Ally® Bank Auto Loan Reviews

Ally® Bank Auto Loan Reviews
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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Jul 26, 2020
DSSH Borrower

Ally Auto has not reported my payments since November 2019.  They also refused or neglected to dispute I filled with Transunion regarding their failure to report to credit bureas resulting in my auto loan being removed or deleted by Transunion as required by law.  Due to Ally Auto irreponsiblity my credit score has been adversely affected, which will affect the rates I receive if I apply for mortgage. They refuse to answer emails since June.  I finally recieved a call from some 3rd world agent who said they have been updating their reporting system and will fix this immediately - that was weeks ago.  Whatever you do, do not let the dealer get your auto loan with Ally as you will regret it just as many others who posted here have.  These people should be shut down and forced to transfer these loans to another institution.  My payments are paid up a year in advance and yet they are causing my credit score to be lowered.  They outsource to 3rd world country so I guess none of this is a surprise.  Nice for them while they evade US taxes.

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Jul 23, 2020
Auto Loan
Jparsons91 Borrower

DO NOT EVER USE THIS BANK. Do not let any car dealer let you finance through them. They lose your payments every time your call and pay through THEIR system. If you miss a payment, no more online paying for you. You must call and pay, and then call later to find out the money has been "allocated in another account" when you only have one account with them! I WISH I had the ability to refinance and get away from them. But because of them ruining my credit, I can't leave them! Thanks Ally for being such an "Ally" to your customers.

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Jul 07, 2020
emichaels12 Borrower

They wont report to Credit Bureaus when you pay thousands off princible, but they will immidiately if your payment is a day late and still not update your loan balance  

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May 28, 2020
Great app and slow credit reporting
revodie Borrower

I was given the option to use Ally from the dealership as they offered the lowest interest rate/payment based on my credit at the time of my purchase.  The website and app have been easy to use and they auto draft feature has worked as planned.  The only negative I can report is the length of time it took to have my payment history reported to the credit bureaus which was about three months.  I noticed that one of the running themes in other negative reviews was related to late charges and customer service.  I imagine the experience with all loan providers seems negative when you're late making payments.  So, maybe pay your payment on time and then rate the company. 

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May 21, 2020
DO NOT get a loan with Ally Financial

If you enjoy poor customer service, relentless phone calls, and ridiculous charges this is the right bank for you!

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May 01, 2020
They Dont even deserve 1 star

This bank is literally charging me double on a late fee that has already been paid and i have actual proof, requested it be fixed was told it would be (again have everything in writing as i did this through their chat) well 3 weeks later it still is not fixed instead they took sai late fee and changed it to a balance due as the previous balance was zero now the balance is the exact amount of the late fee but it dont say late fee, as i am on the phone with them explaining how it needs to be removed, the women could not fix so i asked to speak with a manager after waiting 5 mins i get a manager with the EXACT same voice and she tells me they have the same accent a voice and accent are different so i request someone else. again wait another 5 mins and the same perosn comes on the phone stating a different name. Absolutley unprofessional now a male has been requested but i am told i ay have to wait even longer. Never again will i finance with this company we shall see if this issue gets resolved as i am on the phone with them now but clearly they just want to play games and not help with anything.

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Apr 15, 2020
Payment Deferral
walterc3121 Borrower

This company is very unprofessional.  During the Covic 19, I applied for the payment deferral due to loss of income.  I applied on line like I was asked, I chatted with someone and applied again, I called someone several times and even received a call form someone to no avail.  They still have it on my payments stating that I am late even though they keep saying that it went through.  This company isn't professional at all and they even are sending me e-mails stating that I need to apply.

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Mar 30, 2020
AG872926 Borrower

Dealing with Ally financial is a complete nightmare. Called to inquire about the process of doing a co-signer release for a vehicle- was given 10 different answers as to how to go about the process by people who barely speak English. Finally received the correct information after about the 11th attempt to acquire some clarity. Had all the documents ready to submit- called to confirm the fax number to send them to, “Oh you have to mail those.” Spoke to another person, “Ok here’s the fax number to send those to.”

Called the next day to confirm reception of the documents, “Here try this fax number instead. By the way, our department is back logged; we probably won’t review your application for one to two weeks.” They reviewed the application within a few days and denied the transfer. Mind you, the person we were trying to transfer to has prime credit with no history of missed payments, low debt and a good income. Thank you Ally financial for your excellent customer service! What a joke...

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Jul 19, 2020

we are getting ready to try and do the same.

Mar 29, 2020
WORST Financial Institution

Do not ever apply for Ally Auto! This is the worst auto lease experience I ever had. Traded in my auto loan I had with them , but took it to a different dealership. They bought the car from them , so basically the entire balance was paid off. It took about 3 months and hundreds of phone calls to have my account closed . They send me a letter that they closed my account and it’s a zero $ balance , but on all the credit reports it shows that I do have a 3$ balance left so my account is still not closed. Once again : WORST FINANCIAL Institution!!! 

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Mar 17, 2020
Refinance Elsewhere!
tialeighah Borrower

I would not advise going through this company for refinancing your vehicle. They are not willing to work with you should anything happen to your vehicle. They auto draft without your authorization. My vehicle totaled and I had to purchase a new vehicle or lose my job. I was unable to wrap in what was remaining on my Ally loan. I called numerous times trying to make arrangements to pay the remaining loan, but in smaller payments since I couldn't afford two car loans. They refused to work with me. They would rather get nothing and ruin my credit than work with me. Then they auto drafted my account after I had been guaranteed the auto draft was canceled. When I called about it they said I had only made a request and it was denied. I wanted to pay what I owed, but they refused to accept anything less than the contracted amount. No cooperation what so ever. All or nothing. What a horrible way to do business. I've been purchasing and financing vehicles for 20 years and I would never recommend this company. I only gave them 1 star in order to leave this review. I had to close my bank account just to prevent them from continuing to auto draft from it. I wish I had gone through a different company.

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