part of the worksheet we filled out for a credit check.

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Jan 25, 2017
Approved for 2

Not even 2 years out of BK7 and I was approved to lease 2 autos from Honda...Leroy Hines@.Honda of Fishers Indiana is amazing...tell him Jeff Davis said so!!

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Jan 24, 2017
Worst experience of my life!
dlflyboy Borrower

Let me tell you about my past experience with Honda Financial. I purchased a new 2009 loaded accord back in the fall of 2008. I had that car up till 2012. I've never been late with them once and used their auto draft from my credit union. They would always send me my paper statements and I would look over them. Well one Friday in May of 2012 I was at work and received an email stating my online account for Honda Financial had been turned off. So, here's were everything goes downhill. Upon reading the email I immediately give customer service a call to inquite what was going on. I was told my account was turned off for nonpayment and I would need to turn my car back in or it would be up for repo. I was absolutely floored! I explained I had auto draft and none of my paper statements reflected any past dude balances, nor did I receive any communication on the matter aside from that email. He said I had to made a payment in about 6 months. The amount he said I was behind was roughly 2500.00. I immediately paid the whole amount, but my car would still need to be given back or they would have it repossessed. I asked for a supervisor who basically said the same information. But, she did say they drafted the payments and my credit union took the money back because it was unauthorized. After getting off the phone with them I called up my credit union to ask them about the payments. It turned out honda financial was deducting the payments from another members account. I called them back and asked for a supervisor. Basically he said so sad too bad you'll need to give the car back. They did open up a case. And then they finally put it on my credit. I was so livid I called everyday for a week and demanded the situation to be fixed. They finally agreed to not take my car due to the mixup but I would need to make payments to their collection dept going forward. I explained this simply would not due. I demanded my account to be reinstated agrrrdccpujt it previously was and to have everything any negative info they just reported on my credit removed or I would immediately seek legal action. I was fed up. The supervisor who originally was handling the case disappeared. I think she quit or was fired. I really don't know. I do know within a few days of me threating to take legal action my account and credit was restored to normal. I will not, nor would I recommend using these clowns! Stay far away!

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Jan 08, 2017
Honda Financial services Terrible
Anonymous Borrower

My wife and I are physicians.  Zero debt.  Decided to get a little debt to keep good credit.  Purchased a Honda Pioneer side by side for $15,000+.  Put a couple thousand down.  Within minutes of course we are approved at terms we agree to and signed a contract.  I receive this letter one month later stating they can not offer us credit at the terms they agreed to.  Now I must spend a darned hour on the phone with someone who doest give a poop to straighten out their inefficiency.  Total bad experience and will refrain from dealing with them again.  I guess I should have paid cash or bought Polaris!

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Dec 22, 2016
Didn't report me to the credit bureau
Anonymous Borrower

I was a co signer on my lease to  build  up my credit.  Well I went to go buy out my lease and found out that Honda never reported my name to the credit bureau.  So after paying three years of payments I have nothing to show for it and paying crazy interest.  

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