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Most Helpful Positive Review

Nov 07, 2015
Easy Process!
axLovexa Borrower

Last year October I needed an auto loan. The reviews for CapitalOne weren't that great... Even my boyfriend at the time warned me not to get a loan with them and said they were horrible. But guess what??? I kept on researching/ reading reviews and I used my own judgement! I had a credit card with CapitalOne for a few years and I never had any issues, so why would I have issues with their auto loan? 

I can honestly say I'm glad I applied! The online process was quick and easy. I entered all my information and I didn't even have to send in any documents or paystubs. They approved me right away and I received their documents in the mail the next week! They gave me a contract that thoroughly explained their terms and a blank check. They provided a link online to check which dealerships accepted their loans ( which were a good majority of them). They also provided me a document which showed my TransUnion credit score at time of application (which was a 631). So CapitalOne gave different interest rates depending on the year of the car I chose: 

5.86% if 2014 or newer
6.79% if 2013,

7.36% if 2011-2012 

8.31% if 2007-2010

I went to a Volkswagen dealership. I picked a certified used 2012 car and gave their finance department my CapitalOne check with some document they needed to fil out and mail back to CapitalOne. I received a letter from CapitalOne a week later with all my information and I didn't have to start making payments till mid December. 

A whole year later, I can honestly say I've never had ANY issues with them. In fact, I never had to speak with an agent, that's how EASY this process was. I selected DirectPay so I wouldn't forget a payment and I regualary check my account. Everything's always up-to-date and accurate.

SideNote--> This past year, I managed to pay off my credit cards and my credit score jumped over 750! So I'm looking around for better rates. Hope this review helps someone!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Nov 04, 2015
Don't trust credit karma's estimates
amymarie99 Borrower

Early 2014 I bought a car at a very high interest rate (16.9%) with bad credit at another finance company. When they pulled my credit it was a little over 500. Since then, it has improved substantially, still has a way to go but Credit Karma shows 622 and when I check my credit on Capital One's own website (I also have a credit card with them), it's in the high 600s.

Credit Karma suggested I refinance my car and I obviously knew I should. They suggested a few companies but Capital One stood out because I have a credit card with them already and have been pleased with it. The estimated interest rate provided my Credit Karma was 7.19%. I know it's an estimate but I was expecting an interest rate under 10%, especially considering the large increase in my credit score since I received the rate of 16.9.

Well I just applied and was approved, for 14.9%. More than double what Credit Karma estimated.

I took it because it's better than 16.9, but Credit Karma was wayyyy off. I also think it's pretty high rate for Capital One to offer me considering that their website gives me a score of almost 700. 

My payments lowered a little, some is better than none, but if you're considering applying with them based on the estimation from Credit Karma, don't expect ANY sort of accuracy whatsoever.

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Oct 18, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

High interest loan of 17%.  Amount of vehicle was a little over $30K.  Over 5 years I have paid $16K in interest.  Bad decision and never again.  Also gouge for late fees so don't be late ever.  

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Oct 09, 2016
time waste
Sam23039 Borrower

When you start playing with autonavigator please read all hiden items and discriptions 

Nothing special don't think they  care about you I called also them two times and all was great. "You preaprove " bla bla bla 

when you find car with dealer they recommend 5k bellow your maximum loan amount with 4K down payment ,  expect this I'm sorry we cannot help you at this time 

meybe next time


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Oct 06, 2016
MimiRoss Borrower

I have had a Quicksilver account with Capital One since 2012. Since 2013 they been sending me notices about applying for an auto loan through them. Every email I would just delete it. Just didn't need it. So I told my hubby we would be getting a car the 1st of the year. Capital One hadn't sent me one of these emails in awhile but they must have heard me because they sent me one like every 3 days in the last month. So it said it will not hurt your credit so decided to try it. It said I was instantly approved and they offered me #35,000. They only verified my address by me faxing in some documents (Utility Bill and Drivers License). Before they started the process they told me they would not be checking my credit scores with a HP but instead do a soft pull. They told me that I would have to do a HP on my credit when we went to actually pick out a car but the car lot would be the one to do it. They sent me a link to choose their authorized car lots. In my area they had over 60 different car lots to choose from. They had two different customer service agents to call me back on the same day to see if I needed any assistance or even would like to request more money but I declined. I reached out to one of the car lots that was nearest to me. They told me I would only be there for about 20 minutes max. Just enough time to pick out the vehicle I chose (if I chose it online if not add about another 20-30 minutes to pick from the lot), sign documents and that's it. My start to finish process from filling out the paperwork online to my approval was all less than 30 minutes. Pretty fast and decent credit start. They gave me one month from the date of the approval to pick out the car I wanted and print out a voucher to pay them with. They told me the $35,000 also included tax, title, license as well as the purchase price. They also said they put a cap to make sure the dealership did not overcharge you for a vehicle. The cars I checked prices were fair and competitive with the market. I will be going this weekend to check out some cars from a couple of places on the list they sent me.

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Oct 19, 2016

on average what is your credit score?

Sep 20, 2016
Auto Loan
Anonymous Borrower

The APR is great. However, the customer service inspired me to write this review. 3 days I have called and 3 days I have gotten the automatted response, "Capital One cannot take your call right now. We appreciate your understanding."  No option to hold. No option to leave a message. Now, I am driving with out dated tags because I cannot get my Title faxed to the DMV which they were supposed to do 1 month ago. Poor form Capital One. This is not okay.

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Sep 16, 2016
Title takes some time to get.
Anonymous Borrower

The loan application and approval is easy enough.  

I paid off the loan early, but found out it takes them some time to get the title to you.  2 weeks and still waiting for them to send it to the state.  

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Sep 08, 2016
Was great 2 years ago....
Anonymous Borrower

On a whim 2 years ago I applied for a CO Blank Check for a new car purchase. CS at the time was around 540. I was immediately approved for $18,000 at 17%. (I started 6 months prior to this by getting a secured card from CO and then a Quicksilver card) Purchased a 2013 Nissan Altima with my blank check. I have never had an issue with purchasing the car, using the blank check, making any payments, dealing with customer serivce, or anything else. It has been a dream come true. I've made payments on time on all three accounts (car and 2 cards). It is not 2 years later, my CS is up to 635 and I have decided to trade my car in. I have been getting these emails from CO about applying for the "Auto Navigator Program" so today I decided to take the plunge and see what kind of interest rate I could get. I figured I would get about 20k @ 5-10%. Well....I was flat out denied. Ive been a loyal customer for 3 years, always paid on time, had several CL increases, credit score went up by100 points...but nope. I called them to see what the deal was and the lady on the phone told me that she couldnt tell me anything, that a computer decides who gets approved and for how much and I just had to wait until I got the letter in the mail in 7-10 business days. It doesnt make any sense to me. I really wanted to get a new car in the next few months and I really wanted to use another CO Blank Check.  Guess I am stuck with this car for another 6 months or so....

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Sep 08, 2016
They took a chance
Anonymous Borrower

With the TU at 643, i was approved with a high 13.1% interest rate. That is with some bad marks due to being young and dumb. Currently have a Cap 1 CC and a Credit one CC. Looking forward to using this to get me back on track! Looking to refinance here in a couple years. Not mad about the high rate, my fault for not being responsible at young age.

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Aug 20, 2016
Solid overall- 622 CK score

I had a 622 score when I applied and about a year removed from filing bankruptcy. Googling reviews from Capital One it seems whatever algorithm their system uses is fairly random on what it approves. People with good scores and income being denied while bad scores and/or bad income being approved. I have a capital one secured card with them. They had just bumped up the credit limit to $500 so I kind of thought taking a gamble would be worthwhile. 

I was about 10 months post bankruptcy with a 622 credit carma score. They approved me for up to $22,000 with the car having to be within the last 5 years. Now is where it starts getting a little tricky. You can only get a car from their preferred dealers. That's pretty much every large brand dealer lot. Cool you have options but those lots are always higher priced. You will have a little bit of a hard time finding a car that matches what your requirements are and is not overpriced. Capital one has their own definition and if you're over you either have to get a different car or put a down payment.

Back to good stuff. Luckily their website (auto navigator I believe) links with every dealerships inventory and lets you know what your interest rate would be for the car and payments and if the car is too much. Capital one is upfront about this next thing (they called me due to an identity issue and explained it). When you go to the dealer you HAVE to let the dealer run your credit with CapitalOne and 3 other companies. It's just how it works. So that will put 4 hard inquires there and one from the prequalification (at least I believe it was a hard). So you have 4-5 hard inquires which kind of sucks when you're trying to rebuild/ build some credit. 

I got a 2014 Chevy Sonic and the interest rate was 14%. A lot but considering my bad credit and less than a year from bankruptcy I really appreciate it. The dealer was actually able to get a better interest rate but capital one was so upfront and good about everything I went with Capital one still (it also wasn't a very big difference in interest rate)

Other reviews say you can't put money towards the principle until you're 3 months ahead OR unless you do it online. I pay online anyways so it is not an issue. When you pay it asks you if you want to put any additional money towards the principle and I've been putting about $5-$10 which probably won't do much realistically but it makes me feel better about myself. 

Read some issues about them not releasing the title when you finish paying. I can't comment since I'm still making payments on the loan. 

The website is easy and the app for android is quick and easy to make payments on as well as look at your balance whenever. I tend to stick with payments on the computer but I've made at last one via the app.

So 5 star service minus having to run your credit again at the dealership and restricting you to the big dealerships which leaves it at 4 stars for me. Hope this helps you in your search. 

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Aug 20, 2016
Auto refinance
pastorjim Borrower

Got a great rate 3.66. Easy to pay online and make extra principle payments. Their app is a snap. No issues, no worries. It is unfortunate for the low rating reviewers, but that is definitely not my experience. From where I sit and in my own experience, Capital One is the best auto loan finance company period.

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Aug 17, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

It sucks! Never getting a loan from capital one auto finance! Customer service is poor.

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