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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jan 31, 2014
ford is a life saver
pammy123456 Borrower

ford is great! they looked at my history i had with them (always paid on time) and gave me an approval in minutes with a 5.9% interest. i financed 40,000 on a new mustang and no one else would even give me a shot.. the finance man told me ford would always pick me up if i always paid my note on time, no matter how my credit history is.. at the time i had a 537 score and just from paying my large car note every month my score has increase to 617 in only 6 months..   ford will be the 1st place i go when im looking to purchase something new.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Aug 28, 2013
Inaccurate Credit Reporting
stobals Borrower

Although my account has never been delinquent and has been paid in full for over a year now, Ford Credit is not reporting my final payment.  Therefore my credit report shows that my account is still open and the final payment is over a year delinquent.  When I called Ford Credit to correct their mistake, they refused and told me to dispute it.

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Jun 04, 2017


0% Financing - DONE 

Needed to move my payment date - DONE No Problem 

I have nothing but good to say about Ford .  My Mustang loan is paid off and i willbe going and getting a truck!!!   LOVE FORD CREDIT!!!!!!!!! 

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May 25, 2017
Ford Credit was great to me
doggett65 Borrower

 I was layed off and asked ford credit for an extension the lady on the phone was more than helpful , that gave me the breathing room I needed til I found another job . I will always appreciate that ford credit helped me at a low point in life.

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Apr 03, 2017
Don't check their own information!
Anonymous Borrower

We were denied the original loan because Ford Credit inaccurately placed a judgement on my husband's credit (which should show as excellent).  They don't review their own information, and dinged his credit instead of his father's, potentially costing us 6 months of interest payments.  We are still attempting to remedy the situation, however have had no word yet.

The dealership we went through is trying to do their best to remedy a stupid clerical error on Ford Credit's part.  They need to be more careful, because if we had not caught it, this could have been an even larger issue.

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Mar 28, 2017
Shady end-of-lease procedures, TERRIBLE
Anonymous Borrower

Be careful if you lease through Ford and then don't want to buy another Ford at the end of your lease. They refused to give me a lease payoff once they found out I wasn't buying another Ford. In fact, when I started car shopping I logged into my Ford Credit online account and printed a payoff letter (like any other manufacturer lease I've had before)  - when it was time for the dealer to pay Ford for the car they REMOVED the link and make it impossible for me to get a payoff letter. Refused to give me a payoff and forcing me to go to a dealer in a city where I don't even live. They stated it says in my lease contract this is their process (even though I can't find where it says this) and the payoff check for the vehicle must come from a Ford dealer. The funny thing is the dealer who sold me the brand X car is ALSO a Ford dealer - so the check IS coming from a Ford dealer. Have traded in other Fords off lease early, at different Ford dealerships, without any problem before. Will never lease or buy through Ford Credit again. Strongarming customers is a terrible way to get repeat business and an even worse way to spread positive word of mouth. 

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Feb 06, 2017
Let me rebuild my credit

I put money down with a credit score of 620 back in Dec 2014 on 2015 Escape thinking I wouldn't get approved for a lease. Not only did I get approved but gave me a great rate. I was told to never miss a payment and I will be able to come back to lease again. I decided to turn my lease in early for a 2017 just last week thinking let's see if the dealer was correct about getting approved easily again. Sure enough I got approved and was told I was a Tier 1 customer so I got an upgrade. I'll stick to the same plan of paying a half car payment every 2 weeks so I will always be ahead of the loan. The finance manager said when he talked to Ford they loved how I did the payments and asked if I would be doing the same? I told them yep, and I will back again in 3 years!

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Feb 27, 2017

This gives me some hope!

Jun 20, 2017

What was your rate?

Jan 26, 2017
Been using Ford Motor credit for years
Anonymous Borrower

I started with Ford Motor credit when My credit was weak to say the least. They gave me a fair rate. Since that time I have fixed my credit issues and have finainced two other vehicles through them at excellent rates. Never an issue.

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Feb 25, 2017

Just curious, what kind of a rate did they give you when your credit was weak? I've been speaking with a dealership about buying a new Ford Explorer, and one of their requirements for a lower price was financing with Ford Motor Credit. My credit according to Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, and is anywhere from 621 to 674.

Jan 24, 2017
They won't let you Refi with your bank!
nfck0413 Borrower

I love Ford. My family loves Ford. We all buy from Mooresville Ford. I've never owned anything but a Ford. But I will NEVER use Ford Credit again. Beware of the enticing rebate to go through Ford Credit and take your vehicle home with you tonight! Especially if you are planning on refinancing within a few months with your credit union/bank so you can save on interest.

I have been requesting a copy (JUST A COPY) of the title so I could refinance the loan because the rate at my FCU was more than 4% less than Ford Credit. I was downright refused twice on the phone with Ford Credit customer service saying I had to go to NC DMV. So I got a hold of the DMV finally (that's not an easy task) and they told me they don't have the title - Ford does!

I have been getting jerked around by Ford Credit since November and now after I finally found a representative that would put in the request for the title print which he said would be about 2 weeks, NOW the title department person from Ford said it is going to take 6 WEEKS!

If they would have told me back in November that they could put in the request then I would have had my refinance by now, but no... NOW I have to pay another 2 months of payments with the high interest payments which is going to be about another $400-$500 in interested on top of the already $600 I've paid. So the $500 rebate that suckered me in has now cost me over $1,000. Yaaayy!

I'll also be posting, tweeting, reviewing, pinning, snapping, etc. just in case this one doesn't make it to the page. FYI - this won't keep me from owning my Fords but it's a PSA about the Ford Credit customer service. My FCU said that Ford Credit is notorious for dragging this process along more so than any other loan company! Your reputation precedes you in the loan world so I'm just helping my fellow Ford buyers :)

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Jan 12, 2017
Reports false info to credit bureau

Ford Credit started off on the wrong foot with me when I made my very first payment.  Hadn't gotten any information from the dealer as to account information, just knew it was through Ford Credit.  When I finally got an invoice (got 4 peices of mail about my loan on the same day--for some reason they all went out at once) and went online to pay electronically, it was on a Friday afternoon.  The payment, even if I made it then, was not going to be processed until the following Tuesday! and then a late charge would be due.   I work with electornic payments all the time in day to day work and Ford is one of the only companies who waits so long to post a payment.  There is no need for it other than to have an excuse to charge fees.  If the IRS, every credit card I have and loan can process a payment the same day there is no reason why Ford shou;ld take 4 days.    Now when I'm going to get another car loan I'm finding that Ford has reported me as being 60 days late.  Went ot their web site and printed out the report of all payments, there is nothing even close to 60 days (not even 30) listed, so I don't know how they can get that.  Becuase of that one late payment on my credit report (only late in 5 years) I am having trouble getting a mortgage. 

In addition, part of the way through my lease, my car was totaled by a drunk driver.  Trying to reach someone in the loss department to take care of things was a nightmare.  Even the insurance claims person ran into hours-long hold times to try to reach someone.  It took them 2 weeks to return a call the first time.  Calling the main customer service number didn't help--they would just say I had to call another 800 number that resulted in endless hold. 

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Jan 07, 2017
Easy to Complain...
Anonymous Borrower

...when your credit sucks!  And when you pay your bills and have an +800 credit score like me, there isn't a problem.  I'm a Ford customer and proud of it.  I love their product, and their loan application process is a breeze!  I'll continue to buy from Ford, and will continue to be amazed at those who gripe when they are ultimately the problem.

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Dec 17, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

Paid off by my insurance company after it was totalled.  Ford Credit keeps billing me and charging me late fees, and no one there is willing to talk to me to fix it.

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