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Feb 17, 2016
19th century banking in 2016 - STAY AWAY

BMO are utterly sleazy and a terrible choice. i bought this product without researching, but you can benefit from my mistake. here's what you need to know: BMO are aggressively marketing auto loans, and one of their profit centers is the EXTRA 15 dollar fee to pay the loan online! of course, you can always pretend that the year is 1954, and you can fuss with little coupon books, and letters, and stamps. it's rather nostalgic, i suppose. but WAIT - you CAN pay online without a fee if you have a BMO Harris checking account. okay then - i went ahead and opened a BMO checking account.

but OOOPS!

alone among all banks, BMO won't accept inbound funds transfers! LET ME REPEAT THAT: you can't transfer funds to a BMO Harris checking account from ANY OTHER BANK!

this is utterly sleazy and an obvious attempt to squeeze an extra ten or fifteen bucks a month from their customers. any low rate they offer will be more than offset by these "convenience" fees. be smart and stay away from this outfit.

the hilarious postscript is that a "customer service" person didn't even know about this ridiculous practice, and at one point tried to claim that JPMorgan Chase was the problem. when i pointed out that i regularly transfer funds from my Chase account to numerous other institutions, she put me on hold for ten minutes, then returned to say: "Well, if you can't add an external account to your BMO account online, I guess you must be right. But you can always pay over the phone - FOR AN EXTRA 15 DOLLARS!"

really. don't waste your time. these people are either fools or scoundrels.

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Dec 09, 2015
Nightmare...stay away
kerryle Borrower

Worst banking experience.VERY RUDE!!!Reps have little to no knowledge of policies.Keep you on hold for hours.Will not refund electronic checks that were drawn by mistake back to account.I have been waiting 2 weeks for $900 refund check to come through mail!

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Nov 16, 2015
Just fine for me. Twice now...
Anonymous Borrower

Don't see why there are so many 1-star reviews. Yes, you have to dump a check in the mail. Yes, if you don't pay on time there is a fee. What do you expect? The online interface isnt too robust, seeing as you cant do too much, or pay onlone - but it does tell you your loan balance. Only had to call them twice on my current loan - once because I failed at sending my check, second time for same reason. Whoops.

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Oct 27, 2015
Anonymous Borrower

10$ online fee for paying your loan unless you start up a checking account with a high minimum daily balance. Ridiculous.  Regret getting my loan from them.

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