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No online bill pay available. Helpful to 6 out of 6 people

What bank in this day and age doesn't provide online bill pay?  Not to mention trying to get a hold of customer service to obtain information on the account.  What a joke.  I hope I can refinance with another bank just so I don't have to deal with 5/3 anymore. DO NOT TAKE A LOAN WITH 5/3.

Oct 08, 2013 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Wish I had read your review before doing it.  Do Not Use 

Mrbcredit123's reply was:    

  Oct 16, 2013

Mrbcredit123(1, 1)

Review by Mrbcredit123

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Never do business with this bank Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

I purchased a new car in August 2012 and the dealership set up my loan with Fifth Third Bank. I wanted the monthly payment automatically deducted from my checking account every month, so after receiving my coupon book I went online to set this up. I could not set it up online without a Fifth Third checking account. I was told I had to call their Auto Bill Payer service to set it up. I called, they mailed me the forms, and I mailed them back on Sept 19th. Three times in October I called to check the status. Finally on Oct 26th I received a letter stating that I was set up for auto payment. Mid November I started getting calls from Fifth Third that my loan was late. They would call me, then when I answered the phone a voice would come on stating that all their reps were busy but I should call back later. HELLO. Don't call me if you don't have someone there ready to speak to me. Isn't that ridiculous. I finally got through to Fifth Third auto loan dept. on Nov 24th. They said they did show that I was set up for Auto Bill Pay, but I would have to call the Auto Bill Pay Dept. to see why the payment did not come out. Four calls later, and nearly 45 minutes on hold, Auto Bill Pay tells me that they did not set up Nov pmt to come out and that Dec would be the first one. I told them I received confirmation Oct 26th and I wanted them to take the Nov payment out immediately. They said they would take it out overnight. Now is it Dec 1st. Payment still not out and still receiving phone calls from collection dept. I have now wasted 5-6 hours on the phone, and spent 3 months trying to do what it took me all of 5 minutes to do with my GMAC loan. DO NOT do business with these people. Their customer service is terrible.

Dec 01, 2012 Reply
Getting Approved Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

My husband and I got approved for an auto loan in 2010 and bought the car. We have had nothing but issues this year with the car and we have a baby due next month, so we decided to trade it in. It made sense to us to just stay with the same bank that we already have a current loan with. We contacted the bank, let them know we want to trade and we would like to get approved for another loan. We have NEVER been late on our payments AT ALL. My credit is great, my husbands has some dings, but its not awful. We had to go through the pre-approvl process just like new customers, which was fine and we were told if approved, a loan officer would contact us within 2-3 bus days. Well, its been a week and no phone call, so we are assuming they turned us down. How in the world is it possible to not get approved with a bank that you have had a current car loan for over 3 years that you have been successfully paying on?!?! It makes no sense at all.....we should have gone with a credit union...that is what I suggest for everyone to do as well. 

Whitneymnss03's review was:    

  Oct 19, 2013 Reply

Whitneymnss03(1, 4)

Review by Whitneymnss03

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Horrible Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

Bank has horrible customer service and submits harrassing phone calls prior to due date of your monthly payment. $4.5 million class-action lawsuit has been filed for these phone calls. No bill pay online or over the phone. Avoid a 5/3 car loan.

Aug 30, 2013 Reply
Horrible Bank Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

On November 4th 2011 I purchased a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica financed with Fifth Third Bank. I thought everything was fine until I started getting the Denial Letters from banks that denied us, one of them was from Fifth Third Bank stating our credit rating was unacceptable. I contacted Humes Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Waterford PA where I bought the car and read the letter and they stated that everything was fine that the car was paid for that morning. On November 16 2011 I recieved a call from Santander Consumer USA congradulating me on the purchase of a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica. I had no idea what was going on, I've done business with Santander before and never had a problem but I was told the car was financed by Fifth Third Bank, I signed Fifth Third Bank contracts. As it turns out Fifth Third Bank sold my car to Santander Consumer USA right away, Fifth Third made no attempts to contact me to let me know. If Santander didn't call me I would have no idea about the purchase of the loan. To make matters worse Fifth Third bank even though they sold the car to Santander they kept themselves as beneficiaries on our insurance if the car was totaled. Fifth Third needs to be stopped, they never gave me a chance to show them I can pay my bills and I'm sure if I sent them a payment without knowing about the buyout Fifth Third would have kept the money.

AGPETERS's review was:    

  Aug 28, 2013 Reply


Review by AGPETERS

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No online or over the phone payment Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

I have two payments left, decided to call and pay off the loan and be done with it.  I was shocked to find out that they have no online bill pay option nor do they have an over the phone payment option.  I assumed I had entered the wrong menu options and called to talk to a CSR.  She confirmed that you have to mail in a payment.  I am extremely surprised, welcome to 1995?  I will use a better bank for my next auto loan.  

Apr 10, 2013 Reply
No access to our account online Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

We financed a car through Fifth-Third back in 2009. Though we haven't had any problems with them (I always pay on time and always round up), I HATE not being able to see my current balance or pay online instantly. I have to pay through MY bank's online bill pay service, which takes a few days to get to Fifth-Third. Sometimes paydays fall weird and it would be handy to be able to pay my bill just a day or two before it's due, rather than having to pay it so early every month. I am already a customer, they are making money off me already, why do I have to set up another account with them to see this account? I find that rude. 

As I said, no big problems with them, but I would never do business with them again due to this.

Mar 23, 2013 Reply
Horrible Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

I purchased a car and Fifth Thrid Bank financed me, everytime I called them for information about my account I would have to give address, ss#, work address. This is even after me giving them my account number..To much of my personal information being repeated to different people, esp. my ss#. I will never finance through them again.

Jan 05, 2013 Reply
Good people Helpful to 3 out of 3 people

We bought a car in 2010 and used fifh third as our loan bank.  Wonderful service, fast approval and when we paid it off we went to a branch and it took about 2 minutes!

Jan 03, 2013 Reply
Limited Online Options and Awful Service Helpful to 2 out of 2 people

Our dealership used Fifth Third for our car financing. Terrible mistake. They only offer online payment if you have a Fifth Third bank account (which we do not). They will not setup automatic checking account withdrawals for more than 3 months at a time over the phone. We give them our checking account information repeatedly - I would love for them to take their money each month, but instead they call us back every couple of months and charge a fee to setup another three months automatic withdrawal.

Terrible services I haven't seen from other bank or lender. I'll be refinancing the loan as soon as possible to get away from them.

Feb 17, 2014 Reply
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Fifth Third Bank offers an array of financial services that includes financing for both autos and trucks, offering competitive rates and flexible terms. A 0.25% rate discount is available to customers using Auto BillPayer, through which the payment is deducted from any Fifth Third Bank checking or savings account. There is also a "no payment for up to 90 days" option. Vehicle lease purchase is also available through Fifth Third Bank; more information is available by phone. Applications are available online, by phone or in a Fifth Third Bank branch.

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Fifth Third Bank started as the Bank of the Ohio Valley in 1858 and today is a subsidiary of Fifth Third Bancorp. Fifth Third Bank serves Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

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  • Established: 1858
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  • Products: Auto loans, Banking, Credit Cards, Home Equity, Mortgages
  • Assets: $112 billion
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