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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Jan 23, 2017
Awesome and Fast

I have financed 6 loans through USAA now and have always received amazing rates and the process is so fast.  I would never use anyone else.  Several times, I even applied on my phone through the app while sitting in the dealership parking lot.  The dealer check was emailed to me within minuted, done deal.

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Jan 26, 2017

not with sub-prime credit. you need to be at least at 680 up

Sep 19, 2016
Do not trust USAA on auto loans

They will work to get you approved and take care of getting you the loan as soon as possible, with as little information on the loan as possilbe. In my opinion they don't give you enough information and the process should be explained better. Nobody has the same answer from them and the customer service has really taken a nose dive in the last couple of years. They used to be top notch, now they are average at best. I will never use them for anything again. I could go into further details on the whole thing, but who cares?

I am cancelling all 3 credit cards, car insurance, checking and savings with them after this car loan experience. My customer loyalty over the last 15 years means nothing. That is all.

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Apr 15, 2016
Low APR when others rejected me
Anonymous Borrower

USAA gave me 3.65% (with 0.5 off if I use their car buying service) with a credit of 740 built over 1 year. Everyone else rejected me because 1 year of credit built up is not enough even if I'm making enough money according to them. Basically USAA could have given me whatever APR they liked and I would have no other option, but they gave me such a great deal. Their minimum possible APR for a used vehicle is 2.25% with car buying service discount included.

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Apr 12, 2016
Mistakes in Credit Reporting
JerryM112 Borrower

Instead of paying in cash for a car like I had typically done in the past, I took out this loan to build my credit rating.  What a mistake!  I got it in February of 2015.  In July of 2015, they reported to the credit bureaus as a closed account.  Every month I pay on time.  I have contacted them repeatedly for months.  They keep saying they will fix it, but over nine months, and it's still showing closed.  I had to go to another company to get an additional account to meet the criteria to boost my score.  At first, they even had the nerve to ask me to file an official dispute and they would get to it in their sweet time (approximately 30 days)! I said something like I would pay my bills with them in my sweet time, so then they told me it was handled in January.  Imagine my surprise when I got my credit report last week, and it was still "closed." Six days ago, they told me they couldn't figure out why or how to fix it, but they were looking into it:

"I understand your concerns and have escalated this matter for resolve.  The request in January was issued as an update to the Credit Bureaus as an "open" account however there is some reason it continues to default to "closed."  This is what I am having researched now.  Once I receive an update on this action and a final resolve, I will follow up with you.  Thank you for your patience.  We value your business and the opportunity to serve all your financial needs.  Thank you, Jeffrey Regge USAA"

 Other family members I know have Navy Federal, and zero problems.  That is who I would recommend for an auto loan.

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