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ford is a life saver Helpful to 25 out of 26 people

ford is great! they looked at my history i had with them (always paid on time) and gave me an approval in minutes with a 5.9% interest. i financed 40,000 on a new mustang and no one else would even give me a shot.. the finance man told me ford would always pick me up if i always paid my note on time, no matter how my credit history is.. at the time i had a 537 score and just from paying my large car note every month my score has increase to 617 in only 6 months..   ford will be the 1st place i go when im looking to purchase something new.

pammy123456's review was:    

  Jan 31, 2014 Reply

pammy123456(1, 25)

Review by pammy123456

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I totally agree about Ford Credit.

mobetter01's reply was:    

  Feb 15, 2014

mobetter01(1, 2)

Review by mobetter01

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Well I don't believe Ford Credit gave you a 5.9% interest rate with a score of 537, ESPECIALY on a loan of $40,000 not unless you paid 20,000 in down payment which I don't think you did...

Youraloser2's reply was:    

  Feb 05, 2014

Youraloser2(1, 3)

Review by Youraloser2

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You had to buy a Ford  automobile is that right?

tfire's reply was:    

  Feb 13, 2014

tfire(5, 5)

Review by tfire

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"Youraloser2" you probably shouldn't speak when you don't know what your talking about.  I work for Ford and it is not at all unusual for us to get an approval on someone as long as they have good Ford Credit history.  That rate sounds about right, a little higher than what someone with perfect credit would get but sounds dead on for someone with bad overall credit and great Ford History.  Congrats!

Cody7117's reply was:    

  Apr 02, 2014

Cody7117(1, 0)

Review by Cody7117

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They financed me when no one else would Helpful to 30 out of 32 people

I just purchased my very first new car a 2013 ford Focus SE. I have a thin credit file with only a $300 secured cc and about 11 months of paying on time history. When the dealer pulled my credit it showed a 663 fico score but they told me it wasn't really good because of no real credit history behind it.

Ford motor credit financed me with a 10k down payment @ 9.19apr for 72 months. I was really hoping for something around 6.5apr but I'm happy they financed me with no credit  so I can help build my credit and drive in a reliable new car at the same time.

The car was around 19k and I also recieved a $2800 rebate and my monthly payments are very affordable at only 152.60.  I make around 25k a year. I hope this info helps anyone thinking of using Ford Motor Credit to get financed with little credit history.

Ovrclockit's review was:    

  Jan 13, 2013 Reply

Ovrclockit(5, 36)

Review by Ovrclockit

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i jasmine simpson never had a loan to purchase for a home onces again i never did nothing with your company expecienclly i dont have a vehicle  call ford 203 focus se.  have this person have any checks from a bank or trying propse as me you need to get that money back into  my account jasmine simpson  or what ever you got that resource came from. can you please let the FBI know this matter.  i dont have a liense or vehicles can you please tell me who is the persons what they have on what time and what day was it. can you please remove it and flag it come pick up those vehicles and persons thank you

jsimpson1249's reply was:    

  Aug 27, 2013

jsimpson1249(70, 18)

Top Contributor

Review by jsimpson1249

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Helpful to 11 out of 11 people

Fantastic experience with Ford Credit.  Every time I called, I received a prompt response from someone not outsourced to India.  I traded the car in to a dealership where I worked and the title was received promptly.  I later learned that, with a good payment history with Ford Credit, future loan/lease applications are automatically approved without looking at credit history.  If I have to finance a car again, it will definitely be with Ford Credit or one of their subsidiaries. 

sdyar's review was:    

  Aug 11, 2012 Reply

sdyar(1, 11)

Review by sdyar

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Helpful to 11 out of 11 people

Financed 3 vehicles with them, absolutly no problems. 0.0 - 1.9% intrest rates with credit score in the 740s. Great American company! 

Rikdoggg's review was:    

  Jun 08, 2012 Reply

Rikdoggg(1, 11)

Review by Rikdoggg

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Inaccurate Credit Reporting Helpful to 22 out of 24 people

Although my account has never been delinquent and has been paid in full for over a year now, Ford Credit is not reporting my final payment.  Therefore my credit report shows that my account is still open and the final payment is over a year delinquent.  When I called Ford Credit to correct their mistake, they refused and told me to dispute it.

stobals's review was:    

  Aug 28, 2013 Reply

stobals(1, 22)

Review by stobals

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Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

You should contact an attorney. under the Fair credit reporting Act creditor must report accurately. You may be entitled to compensation for their failure to report your credit experience and history correctly. Definately contact a lawyer about this matter.

ccfigueroa's reply was:    

  Sep 18, 2013

ccfigueroa(1, 4)

Review by ccfigueroa

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Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

I am somewhat going through the same thing with Ford Credit. My vehicle was paid off at the end of June and is still showing that I owe for that loan. They are not reporting that it is paid and I am currently trying to buy a house and this is making a big impact on my credit. I don't know what to do. I have already contacted Ford Credit and ask them to report this and they said they wouldm but this is still showing up. HELP!!! Something should be done. Let one payment be missed and they report that instantly, pay off a vehicle and no they wait more than 3 months to report it.

Abouttogiveup's reply was:    

  Sep 06, 2013

Abouttogiveup(1, 4)

Review by Abouttogiveup

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Helpful to 2 out of 7 people

I have not owned a Ford vehicle in over 15 years and I have not have a Ford Credit Balance in over 15 years.


WoundedWarrior67's reply was:    

  Sep 27, 2013

WoundedWarrior67(2, 5)

Review by WoundedWarrior67

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I Jasmine Simpson never had a loan to purchase for a home  i never con-sign for no one  i never gave access to nothing of mines. i never had a driver license and i never had no vehicles if this person have any vehicles and the keys to it under me  you need to get them back to the dealership. can you please let the FBI know.  can you please flag it and remove it can you please come pick up those vehicles and persons

jsimpson1249's reply was:    

  Sep 29, 2013

jsimpson1249(70, 18)

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Review by jsimpson1249

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My first new car Helpful to 16 out of 17 people

I financed a car from ford credit an was for six years that worked with me on late payments an extended payments  I so happy when I was approved for the loan I said to myself that I was going to make all my payments on time but life changing event didn't allow me to but Thayer people worked with me to the end the car is paid off now but I would finance with them in a heart beat.

Calcal2's review was:    

  Jan 15, 2014 Reply

Calcal2(1, 16)

Review by Calcal2

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Ford Credit Helpful to 18 out of 20 people

Ford Credit is the worst company I've ever dealt with. Incompetent and rude customer service. I've been trying to get a title because I moved out of state and have been bounced around after 35 phone calls with no resolution. I've been a loyal Ford owner or lessee for 34 years and will never again lease or buy a vehicle from Ford because of Ford Credit.

Dec 13, 2013 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 2 people

I work for Ford. Motor Co they do stinky

Wilta55's reply was:    

  Jan 02, 2014

Wilta55(1, 1)

Review by Wilta55

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Helpful to 7 out of 7 people

Got 0.0 % APR for 60 months on my purchase in '09 credit score was 740s

Recently had some trouble and they let us rent ANY CAR WE WANT and paid for the rental until the car was fixed.

Love it!!

ManuPrasad's review was:    

  Oct 27, 2011 Reply

ManuPrasad(1, 7)

Review by ManuPrasad

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Ford Credit & Customer Service GREAT! Helpful to 12 out of 13 people

    My name is Linda and I have to say I have had nothing but wonderful service & dealings with Ford Credit. I have bad credit due to 2 bad accidents in my life, both leaving me unable to work for quite a while afterward. These were several years apart. Anyway, Ford has lowered & extended payments or whatever I need to pay for my car, and they are kind, real people. I don't even know if they know my story, and it dosen't seem to matter. Everyone I can remember talking to know their business & go above & beyond. The best experience I've ever had in my 40 years as a car owner! They also financed me at a decent rate when banks wouldn't lend to me. 

shellymom21's review was:    

  Jan 03, 2014 Reply

shellymom21(1, 12)

Review by shellymom21

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Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

I also had a good experience with Ford Credit from 1999-2003.

HappyFordCreditCustomer's reply was:    

  Jan 07, 2014

HappyFordCreditCustomer(1, 2)

Review by HappyFordCreditCustomer

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Helpful to 1 out of 3 people

Ford will fiance about anyone no matter how bad your credit but you'll pay between 18%and 20% FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

makinglemonade's reply was:    

  Jan 14, 2014

makinglemonade(4, 5)

Review by makinglemonade

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Horrible Customer Service Helpful to 36 out of 43 people

I decided to finance my car through Ford Credit because they offered a great low rate.  I financed my car for 5 years, but decided to pay a little extra each month so that I could pay it off a couple years early.  Most banks will allow you to designate your extra monthly payments toward principal if you request your payment to be processed that way.  Ford Credit requires that I call each month to request my extra payment to go to principal.  That wouldn't be a big deal, except certain representatives refuse to let me do it.  I spoke to a Ford Credit rep today who argued with me for probably 10 minutes, saying that my extra payments already go to principal and that he could do nothing for me.  I read my monthly statements very closely and I have a finance degree, so I can promise that my extra payments do NOT automatically go to principal (although the gentleman at the dealership assured me they would).  This is terrible customer service, and just a way for Ford Credit to make more money from unnecessary interest payments.

Jul 11, 2013 Reply
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Ford Credit offers financing and leasing options for both new and certified pre-owned Ford and Lincoln vehicles. Ford Credit’s website allows customers to make payments, view account history, or print statements with the Account Manager. Also offered online are a variety of financial tools including a budget calculator, payment estimator, and other tips for understanding credit. Ford Credit also provides commercial financing. Applications are available online or by phone, and approval is generally available in minutes. Customer support is available online or by phone.

Founded in 1959, Ford Motor Credit Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford, and one of the largest automotive finance companies in the world.

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  • Established: 1959
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