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Aug 13, 2016
It lowered my interest rate and payment
CFKinPA Borrower

This company does not actually make the loan. They act as your agent and work with over 20 different finance companies. My original auto loan was at 9.71% with monthly payments of $368.99. After refinancing my interest rate was lowered to 6.49% and my payments are now $315.92. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Apr 29, 2016
Sunshine4283 Borrower

I'm only reviewing this place because i couldn't believe how unprofessional they were. So i applied for an auto refinance from this lender at the advice of credit karma. I figured if they are advertising for them, it can't be bad. So, i applied on Friday afternoon, and had an email Monday morning about logging on to finish my paperwork. They even called me multiple times throughout the week, trying to get this all finished.  First thing i didn't like about it was a "required" document that was needed was a "power of attorney" For what? Second they said they could lower my loan by $24.00 a month. That didn't even equal out to one payment a year, in my case. So i emailed them back and told them i wasn't really interested that refinancing for a longer term at this point to only save 24 a month wasn't worth it to me, and asked them why they would need a power of attorney signed and began to question some of what they were doing. This when it gets really sketchy. So all of the sudden i get an email from courtney castillo (the useless robot i've been dealing with) and it's a set up automated email saying that now my application has been denied to go to the website and log in to find out why. I'm assuming when i told them that their refinance sucked and started asking why i would need to sign my rights to a power of attorney they caught onto the fact that i maybe knew more than i should. So i emailed her back and asked why or was it normal to approve people, harass them via email and phone, and then when they don't think your offer is anything great, then all of the sudden they aren't approved? As i had said i wasn't going to use their services to begin with. I just thought it was kind of sketchy that i was approved then all of the sudden i wasn't approved. I feel like there is no reason why somoene couldn't explain that for me. My feelings aren't hurt. I can financially afford the payment i have, i just was trying to see if i could lower my payment a bit to save up for a vacation we would like to take. So please understand this place is SUPER SKETCHY. I'm really almost sorry i gave them any of my personal information at all. I feel like someone who doesn't have something to hide could answer this simple question, or they got mad that i said i wasn't going to refinance through them, or they were mad i was inquiring about something sketchy they were about to do. I will review this same way about this company every and anywhere i can, including BBB. What a load of crap this place is. Don't waste your time.

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Jun 16, 2017
Car refinancing
cchodge8 Borrower

Open Road is great. Lowered my percentage rate by 5 . Saved my 80$ a month. Great customer service there.

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Jun 08, 2017
Fast, Easy and Effortless.
Anonymous Borrower

Got approved and offered an unbeatable interest rate in comparison to other companies.

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Jun 08, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

They say they save you money but they added interest to my loan.

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Jun 07, 2017
OpenRoad saved me over $50 per month!
Anonymous Borrower

OpenRoad helped find a lender for me to refiance my car loan through. They were able to cut my interest rate almost in half and saved me over $50 per month on my monthly car payment and over $2,000 on interest. Didn't extend the life of my loan at all. So glad Credit Karma referred me to OpenRoad. The process was quick and painless. Just as a heas up, it will add a few hard credit inquiries to your report as they work to find a bank that'll work with you and your credit score. The savings is worth it though!

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May 11, 2017
Auto Refinance
Anonymous Borrower

Amazing experience.  Easy and very user friendly.  Staff was very friendly.

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May 09, 2017
qtna Borrower


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May 02, 2017
Car Refinance
DHackman Borrower

Excellent company.  Everyone was responsive, courteous and helpful.  Best of all they saved me over $150. A month on my car payment.

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Apr 15, 2017
Quick and clear
bruthaman80 Borrower

I inquired about a lower interest rate from Open Road and they were able to offer me an unbeatable rate at 4% coming from a 13% interest rate on a used car. they were straight forward and did everything they said. I would definitely recommend them and use them again for auto purchase's etc... for future

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May 25, 2017

Hi, may i ask what was the credit score when you applied for refinance?

Apr 14, 2017
Easy process
AshCash1989 Borrower

Best decision! I seen on credit karma the opportunity to refinance and lower my payment so I did. High recommended..FAST AND EASY

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Apr 04, 2017
It was pretty simple
UltimateTox Borrower

Pretty simple they take good care of me and really detailed when explaining

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