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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jun 09, 2015
They'll accept you, I'm sure..
ifelloverit Borrower

I have an auto loan through Credit Acceptance, and they were relatively easy to go through. The only problem I have, is that the interest rates are a tad high; however, with my current credit rating, it's to be expected. In a few months I'll refinance, but for now, I'm glad they've accepted my application.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Oct 02, 2015
They don't give you a copy of your title

I purchased a SUV and Credit Acceptance became my creditor, 10/22/2010. On 10/22/12 I wanted to use my car as a trade in to purchase my current SUV , it turns out not even the finance company had a copy of the title and wouldn't show me proof that they were thee actual owners of the vehical once the car was financed. I ended up having to keep the car and paying two car notes two insurances. I then stop paying the car note on my 1st vehical and set up an escrow account and demand my title. 5 months went by and next thing I know Credit Acceptance went to where my car was stored which was strange bcus they never were told where it was at. I get a letter in the mail 11/2013 stating they repo my SUV and I could retain it IF I paid them .(STILL NO TITLE) I paid them 2500 remaining balance and then was told I can make arraignment to pickup my SUV. I called set an appointment just to find out my car was 2 hrs away from my location . When I got to the location to pick my vehical up they wanted me to sign for it before I saw my vehical. I was shown pictures of it when it was brought In but never say it since they had it. My SUV was damaged with a cost of repairs of $5500 and they lost the key to my vehical and tried to sell me a key from their on site lock smith for $150 , I declined the offer. I called AAA towing company to towe my SUV wasn't drivable. When the tow guy went to the lot to get my car he came back to me and said it will be awhile because they are digging my car out of a snow hill, not only did they strong arm to get the balance that was owed on the loan by repo the vehical and still refused to give me the title until after a month of me paying the balance in full, my car was damaged, they let my windows down and allowed the snow to fill thee insides of the car and had my car underneath a snow him which means they were shoveling the snow and just piled the snow onto my vehical while it was parked on their lot. I eventually bought another body for my SUV because the damages were horrible and out of the 4 years I had the SUV I drove it mainly 2-3 months out the year bcus it was sold to me with many problems resorting to replacing electrical system, gas tank and lines, heating and cooling system, new transmission, new engine, basically I bought a lemon and when I paid for all the repairs that were done ONLY at the Superior GMC dealership they wanted the car back but I declined their offer to buy back .They can't be trusted and they may not even have the title of your car in their possession and give you a hard time when your trying to use the vehical as a trade in. I really believe they was trying to block me from doing business with someone else.

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Oct 17, 2016
DO NOT deal with these fraudsters
Anonymous Borrower

Do not deal with this company, they are very nasty to deal with.  If you are 1 date late they are calling demanding payment. They sent a repo guy to my house to sit in my front yard...... called me and said if you are late every again, we will take your vehicle, look outside. 

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Oct 08, 2016
Very Bad
Anonymous Borrower

Had a loan thru this company. SUV was a lemon. Returned to dealer under lemon law. Dealer was to let the company know that it had be returned as a lemon. Credit report shown this as a VS (Voluntary Surrender) and not a repo. Still shoing up on credit report with a balance due. Can get no where with the company as they are showing a balance due when one is not. Have asked for prove of the loan and the time, date  and place of sale of the SUV but keep gettin "It is none of my busnness". 

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Sep 20, 2016
wejgfqy Borrower

Down payment was big, monthly payment wasnt the best interest was 24%. I made my payments on time every month and never had a problem out of them. My wife totaled the car and the insurance paid it off , Credit acceptance marked paid on time and account closed.

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Sep 18, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

They do not work with you and will cut your car off after being one day late! They do not care if you are left stranded........

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Sep 03, 2016
BEWARE!! Find better Lenders!!!!!
Anonymous Borrower

The approval process was super easy. They took advantage of me, as i was buying my first vehicle. They sold me a total piece of junk. Transmission went, electrical was screwed, the engine ceased and all i got was "thats not our problem" umm.. then you aint getting your money. I volunteered to have the vehicle repoed. I don't want it and i will never sign with them again. Find better lenders!!!!

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Jul 22, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

The WORST COMPANY EVER! Don't do it!

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Jun 14, 2016
Worst Ever!!
Tas49002 Borrower

Dont get a month behind cause if you do they will pick your car up at work. Good payment history for 6 months i had this car but they will not work with you period.Never got a notice anything!!

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May 06, 2016

high down payment unreasonable amounts rather they just say no

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May 03, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

I had a loan 10 years ago and had the car for 6 months to build credit before it broke down. I mean the gear shift broke and the speedometer stopped working so I took the car back. This finance company has been trying to sue me for not only the car loan but the finance added on the car after it was sold. So far they have placed a levy on my bank and froze my bank account allegedly saying that I owe them $14,000 for a car I don't owe and does not even show up on my credit report. I'm filing a lawsuit against them and contacting the attorney general for possible fraud. Don't trust this company because they are snakes and are so greedy they will do whatever it takes to ruin your life. 

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