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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jun 29, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

I financed by first vehicle with them several years back and was able to get 0% APR for 60 months. They’ve always provided excellent customer service. I also have a savings account through them. So far so good! No complaints.  I’m considering going through them to the finance my second car if I’m able to receive the same interest rate.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Apr 21, 2016
Down Right Dishonest!!!
Sprinkey Borrower

On 10/9/2015 I refinanced my loan with another institute. they got the payoff amount on that same day. on 10-20-2015 Ally tried taking another payment from my acct. knowing it was being paid off by the other bank. Ally had already recieved payment by then and wont admit it but the new financial institute told me they had cleared the check by then. So the loan should be paid right, wrong. apparently getting a payoff for the exact amount owed isnt enough they want more from you. apparently they want your kids, dogs, and everything else after that loan has been paid. So the conclusion to my story is when you do math, math never lies. if i owe $32793.29 on 10-9-2015 wih a per diem of x amount of dollars added for interest. that is what the payoff should be. Not a whole other payment like these thieves are trying to take from me. 

Dont use them, both my wife and I have had terrible experiences with this lending institute!

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Mar 23, 2017
Auto loan
Anonymous Borrower

I financed a work van through Ally. The vehicle was paid off one year before final payment was due, and I used the vehicle as a trade in to purchase another vehicle. I recently had my credit report check and Ally is claiming that the first work van was repossessed. I have been fighting this for just about 30 days and can get nowhere with having this removed from my credit report. I would never use or recommend this Bank for any type of a loan if they are this difficult to deal with even when you have documentation proving what you are saying.

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Mar 17, 2017
Worst experience ever
Anonymous Borrower

I will never in a million years do business with Ally financial again in regards to an auto loan. Worst experience ever. At the end of my lease I was hit with a $400 wear and tear bill to damage that was done on my car in the time between me dropping it off at the walk-away process and when an Ally inspection agent came and looked at my car, I called to try and dispute the damages and all I received was a rude agent claiming "it's your fault" when asked to speak to a supervisor I was told no. Who says no to a customer??? I will never ever ever be a customer to Ally financial.

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Mar 17, 2017
Great rate and terms
Anonymous Borrower

Purchased a 2016 Ford F-250 in November of 2015.  Was approved right away for 1.9%.  I actually saved money by financing with Ally than financing with Ford with their higher rate and incentives.  I pay on time every month and have never had any issues.

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Feb 24, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

Let me make this short and sweet....we bought a 2015 Chevy Silverado and used Ally as our financing. Soon we discovered that after making payments for almost a year and a half our loan amount owed had only gone down maybe $4000 and we pay $675 a month! We also discovered that some months we actually paid more in interest than we were to principle but otherwise at least half of our monthly payment was interest! We just refinanced through our credit union today, so let's see if we have any issues.....-CH

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Feb 20, 2017
It's ok
Anonymous Borrower

It's not the best loan in the world but it's ok this company do what they want to do keep all records of payments I fell behind on a few payments but I caught up b4 they could have took my car I try not to call these ppl no one speaks English & no one will help you with any matter 

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Feb 11, 2017
Auto loan
Anonymous Borrower

havent had any issues so far. Had for ~3 yrs. paid off in full today, but waiting for title. car dealer put through my application. have not had to call aout anything so I cannot speak to that but essentially, it's been a walk in the park! However, will certainly come back to rant if i have any issues obtaining my title!

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Jan 30, 2017
Worst loan experience I've ever had!!!
Jpetro444 Borrower

Bought my car July 2016... never missed a payment. Go to refinance our property to build our dream home and there is a 30 day late from Ally??? Call Ally over and over for 2 months. Not one person speaks english. They keep saying it is in review.. hired an attorney to send letters and make calls. Ally says the show no record of letters or calls from my attorney so now my attorney is taking action against them. Re financing no matter the interest rate tomorrow! Why can I not leave 0 stars?!

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Jan 11, 2017
New Car Auto Loan
Kellyjo24 Borrower

Appealing to use this loan service because of the 0% financing offiered. However, do not do it!  The customer service is horrible. My car was totalled in August, it's December and my insurance company still hasn't gotten the documents it needs from Ally. A simple Letter of Guarentee that my insurance company overnighted to them for the third time. When I called to ask about it no one could help me, after being transferred three times I finally got to the total loss department. I had never spoken to or heard from this department before, waited on hold for 35 minutes. 

I understand if you have a lower credit score they approve you fast and easy, but honestlyif you can get a loan through any other company I would. Ally is basically a predatory lender. 

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Jan 06, 2017
Car loan
Anonymous Borrower

Customer service is spot on i was lucky they helped me considering my credit . when times got tough they found every possible way to help me AGAIN to make sure payments were good and on time . Thanks ally

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Dec 13, 2016
Dmimiof6 Borrower

My husband and I were able to pay off our auto loan 5 years early. I received the payoff amount and paid a lump sum of over 23,500.  The next week I went to look to make sure it was paid off and low and behold it showed I still owe money? I called and believe me you can't speak to anyone who knows english! I asked and they are from the Philippines. I tried to find a phone number that is here and there are none available. They tried to explain to me why I owed the money.  They seperated my one payment into 3 different payments therefore making them additional interest money.  PLEASE don't do business with these people.


D. Neal

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Dec 14, 2016

We got our first loan with them pay early very current with them and then we went to them for another loan and they acted as if they never done business with them! Hence the reason for getting a mortgage after being mortgage free for years to pay off the one we have and to get the second car so we can cancell current and future business with them.

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