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Dec 08, 2016
Cool people, good rate, ridiculous fee
mitchnorman Borrower

The rate is good and I like the no nonsense approach to the application process.  I basically did the whole deal sitting at my desk one afternoon.  No sweat.  Sabien with auto-pay was super cool and helpful.  The only issue for me is the loan fee.  Mine was $449 I think which nearly negates the advantage of the refi.  I think it's a trick they pull and I want to call them on it.  Say it up front Auto-pay.  I shouldn't have to read fine print to see that I'm about to spend $450 outside of the loan and interest.  I want people I can trust in the banking business and now I'm wary of Auto-pay and Credit Karma. Just beware and know what you're paying for.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Dec 06, 2016
Good rate, bad job at disclosure of fees
maddesa Borrower

They got me an excellent interest rate. However, after going through the documents later I found that a "doc fee" of $649 had been added. This was not disclosed to me by the representative that handled my loan. It was my fault that I had not noticed it initially and lesson learned. After some research I discovered that this is a very high fee indeed. Autopay makes a commission on finding the lender business but I suppose greed is an overriding factor here and with many companies. Called them just to ask for an explanation and they gave me the runaround, "this is standard", all that BS. Would not use again.

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Mar 26, 2017
Total Garbage
Tucoball Borrower

I would highly advise you steer clear of AutoPay.  Worst experience I have ever had with a loan broker.  Their ineptitude goes so incredibly deep is a wonder these morons are still in business.  Needed intervention by State Attorney General to see a resolution and they should be investigated for class action and put out of business. Do not use AutoPay. 

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Mar 17, 2017
They should be banned from Credit Karma
Anonymous Borrower

Seems to be more neglect and more cost added just to save yourself $100 a month not justifiable .

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Mar 13, 2017
Was able to cut my 18% interest in half.
spurc1980 Borrower

Excellent customer service by Sarah, communication was great. Fees are reasonable. Recommended for anyone who needs to refiance with mid 600 score. 

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Mar 09, 2017
Worst loan ever and they violate the law
degrees23 Borrower

They refused to send my paperwork to the county so I could get plates they tried to not pay the taxes that I paid at the dealer and I had to contact the Colorado attorney general so they would do it. I was inanely to drive my new car for 3 months because the temp tag was expired. They required me to have gap insurance (illegal in Colorado) then when I cancelled it they refused to give back the three hundred dollars. Had to contact the AG again to get them to do what the law says they must do. This is a terrible company and they should be run out of business. Please don't give them your business. They are the worst company of any kind I have EVER dealt with. 

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Mar 03, 2017
Really thankful for the loan🙂
Joshua13w Borrower

I am really thankful for autopay they really helped me with my financial needs and has given me a second chance to pay off my car with a new loan saving me 150 dollars a month!!! they will do everything they can to help you out  special thanks to my loan agent spencer with being so respectful and helping throughout the whole process I couldn't ask for more. 

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Feb 28, 2017
This loan is a blessing.
Deeter1 Borrower

I was paying $500 a month for my car loan with a 18 point something interest rate. After going through the loan process the sales agent was able to get me a loan with $320 monthly payments with a 8 point something interest rate. The sales rep was very helpful and diligent in the whole process. Also he was not pushy and annoying at all like most sales reps. I was in the middle of a move during the refinance process so he was very understanding of my time when it came down to getting everything that needed to be done for the loan process. Thanks to apps and technology almost everything was able to get done through my phone so I appreciate that especially with my busy schedule. Yes I was charged a $500 fee but considering how much I'm saving in the long run it was worth it. Also they do a soft credit pull which doesn't affect your credit score which is definitely a plus because that was one of my main concerns in trying to get my loan refinanced as well. I was not trying to harm my credit in the midst of trying to make it better. So thanks to Credit Karma for the referral and autopay for my better car loan policy. This is an honest review. I am a real person not getting paid for this review. Lol. Honestly I never take the time to type out reviews but I'm so happy with my new rates I had to let others know that it's worth it. 

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Feb 28, 2017

A soft pull? Are you sure? 99.9% that there was a hard pull on your credit.

Feb 17, 2017
A company that is too greedy.

The process itself, and the rate given was actually not bad. The issue lies with the company themselves. They charged a "doc and titling fee" of 449, when titlework depending on the state varies, but even with everything, I don't see 449 coming close considering if you refinance with a company directly instead of going through them, they will most likely not charge a fee for this work. The other thhing is their "protection" options. I added GAP, and the vehicle service contract. At first though, they wanted to charge me almost 4,000 for both! It was 795 for the GAP, and 2,800 for the VSC. After talking to another company, and reaching back to my loan consultant, he explained to me that they mark it up above their cost, and eventually lowered it to 180 for the GAP, and around 2,000 for the VSC. He told me that the main way they make their money is because the lender pays them a percentage based on the loan amount. So, if I wouldn't have shopped, the company would have made around 3,000 off of my loan. I understand that it is a business, but I don't think their costs come anywhere close to being high enough to justify that much of a return. Great rate, but just too over zealous. I would recommend going with a different company, or talk to the lending company directly.

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Feb 13, 2017
Low interes
Anonymous Borrower

This has been the best experience with a title loan. 

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Feb 03, 2017
Evasive disclosures not cost effective.
Nonsense101 Borrower

Asked agent about fees, loan term ect.early in the application process. He seamed to genuinely want to help. Was told a minimal doc fee and 4 year term and great interest rate with a warranty and gap insurance "thrown in". Final paperwork had a $649 doc fee, $2500 for warranty/gap, a 6 year term and $270 in charges with no explanation resulting in no savings. When agent was questioned offered a new option with higher interest and monthly payment equal to what I am currently paying if I didn't agree to buy the warranty once again no actual savings. I had paid $8000 down on current loan and had a 3.5 loan term to go this makes no sense, I don't appreciate my time being wasted this company is a disgrace.

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Feb 01, 2017
Quick, easy, and great customer serviceE

They are saving me $180 a month on my car payment and cut my interest rate in half. They make it so easy and respond to emails very quickly. Both reps I worked with (Armondo and Shelly) were exceptional. I was approved with credit between 650-700. 

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