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Jun 09, 2016
Full of crooks!
Anonymous Policyholder

I was rear ended by a woman carrying this insurance. Despite having a police report, they have decided I have no loss from the accident. I have damage to my bumper and two carseats that have to be replaced! How is that no loss?! Now I'm stuck hiring an attorney. This is a horrible company!

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Jan 10, 2016
Terrible not worth the time or money.
Anonymous Policyholder

I I was foolish enough to purchase this insurance and was assured that the price would not change suddenly. Well two months later my bill went from 89 to 280 a month and when asked why they said  it is subject to change regularly. Months later I could never get through to customer service and they dropped my policy without telling me and I was still paying them. Apparently it was a mistake on their part, but I still had to pay 500 to my dmv for it.

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Feb 26, 2014
Anonymous Policyholder

The Worst Insurance I have ever Had!! Finally Got Sick Of Dealing With The Generals Crap and Left Them For Another Insurance. . . And Who Would Have Guesses, I Am Now Receiving Insurance For Over Half As Much Less As The General Was Charging Me While The Whole Time They Were Swearing That I Couldn't Find The Same Insurance Policy For Less, But I Did!!!

The General Over Charged ME For A Year, Then They Made ME Stay On The Phone With Them Day In And Day Out For Hours At A Time To Get Their Mistake Situated. I Will Continue To Spend Any Free Moment That I Have Bashing The General In Any Way That I Can Until I Receive A Personal Apology From Them If Not Some Sort Of Compensation!

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Dec 17, 2013
Great for Liability Insurance
edgardo357 Policyholder

I've been with this company for almost 3 years now. First signing up was great. Customer Service in Johnson City, TN is Terrible. I don't deal with them anymore though. I just pay online every month and every year my monthly rate got lower. Last year it was 45.78. This year 2014 they offered me 483 up front for the whole year or 40.25 a month plus 60.82 for the first month. It don't get any cheaper than this for Liability and Property Damage. You know the minimum required coverage by law. I don't need medical payments insurance because the Veteran Affairs takes care of me for free. Also my wife and kids are all covered by TENCARE. So this works for me and I'll stick it out with them and see if they will throw in road side assistance eventually for free once my renewals get to low for them to accept and and they have to throw in more perks. I assume they do anyway, and if they don't I'll just switch to a different carrier that offers me more perks. But for the mean time this works for all four of us. The General Rules

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Mar 02, 2013
Slow on Claims
klassakt Policyholder

My daughter's car was totaled in January, I am still not seeing any payoff on the auto loan, which I am still paying. They have questioned me tenfold on everything, and threatened NOT to pay. PLEASE review your policy very carefully. Because our cars are driven across state lines regularly (we live near the border and my daughters work in a state they do not reside) it makes it VERY difficult to get issues resolved.

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Nov 18, 2012
Kid's First Car
clstrunk Policyholder

My son bought his first car a few weeks ago. The General, by far, was the cheapest he could find. No clue what happens when you have a claim and I hope we don't have to find out any time soon!

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