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Most Helpful Positive Review

Apr 19, 2016
RERE2323 Policyholder

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING WITH USAA!!! I have ALL of my insurances through them, and wish I had swapped WAY before I actually did.. I've been with them for a few years now, and can't ask for better coverage, better customer service, & most of all can't ask for better prices.. They cut my previous homeowners insurance premium by more than 50%.. I was paying $1700 annually for homeowners & I now pay a little less than $800/annually, and that's with double the coverage that I had, with my previous insurance company.. Auto insurance is the same, as well... They cut my premium almost in half, and that also includes double the coverage that I previously had, as well... So since i have swapped insurance, I now have DOUBLE the coverage for less than half the price that I was paying, at my previous insurance company... I absolutely love USAA and they didn't give me any problems what so ever when I had to make a claim.. Everything went so smoothly.. I have had nothing but GREAT EXPERIENCES with them, since I've been there.... My ENTIRE FAMILY has now changed over to USAA , & they love it as well.. We've had great experiences, and I would suggest to anyone, to Just give USAA a try... Atleast get a quote from them, & you Will see just how much you can or will save... Especially on homeowners! They worked wonders for me!! They even have health care insurance.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!! THANKS SO MUCH, USAA!!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Sep 07, 2016
Problematic on many levels
jclaiborne2007 Policyholder

If you want to make changes to your policy there can be a serious amount of red tape. Speaking to agents can result in no action if they dont feel like entering the information into the system. I have moved on to a simpler and cheaper insurance company. You pay for those expensive football commercials.

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These reviews were written by current and former policyholders in the last year.

Jan 16, 2017
Ridiculous rate increases
Anonymous Policyholder

I switched to USA thinking the rates would be better, but it's  been more like a bait and switch experience. My auto insurance had $50 increases for each of the last two 6 month periods with no change in claims or any thing else to justify any increase, much less a 24% increase this year alone. I QUIT.

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Jan 11, 2017
They charge you for false claims
Kw2293 Policyholder

Back in Feb, a complete stranger filed a false claim with my USAA insurance. USAA recognized the call to be suspicious, took photos and verified our vehicles never touched, and never could find a police report. I thought all was over until they increased my premiums because of it. When I asked them about it, I received the runaround on who I needed to talk to. I already know they can remove it, but they won't. They charge me for a fake claim. It's bad enough they increase your rate every 6 months. They don't even offer 12 month policies. I'm over this company.

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Jan 10, 2017
terrible, plays games
Christelceleste Policyholder

giving me the run around on medical claims, lost wages, car rental. terrible insurance, wish I had had a different carrier

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Jan 03, 2017
Disappointing car insurance
Skywalker1977 Policyholder

I've had USAA for many years now, I think 17 so far.  I'm so used to them, it's a little scary to think about going elsewhere.  Still, I'm having second thoughts and thinking about going elsewhere in the next month.

My car insurance--the rates were at one time really good.  We just moved from the mid west to central United States and our insurance rates immediately went up a whole $90 a month.  I was willing to overlook that, figuring the accident rates here might be high or something.  

I got in an accident last year, the first accident I've had in over 15 years.  I have a very good driving record.  I was slowly pulling into a parking spot in a parking lot, when a car sped up beside me, coming between me and the parking spot (on the right side) and hitting my vehicle all along the side.  He even wanted to leave the scene without doing anything or exchanging insurances.  I figured he was clearly in the wrong.  I filed a claim with USAA, drew them the diagram they asked for, provided them pictures and testimony, the whole nine yards.  I even talked to the other guys insurance.  In contrast, the other guy refused to talk to USAA and was mostly non-communicative.  USAA ruled me at fault, and I'm still struggling to figure out why to this day.  They took the other driver's testimony over mine (he said I was in the wrong lane, which is false).

Different accident—my spouse was changing lanes when another car hit his bumper, causing some bumper damage.  USAA quickly determined the damage to be "total" and were going to assign us a payout rather than a repair.  Problem is, the payout they will give is far, far less than what a car of similar quality would cost.  We had just finished paying off this sedan (prior to the accident) to the tune of $10,000.  They gave us a payout of around $4,000 to replace it.  It was pathetic.  I literally had to have some relatives gift me a free car to get back on my feet.

I'm also becoming a new homeowner soon.  I compared their rates and policies with Liberty Mutual, and for the same coverage (Liberty is actually covering more in some instances), I will have to pay $600 more with USAA.  

I don't think they're the great company and great service members organization that I once thought they were.  At least in my experience they don't give their members the benefit of the doubt and I feel more like a number, a business transaction with some of this stuff they've pulled recently.  See ya, USAA.

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Dec 29, 2016
Circus01 Policyholder

it's great, deals for shoping, traviling, and renting cars

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Dec 22, 2016
cariley37 Policyholder

They keep stating that I was in an accident in 2012 but I was never in an accident. (Mind you every other company I have gone through for insurance pulls the right record showing a clean record). They keep pulling the reports for my exhusband and not me. It's really irritating and genuinely ticks me off at how poorly this business executes its informational searches and then insists that the information is accurate when the information clearly states my EXHUSBAND'S NAME as the person involved in the accident, in his own car, which my name wasn't on and I didn't even own or have any rights to it, and wasn't even registered to me!!! How the heck is that information accurate if the information does not pertain to me or my driving record!? They acknowledge that it isn't me and then try to double, triple, and even quadruple the premiums without any explanation when renewal comes and then try and tell me, "Oh you've been in an accident."....NO!!! How many times do I have to go over this with you idiots! I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN AN ACCIDENT AND MY NAME ISN'T SO AND SO WHO WAS ACTUALLY IN THE ACCIDENT!!!! Get your crap fixed! You've lost a customer for life USAA!

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Dec 22, 2016
jmstur Policyholder


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Dec 22, 2016
jmstur Policyholder

I've been with USAA for over 20 years. Their rates are outrageous as far as the increases every 6 mo. When you look at your policy and they "show" the discounts they've deducted, I'M NOT SEEING ANY SAVINGS... JUST DON'T ADD UP. No accidents or speeding tickts EVER and I'M paying for what???? 

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Dec 06, 2016
auto insurance
Anonymous Policyholder

claim submitted on 10/26/16, truck declared a total loss, it is now 12/06/2016 and the claim is still open, lien holder has not been paid.  Multiple errors made by claims adjuster, worst experience ever!  Incredibly difficult to get through to adjuster, never returns phone calls.  

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Nov 22, 2016
Good rates but shady service
Anonymous Policyholder

I've had a lot of good interactions and services with USAA insurance. Their rates are bar none, I'll give em that. But the rest has a lot to be desired. They couldn't care less about customers. A few month after getting USAA I got into an accident. I asked for road side assistance and a rental car only to find out they had never provided me with that coverage. It cost me $1000 out of pocket and I literally didn't eat that month. No joke. I weighed 90 pounds. I was so stressed I almost had a mental breakdown. Not only was it two months salary but I worked over an hour away with no public transportation to the area. They could have gone back to the phone recording where I requested the rental car but instead they didn't care. When I was a day late with paying they canceled my insurance. I was charged $180 for not having insurance and I had already paid one month inadvance so not only did I pay for insurance I didn't have but when I had to get insurance they made me pay 6 months up front so I actually paid 10 months of insruance for only 9 months of coverage in addition to the uninsured motorist penalty. 

I had served the country and been a member for 10 years, even buying a condo through their real estate program but one day late and cut throat. The banking is even worse. They steal so much money. I can't believe people are rating them so highly. I guess they haven't made a mistake yet. 

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