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Jul 14, 2017
I used to work for them
Anonymous Policyholder

I used to work for the Hartford as a Customer Service Rep. I tried every day to make the day better by having a better attitude but everything about the company just dragged all of the workers down. No one was happy when they left for the day and almost none of the customer's were enjoyable to talk to as most began to become angry or berating (of course there were some that were super nice to talk to). Almost none of the managers care, your just a number. They count taking a bathroom break against you and if you take too long to do your business you get written up. I even tried to get an insurance quote while I worked for them and they were going to charge me 3x what I'm paying now. Do not go to this company, all they care about is the money and their brand.

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Jun 16, 2017
auto and two homes for twenty years
Anonymous Policyholder

Riduculous prices. I paid my policies in full for years. They canceled policies without sending renewal notices and made up all of these excuses about trying to reach me that were absolute lies. They did it two years in a row and when I called to reinstate, they jacked up the rates "because I was past due." It's a total scam. They said that they couldn't reach me but they were sending me emails trrying to sell me a different type of insurance.

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May 18, 2017
Con Artist
ss19 Policyholder

If you are over 55, don't go there. I have had it for years and never had an accident, I always carried full coverage. When I called to get a windshield replaced, cost $178, they claimed I didn't have coverage for that even though I know I asked for full coverage with the agent when adding on another car. I believe because I am older, they think my memory is not in tact.  I asked to hear the recording  of the phone conversation and they refused. They guys don't have your back, they much prefer to take you for their own ride.

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Feb 24, 2017
Auto insurance
Anonymous Policyholder

Very expensive policy.  I made one phone call to a rival company and saved almost 500 dollars a year

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Jan 17, 2017
Buyer beware
Anonymous Policyholder

I moved and put in a change of address for my apt. insurance.  I paid for the policy a year in advance and there was 4 months remaining.  They said I would get a rebate as the place I was moving to was safer and would get a check for the difference.  Then 4 weeks after a letter, dated a month before, and sent to the previous address, even though they had been given the new address was forwarded.  It was no longer insured because of a claim at the previous residence.  I had not made a claim in over 15 years.  They would not refund the money, I was not insured and had no notification or emails.

 They would not send back the money because they said I hadn't cancelled the policy.  So THEY cancel a policy, then keep the money and give NO service.  Can you imagine how bad it would be if I had to actually make a claim.

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Dec 10, 2016
Will not own Hartford Insurance much lon
Anonymous Policyholder

They wait and audit any traffic infractions or accidents at about every five year mark. And then want to penalize you with high fees for another five years. Even after I went in good faith and took to driving classes and had two tickets removed. Dropping them next week good riddance. They are insane I have 2 quotes for half the price even with one accident still on the record .same amount of coverage

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