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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jan 08, 2019
They gave me an auto loan
Mahalobeauty Borrower

My credit score was and still is crap. I’m still working on improving but it takes time. Exeter got us a car albeit for an extremely high interest rate. But at least we have a car and my husband isn’t biking/ riding the bus to work in the rain. They also give you up to two skipped payments and that was helpful when we needed it. Pay your bill on time and on line and you shouldn’t have a problem. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Oct 06, 2018
Very high interest
loniakandrew Borrower

Bottom line: if you have alternative choices, use them. If you are matched with this bank, you know why. Pay the fees, and pay the loan down faster than arrainged and you will pay less interest. Get established with Exeter and then move away. 

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Sep 11, 2019
Good customer service, no issues.
FethardJ Borrower

I paid off a 60 month loan several months ago. I never had any problems with Exeter. They allowed two skipped payments on approval, which was nice. Their agents were alwys helpful and curteous. Yes, the interest rate is high, but then with not the greatest credit it was better than I expected.

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Sep 10, 2019
901dad Borrower

They did to me what they did to residents of massachusets. theres no way i can keep this car and keep my livlihood and i am in severe economic  danger!

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Aug 15, 2019
Good company, easy to deal with

What everyone writing bad reviews has to understand is that if your credit is crap, you're going to get a high interest rate.  If you don't pay your car payment, they'll come get your car.  Any financial institution has to protect their assets, and are there to provide a service to you.  With your poor credit, you don't get to pick their policies - you have to follow them.  There were some comments about payment dates, interest calculation and some other stuff... come on, do some research!  If you don't know how APR or car loans work, look it up.  If you don't know the policies about payment dates, grace periods, autopay or other loan requirements, call and ask!  People act like the banks need to do what the customer asks, regardless of policy - but that's not how life works.  You all need to chill out, fix your credit and get a loan with low interest or just pay cash for your car if you don't want to deal with subprime companies.  I knew what I was in for, but so far, it's plesantly worked out with Exeter for me!

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Aug 06, 2019
Auto loan for a 2014 Hyundai Sonata
Cresha123 Borrower

They are extremely too high I needed a car really bad I wish I had never did it. I owed $17,000 on it the car got totaled and thats when I realized they were really ****ing me the car was actually worth $9,899 so you can do the math and see how big they ****ed me with the high interest rates. They never report to the credit bureau on time when I was making monthly payments so I never saw the benefit on paying for the car with my credit but I see they report it if you don't pay with the quickness and I will not pay for a car I don't have possession of. If you can stay away from them please do don't ruin your credit with them!

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May 27, 2019
If you need these people to finayour why

From day one these people were very professional and kind. The dealership I dealt with didnt secure the documents needed so when going thru funding we had to send them to the dealership again but Exeter has been awesome to us. Yes the interest rate is higher then normal but they are willing to help and to finance people with low scores. I really appreciate all the help they've given me.

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Apr 27, 2019
Jocabus Borrower

They are hard to talk too. I traded out of cv this loan to a much better rate and all they tell me is go get our check for the payoff. I out of courtesy called to tell them I traded the vehicle. I gave them contact info for the large Chrysler dealership I purchased my new vehicle so they could verify. They told me it was not their responsibility to verify but it was my responsibility to get their check. And if they did not have it by the due date I would take a hit on my cre ddf it report. If I had no other option next time but Execter I think I would walk.

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Apr 08, 2019
MYCHOLA Borrower

Pay close attention to your balances...Being that how can a Loan for $14834...with 35 payments of $334=$11705...Still have me owing $9502!!! They're keeping majority of the money toward themselves and NOT toward your loan. Credit building my foot!!! this is how ya'll keep people in the hole!!! BEWARE being that how the hell only $2202 only went to my loan...!!! REFINANCE WITH ANOTHER COMPANY ASAP!!

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Apr 11, 2019

We just got a car loan from them. Haven't paid the frist payment yet. Thanks for the heads up cause we're usually the ones getting screwed by people like this.

May 22, 2019

It's very high interest. Unfortunately when you have bad credit you get killed on the interest rate. If you have the ability to pick and choose find a lower interest rate. If not then only a percentage goes toward the principal. You have a contract that states the amount of payments and the price. They are cheating you, but they aren't. Cheating you because the interest is high as hell. Not cheating you because you sign a paper with the interest rates and how much that will come to by the end of your payments.

Sep 10, 2019

You need to understand how payments with interest works. The first year or so of payments are 90% interest. They need to make their money off the top in the event you default.
That 334 payment... 250 is probably interest

I'm I'm the same boat with you. **** credit so **** interest...but they wrote me an auto loan when no one else would

Apr 08, 2019
No issues, until the payoff date.....
jonesiee7 Borrower

Literally not one problem with exeter in my years of dealing with them until it was time to pay my loan off. They were even really helpful in approving a loan deferrment when I lost my job. However, the balace of my loan went from $8k in January '19, to less than $1k at the beginning of February that same year when my insurance paid it off. It's now coming up on the middle of April. The loan has been paid off, and they, despite numerous phone calls, have refused to report a balance less than $8k to the credit bureaus. I can't get approved to finance a new car because the credit reports are still showing a large balance from this loan which doesn't even exist anymore. I'm coming up on 3 months without a new vehicle now, constantly being assured they'll report my new balance, and still won't. 

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Mar 04, 2019
Great customer service very helpful!
MinnaPunk Borrower

This is for those trying to rebuild/start over with little to no credit or poor credit....did everything they could to get me into a car with a payment I could afford...customer service is AMAZING!

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Jan 14, 2019
Great Company!

They worked with me and my challenged credit! APR was extremely high but that was to be expected. The customer service is excellent!

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