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These reviews were written by current and former policyholders in the last year.

Jan 10, 2018
Very happy with State Farm.
Anonymous Policyholder

State farm is the best auto insurance company I've been with. They may not always be cheaper but the customer service and claims process are second to none. Highly recommend!

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Jan 09, 2018
dysfunctional company
Anonymous Policyholder

I have never had anything but problems with this company. I was in a motorcycle accident and it was a bear to get State Farm to process my paper work. I had to resubmit it multiple times. I am also trying to move my mutual fund out of state fame because the front end fees they charge are ridiculous and it is a pain to say the least. I have had my paper work rejected 3 times with no notification and zero help to get the correct forms in. In fact every time I have been made to resubmit the forms, I ask if everything is in order and State Farm tells me yes. Come to find out a few days later it is not and the resubmition process starts all over again. This is legit 30K of my money (not a claim) that they will not release. Also, the people are rude at the call centers like its my falt that they wont help me. 

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Nov 11, 2017
Renter Insurance
notamused7852 Policyholder

If you take out a rental insurance with State Farm don't tell you have $500 deductible. There agent make everything sound so little. Had a break end tv and blue-ray DVD was stolen . Told me it didnt meet the $500 deductible. I will canceling all of my state farm policies Monday.

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Nov 10, 2017
Claims Not Paid as Fair Market Value
Anonymous Policyholder

3 months ago, I was in an accident. Car was a total loss.  I had lots of documentation to show local values for my car.  They would only pay out based off an appraisal they hired to have done. The appraisal used 2 comps of cars that weren't even the same car and had inaccurate details.  The appraiser had the mileage wrong by 200,000 miles on one car. I was expecting a reasonable solution.  They clearly will not pay out what should be paid.  But have no issue raising your rates with very little notice often.

I would suggest finding another company.  Customer service was good until you file a claim.

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Oct 27, 2017
Chaos. Pure chaos.
Anonymous Policyholder

I used two different offices, and had similar problems with autopay. The offices would charge me for renter's insurance, which I don't need, and not my car insurance. Then, when they discovered the error on their end, they would charge multiple months at once, or just charge at random. They never had consistent monthly charges. Then, recently they just decided to stop my autopay without alerting me. They then said I owed three months, and laughed at me on the phone, saying I should have noticed that I was missing three months pay. Well... I wasn't. It was only mid one month, and they didn't charge the previous month. They tried to double charge the third month. I had record that I had paid, and they, again, were extremely rude. Also, the current month and the ONE month they didn't charge (not multiple months), cost me over $300. I have an old car. I was in one, no-fault accident with an elk. My current insurance company charges me $90 per month. Also, each month's charges were random. $160 here, $170 there, $161... I never knew what my actual bills were, and I had many emails from them saying my premiums were changing to this or that, basically weekly. After that, they said to keep my insurance, I would have to pay over a thousand dollars at once, to have a new downpayment on insurance I have had for over a year, and could not have this added to a payment plan. Also, by their own words, the ammount they wanted was higher than my actual premium, so I had no idea what the bill was, or how it related to the constantly changing premiums. When I said I was confused, they said that they had already explained it and to just pay it. So, I left the company. But, when I left, I asked for confirmation, as they have had autopay and therefore access to my account, and I wanted some evidence that I was leaving and would not be charged further. A man named Joe laughed at me, again, and said that they didn't do anything like that. So, I said he needed to send me something to confirm that the insurnace was cancelled, and he sent an all-lower-case email that said it was cancelled. Nothing official. No official heading or anything on the email. 
I don't know why the costs were over twice as high as everywhere else, or why any of this happened. I don't know why they missed a month of autopay and tried to charge three months. I don't know why any of this happened. But, I would NEVER suggest State Farm to anyone. 

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Oct 07, 2017
Jgar123 Policyholder

The agency I had never called me back and if they did they had to have someone else "call me back" which they never did, this happened at least 5 times until someone actually could help me and told me they raised my rates because of the state. Although I was told the previous month my premium would be lower and just that month would be $320 then after that it would be way lower, I was getting billed $384. Every 6 months I was getting my rates raised and that's alright I understand the process but just don't appreciate getting lied to. I hate this company and never going back, I want to let everyone know my experience so they won't go through this invonvience. I cancelled Sept 13th and been trying to get in contact with this agency yet they can't call me back to see where my insurance premium refund is they just sent a note saying they don't take care of that. Cameron Nelson is the agency I had. Worst insurance experience in my life, really expected more from a big company like State Farm.

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Sep 22, 2017
Home and Auto
Anonymous Policyholder

They don't cover mold of if a pipe breaks under your foundation. On top of that they never called us back after many messages left for our agent. I had to message the company on social media to get a response. We pay over $500 a month Auto draft and can't get a call back? Insurance is a scam by the government and big business, If I put money in an account for my cars and home unless something major happened I'd be covered. We'd had them for 7 years and will not be renewing. Bad customer care, unusable insurance, money wasted.

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Aug 21, 2017
Do not know what they are doing.
Anonymous Policyholder

After two weeks' of purchasing their policy, the policy is still pending, and I still keep receiving mail and email asking me to provide additional information, from their different local agent. So I was tired, cancled their policy and purchased from another insurance company. Then I received my new insruance card within five days. 

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Aug 17, 2017
Anonymous Policyholder


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Aug 17, 2017
All ads, none true.
Anonymous Policyholder

Bone up on what auto insurances really cover and what they don't. You will not get any info from State Farm. I was rear ended, was treated much better buy the other guy's agency than State Farm.  Isn't being rear ended a pretty obvious at fault kind of accident?  I was a professional driver and I have a pristine driving record.  They should have been paying me!

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