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Most Helpful Positive Review

Dec 11, 2015
Auto Loan Refinance
chappelch Borrower

Charles was very efficient in researching & locating a Credit Union that not only refinanced my loan but cut my interest rate in 1/2!

Excellent rating & Customer Service!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jan 31, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

my auto loan was sold to this company.  when i was 7 months to paying off loan they started calling and stating i was late i have never had a late payment on this vehicle.  after complaining to BBB they have only called one time and i had to tell them its not my fault they dont record payments when they get them instead they sit on them a few days so they can harrass you on being late .  lucky for me i use moneygram to send payment and i can check the payment when i get home after making payment.

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Nov 22, 2016
Very quick and easy.
Anonymous Borrower

Professional and willing to help through the process.

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Nov 17, 2016
fast and easy

My loan agent was Joe G. He made the process fast and easy. Every step of the way he made me feel like getting my loan was top priority. This was the first time I had my car refinanced, and I was so happp/lucky to hava him. Loan process went smoothly. 

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Nov 15, 2016
RKostanski Borrower

This refinance took Thousands off the loan for the entire term...lowered my monthly payments, making the payments much more manageable. A+++

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Nov 13, 2016
Great options
evie2014 Borrower

It is better than the othr I had. Joe was a true professioal..... Thank you

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Nov 13, 2016
Very detailed service :)
evie2014 Borrower

Joe was a true professional Your treated like a human being. You receive call backs and the reps are very informative.

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Oct 26, 2016
it was fast and easy!
Anonymous Borrower

xxxxxxxxxx was great to work with, made the application process alot easier. 

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Oct 08, 2016
Finance charges
trtmfm Borrower

This company was willing and happy to refinance my orginal auto loan with a lower intrest rate, and slightly lower monthly payments.  The problem was the refinance charge, the charge would have added so much to the overall payout that I would have owed more for the car than if I did not refinace to begin with.  The problem is that they would have had no problem doing that.  I undertstand buisness exist to make money, but when a loan doesn't benifit the applicant, maybe not try to push it through so diligently.

I went to my local credit union and they refinaced it happily with no hidden or unexpected charges, and at a better rate i'll add.

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Oct 11, 2016

Thank you for your feedback. It is our goal to help individuals understand their financial situation whether or not we are able to serve them. We don't have enough information from your review to fully address your situation, but what we can address is the following: (1) Depending on how your transaction was going to be titled, state required fees could have been higher; (2) Registration, title fees and charges vary based on the state and county in which you live. These fees cannot be changed by IFS. (3) Optional products could have been quoted in your loan amount. Since these items are optional, they could have also been easily removed from your loan and payment structure. It is our goal to help each of our customers, whether we are able to secure them a loan or not, fully understand their situation as it relates to their auto loan. We would the opportunity to hear more about your specific experiences. Please contact us at , so we can connect you with a manager who can help you. We hope the information we are able to provide at this time is helpful to you, and we look forward to discussing these other issues with you personally.

Oct 01, 2016
Old school way of financing
alletto Borrower

These guys do exactly what a dealership does except you are not forced into sales tactics. They have an extensive lender network and get the deal done!

My first time using them I had a 16% rate. They refianced it down to 6%. 

 I am using them again and my current rate is a 16% as well. I have several credit issues such as before that forced me into a 16% rate from the dealerships. Since this manually done over automated; you have a lot better options. They don't just look at you like a number.  Automated systems strictly go off the numbers. They look at all options and present you in a manner best fitted to get the best rate. 

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Oct 04, 2016

Thank you for your review! We are happy we were able to provide you with a rewarding experience, and congrats on your 6% rate!

Sep 21, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

I was approved for a refinance and the whole process was fast and easy. Brook was my advisor and she did an excellent job in making sure all my emails and calls were returned in a timely manner. Brook is definitely a professional at her job.

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Sep 15, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

The loan process went well. Brook my loan advisor was very experienced and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. Her response to my email were quick and she's very courteous. I was able to get the loan at a lower rate than I had which reduced my monthly payments. Thanks IFS!!!

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