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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jun 26, 2017
Auto loan
Anonymous Borrower

I always pay extra on my loan and really appreciate the fact that they take the extra off the front end of the loan as opposed to the end of it. Thanks to this policy I am now 4 months ahead on my loan and can choose my own payment each month!!!  (as long as I keep paying in advance)  Thamk you Ally!!!!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Nov 07, 2016
shady dealing
Tineifrinn Borrower

This company is shady and corrupt in its dealings with customers who fall even the slightest behind. They lose records and refuse information asked for, they say that they have set up a payment arrangement but continue to act as if there is not one.

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Sep 29, 2017
Jess7154 Borrower

It has taken 3 weeks to get my lien released. I overnighted a secured payment to them, they recieved the next day, and i have waited three weeks for all of the paperwork to clear. Every step i have been told 24-48 hours. It is thieir motto. All customer service reps are difficult to work with and hard to understand. Every single one will give you a different timeline and response. Asking to speak with management is useless as they read from a script to.


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Sep 18, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

I had a loan with Ally, their interest rates stink! No refinancing, nor do they work with you if your falling behind, I missed 1 payment in 2 years and they closed my online acct. was unable to access my acct any longer.  Customer service is rediculous if you can even understand what the heck they're saying. I was so frustrated, they offered me no reassurment nor were they willing to work with me, so I took my unhappy business elsewhere, Im so happy im done with them, I took my loan and refinanced with another company and now my monthly payments were cut in half from $440 a month to $220 Get out while you can stop paying unecessary high intrest rates! 

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Oct 01, 2017

Where did u go to refinance I want to leave them

Sep 16, 2017
Given to me by my car dealership
Anonymous Borrower

I knew nothing about Ally until now..I have tjem they harass you to make payments...they cant speak english...rude unfriendly

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Sep 13, 2017
Hurricane Victim? Ally doesn't care!
Anonymous Borrower

If you need forebearance extensions; Ally doesnt care if youre a victim from a Hurricane who lost everything. They told me so directly.


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Sep 11, 2017
Pretty Shady Company!
Kali2009 Borrower

The beginning of my loan process with Ally seemed fine.. I canceled some warranties and the refund checks were sent to Ally. THEY processed them wrong and put on my next 3 statements that my due date isn't until beginning of next year. Naturally, I made lower payments, which bumped my due date even further back. They realized this past Thursday they screwed up and changed my account to say that I owe them $700 and sent it straight to collections ( without calling or mailing me a letter- I just happened to check my online account before work). Top it off, they back dated the amount owed and put I was 3 months late. Even though my credit reports these past few months show me current with Ally. I will probably end up having to take legal action. Don't do it!!

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Aug 29, 2017
mspen15 Borrower

They call relentlessly and reflect late payments on your credit even when you've paid on time every single month. People on the phone are useless. 

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Aug 13, 2017
Worst auto loan ever!!
Anonymous Borrower

They are the worst. There customer service is horrible as well. They don't ever listen to you and they don't want to help you. I promise you they will screw you over.  

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Aug 04, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

customer service is the worst! Very nice to you, but can't EVER help you with anything. Ridiculous company policies, outsourced customer service in the Philipeans. Not once have they sent me the right thing. If you're getting a car and they say Ally financial, RUN- please trust what I'm saying. I took out ANOTHER loan to pay them off because they're so ridiculously retarded and now they owe me, but I can't cash the check because the idiots also added my father's name to the check and won't remove it, so I have to travel to a different state, to get my dad and open a bank account with him, just to get gen money back! By the time I do all that, I would have spent more money! Ally doesn't care, because if I don't do it, they'll keep the money. So basically they just robbed $530 from me. 

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Jul 18, 2017
A Rip Off
Anonymous Borrower

Ally auto does not refinance. Once you accept their loan you can not refinance with them. You would have refinance with someone else.

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Jul 12, 2017
Horrible customer service.
britwoe Borrower

I got an auto loan through them in July 2016. I was given a horrible Interest rate but that was expected as we were first time buyers with bad credit. The dealership told me after 6 on time payments I could refinance through them and lower the payment (which is a whopping $510 a month) so I called Ally after 6 months and was told I had to wait a year (for a total of 12 on time payments) for a rewrite. I called them today after 12 on time (actually always early) monthly payments to rewrite the loan as I had a child with complications & had to quit my job and am depending solely on my husband's income now, and was told I had to make 18 on time payments to qualify for the rewrite. I tried to explain that we can not afford the high monthly payments anymore & the rep told me I shouldn't have had a kid then! They are rude, liars, and all around this has been a bad experience! I will never bank with them again, I am looking for an other job so I can find a new loan company that will refinance me!

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