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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Oct 18, 2017
Don't get a car loan through them
mhorrell09 Borrower

I'm in the process of selling my car that I have a loan on, this is MY personal choice to save me some money in the long run. They have a grueling process to even get things going. 10-15 business days to process a payment that is direct wired then to generate a lien release letter? Makes NO sense. Telling me I need the title from the state, when I have called multiple places and they have told me I only need the letter and the title that I have on hand and it's considered released. Then customer service continues to tell me "Well you shouldn't be selling your car until the loan is paid off." Really? Because it's none of your business with what I do! Continue to tell me I should have went and traded it in at a dealer, great so then I could be in even MORE debt, makes perfect sense! The buyer and I are ready to do a seamless transaction and they're making it extremely difficult.

I will be extremely happy when all of this is said and done and I no longer have to deal with them.

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Jul 05, 2017
Anonymous Borrower

They rip u off. Had my car totaled in February of 2017. It is now July  and insurance has paid gap has paid and refunds paid. They still say I owe them 715.0. When I called they said I was past due on my account before gap and insurance paid yet  I can't see this on the web sight ( no history of payments even though it gives the option ) and all they will say is it was before the gap paid. So now I have to send proof of payments. And add them to a long list of nightmares in this whole event. Never believe that gap pays everything because the finance company keeps charging. Don't even want to give them one but instead it's giving two cause they ask how your application process was. Easy to get in hell to get out

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May 10, 2017
Straight-forward, no issues basic loan.
Anonymous Borrower

Financed a new vehicle with Citizens, online payments aren't the most stream-lined thing I've ever seen but who cares? I enter the numbers, they process the payment, end of story. Never had any issues with failed or mishandled payments, get my statement in the mail every month with the balance. There's also no prepay penalty so I can pay as much as I want over the minimum and it saves me interest. Haven't had to contact customer service, probably won't ever have to.

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May 04, 2017
Spent an begging them to take my money!
Anonymous Borrower

This bank saved me 1% interest, but I don't even think it was worth it. Making a payment is just such a laborious process! There are plenty of finiancing companies Citizens could model after with real working websites and processors. 

Wish I would have stayed with GM Fianancial!

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Apr 25, 2017
Old, out-dated, loan
Anonymous Borrower

I have a lone through Citizens currently.  Financed through them at a Ford dealership.  Rate was good.  My huge, HUGE, complaint is that everything seems to be on paper or through the phone.  Their online payment system is an absolute joke - the fields for what you owe do not even auto fill.  It is the year 2017 and yet they do not allow me to do anything oline other than go to a plain website by logging in with my 16! digit account number, and then the last four of my social.  They will not issue a username / password combo because you are not really a member of their bank.  It would just be nice to see how much I have left, schedule extra payments, pay off the loan, etc, all via the web.  Instead you have to wait for a monthly paper bill.  I'm never late, but I've still used customer service for general questions, and I have to say, they are not very helpful at all.  This is the last time I will allow a loan of mine to be underwritten through Citizens.  Should have stayed with USAA and ate the .5% difference in rate...

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Mar 23, 2017
Car loan through auto dealership
Anonymous Borrower

I just have to add that we had similar problems with this company - it was 3 months before we got a real statement and they kept calling and wanting us to pay over the phone.  We finally gave in and paid online without having received a statement.  We were told at least 3 times that a statement had been sent, but we never got it   Customer service is a joke - just kept telling us we better pay.  

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Feb 24, 2017
Thanks for the trust
1966deedee Borrower

I hope all this negitive is because of the lein holders not the bank. You sign a contract to pay x amount of dollars per month . Sorry you where in  a hurricane but not an excuse to not pay your car note then be mad at the bank, sounds like every one who is mad is because you couldn't live up to your end of the written contract. They give x aount of dollars and don't have time to be hearing why you ca't pay your proc=mised payments. Simple if you enter into a contract honior your end. Also I have not dealt with customer service I'm sure I'll never have to. 

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