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Jun 07, 2016
Good customer service TERRIBLE policies

I didn't experience quick repossession as other reviewers note, but GM Financial most definetely has unethical and deceptive practices. My husband and I have had our loan with GM Financial for 18 months. We always paid more than the minimum due on time, every month. When we bought our first home we ran into some very unpredictable expenses. I called GM well in advance of our payment being due and asked for a deferment. I was told I wasn't eligible BECAUSE MY LOAN WAS CURRENT and I HAD GOOD PAYMENT HISTORY. I'm sorry, what??? Nonetheless, GM told me NOT to make my payment and to call after my next payment was due, advising me that they'd hold my account until that time. I did as I was asked, called in regularly until finally at 35 days after my due date they granted the deferment. All good, right? NO! I had to pay a $200 FEE to be granted this deferment AND they erroneously reported us to the credit bureaus as being 60 days late. First, we were NEVER sixty days late AND we were only late to begin with because THEY TOLD US NOT TO PAY!!! So, I call in advance to work with them, do as they advise, and pay them a $200 fee plus compounding interest on a deferred payment, only for them to erroneously report me as being 60 days late? If that's not incredibly deceptive practices I don't know what is! I'm so upset by this. My husband and I worked so hard to repair our credit and we did everything we thought was right when we hit a temporary financial hardship and in exchange for 18 months of spotless payment history GM Financial took advantage of us. Even their own representatives agreed this was not only wrong ethically, but literally erroneous, but still, they say they can't do anything. We will be refinancing as soon as we get this erroneous reporting, which we are disputing, off our credit. Shame on you GM Financial for taking advantage of good customers.

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