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Most Helpful Positive Review

Apr 19, 2016
RERE2323 Policyholder

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BEING WITH USAA!!! I have ALL of my insurances through them, and wish I had swapped WAY before I actually did.. I've been with them for a few years now, and can't ask for better coverage, better customer service, & most of all can't ask for better prices.. They cut my previous homeowners insurance premium by more than 50%.. I was paying $1700 annually for homeowners & I now pay a little less than $800/annually, and that's with double the coverage that I had, with my previous insurance company.. Auto insurance is the same, as well... They cut my premium almost in half, and that also includes double the coverage that I previously had, as well... So since i have swapped insurance, I now have DOUBLE the coverage for less than half the price that I was paying, at my previous insurance company... I absolutely love USAA and they didn't give me any problems what so ever when I had to make a claim.. Everything went so smoothly.. I have had nothing but GREAT EXPERIENCES with them, since I've been there.... My ENTIRE FAMILY has now changed over to USAA , & they love it as well.. We've had great experiences, and I would suggest to anyone, to Just give USAA a try... Atleast get a quote from them, & you Will see just how much you can or will save... Especially on homeowners! They worked wonders for me!! They even have health care insurance.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!! THANKS SO MUCH, USAA!!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jan 07, 2016
Low cost, but forget about claims
Anonymous Policyholder

I have had USAA for about 5 years now.  I joined them when I was still active duty because the rates were cheap and they had policies specifically geared for deployments when your not using your car for 14 months straight.  I would rate this as a good company until I had a recent claim for my vehicle.  Starting the claim was easy and they gave me a offer very quickly.  The offer that they made was $2000 under the value of my car.  USAA reps then continued to try to tell me that the value of my 15 year old car was the amount that I owed.  Even though I payed have my cash up front for the vehicle and financed the rest.  Then what continued after that was a 2 month battle where USAA would not negotiate with me at all.  They even started blatently ignoring my calls and refusing to answer my resonable questions on their claims message board.  In the end, I got $2800 more dollars after I hired my own auto appraiser and when through my states dispute process, which costs $800.  Overall the loss on my vehicle took 6 months to resolve because USAA.  Most disputes only take on average 1-2 months here in WA.  Very displeased and I feel betrayed by a company that specifically targets veterans.  Don't get sucked into the same trap that I did.

-Resonable veteran

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These reviews were written by current and former policyholders in the last year.

Oct 18, 2016
I have five vehicles insured with USAA
Policyholder Policyholder

USAA has excellent customer service and they always go above and beyond to accomadate my needs.

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Oct 18, 2016
I have five vehicles insured with USAA
Anonymous Policyholder

USAA has excellent customer service and they always go above and beyond to accomadate my needs.

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Oct 16, 2016
Terrible go with another company
Anonymous Policyholder

Terrible service! Reps don't give you a call back! You have to do all the leg work and keep hounding them to get anything done! Play games with your money on and they lost my car which delayed me getting payed! F*** USAA never want to deal with them ever again! They get 0 stars!

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Oct 13, 2016
Worst insurance ever
Anonymous Policyholder

My wife had front end collision, which any other insurance company would have called it lost. But USSA decided to fix the car and they did. Not even 2 hours after we picked it up from the recommended USSA body shop the car broke down. I waited 3 hour in the dead of winter for USSA road side service which is also a joke. They fixed the car again only to have the car keep veering to the left. The fixed that after much debate. And then we noticed that after 30MPH the car sounded like we had all the windows open. We tried to have it fixed with USSA but it was useless I gave up and traded the car and took a huge lost. I’m moving back to Farmers Insurance! I truly feel sorry that is the service our service men and women receive. USSA IS A CRAP STAY AWAY!!!!!

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Oct 03, 2016
Claims are a disaster
Anonymous Policyholder

My car accident was 7 months ago but the case is still open today. Terrible communication. We've switched to Navy fed now.

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Sep 17, 2016
USAA is useless. They don't pay claims.
Anonymous Policyholder

It is useless

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Sep 07, 2016
Problematic on many levels
jclaiborne2007 Policyholder

If you want to make changes to your policy there can be a serious amount of red tape. Speaking to agents can result in no action if they dont feel like entering the information into the system. I have moved on to a simpler and cheaper insurance company. You pay for those expensive football commercials.

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Aug 29, 2016
Rate increases
Anonymous Policyholder

I've had USAA car insurance for 13 years and have been a very happy customer the whole time. I was rear-ended seven years ago, and their customer service during the experience was impeccable. However, the last 4 years I've watched my rates increase to all-time highs. The last rate increase (which occurred a week before writing this) was 15%. I cancelled my USAA policies and switched to an intrastate insurer, and between my auto and homeowners insurance I'm saving $900 a year. The auto alone was a savings of over 33%!

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Aug 14, 2016
Bad Service
Anonymous Policyholder

Unfortunatly my Van was totaled out when the other person ran the red light,And every step after the first step of my claim has been very painful at trying to get things done they never take calls when you call them They are always away from desk they do not work on your case unless you push them it is so discuraging I am still working on it and it is now going into it's secound month

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Aug 08, 2016
Watch for auto policy rate increases
PsAndQs Policyholder

We had a bundled policy for cars and house for 12+ years with no claims. The starting rates were very competitive and when coupled with USAA's reputation for outstanding customer service, it was a no-brainer. Starting at the 8 year point, however, I began to notice increases in our auto insurance rate every 6 months -- first is was 2%, then 5%, and finally the last two increases were more than 10% each. I found USAA's justifications for the increases questionable, especially because they outpaced inflation by orders of magnitude. I shopped prices and found the USAA rates had increased to the most expensive alternative forcing us to move our policies to a competitor saving us $500 a year for the same coverage. The moral of this story is: watch for rate hikes that makes USAA too expensive for what they provide.

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