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Most Helpful Positive Review

Jun 01, 2013
Best Rates for my car insurance
Earthly67 Policyholder

Many of my family members have State Farm. The office where I went to their staff was very helpful and explained everything to me in great detail. I switched from Esurance with whom I had been with for a little over a year. It is an online insurance company where you have to call them about everything, and you need to check your email frequently too since they do not send out mail of any sort to you. If you ask them to, it is $25. No proof of insurance cards in the mail, or letter of coverages, etc. All done online. They just send you emails.Their insurance kept raising my policy cost monthly for some reason that had nothing to do with anything that I did or didn't do. Basically they never stated a reason for the constant increases other than they were just rasing them to the tune of over $300 more for my 6 month policy. Plus, they charge $8 extra every month for a fee so that I could have montly payments to come right out of my bank. State Farm gave me the same insurance coverage in their 6 month policy for $509. Esurance wanted $1,242.33. I am not sure what my future holds with State Farm. I'll need to see how they treat my premiums for the next year, and if I ever need to file a claim which will be the first claim ever in my life.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Aug 05, 2014
State Farm Insurance will let you down!
Anonymous Policyholder

Do not get State Farm Insurance.  If you already have it, be prepared when they knife you in the back.  My husband and I have been State Farm Insurance customers for 29 years....yes, you heard correctly....29 years!  My husband has had some severe health issues, and our credit score has gone down.  We have never had a car accident, and we have never filed a car claim or a house insurance claim ever.  I was recently notified that all of our insurance policies with them are being dropped due to a credit check.  I have spent thousands of dollars with them over 29 years - and have never filed a claim!  My money is as good as a rich person's - and I have never filed a claim.  Now, in 2 weeks I will be without all insurance..I am in the threat of being thrown in with drunk driving insurance.

Do not buy State Farm Insurance.  They do not deserve your business.  They had no loyalty to a couple who gave them a lifetime of business.  I still can't believe it.  We have never filed a car or house claim ever.  What fools to turn away good money from us.  I hope State Farm goes out of business.  They deserve the pain they have caused my husband and me. I don't want others to go through the pain I have.  Thank you.

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Oct 11, 2016
Heartless Bean-Counters
Broo2 Policyholder

StateFarm will gladly take your money for any kind of insurance you would like with no questions asked- unless you have an accident and the underwriters decide to non-renew your policy- and not bother to call you to let you know your insuracene had lapsed.  If you want to waste money and expect them to squirm out of paying claims, this is the place for you!  :)

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Sep 05, 2016
20 years no loyalty
Anonymous Policyholder

As long as you have good credit and no claims you will be ok

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Aug 18, 2016
What every one is saying is true,
needykme Policyholder

I signed up for state farm, after being constantly called by a local office from one of their agents. I stayed away from the "really good" insurance companies for 2 reasons for the past 3 or 4 yrs, 1. my credit tanked, 2. I had quite a few moving violations on my record.  Needless to say when they finally offered me a decent rate, after calling me periodically, i signed up for their full coverage for aroun 160. The sales person even included renters.  About 3 weeks into the policy I got a statement for my next month's bill showing that I owed 295 due to Policy adjustments!!!! My credit was decent, but since i had 2 moving violations still on my record from almost 3 yrs ago, my rates were increased.  I would think that  a company this large has the resources/ capacity to take the potential policy holder through the full underwriting process before jacking up the price! It is very misleading to quote me a price, take my money, and then send me a bill for double the next month.  Needless to say, I gladly cancelled.

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Aug 01, 2016
Cheated and Lied to
Anonymous Policyholder

I would give it 0 stars but that does not exist, so giving 1 star. The agent Becky O'Dwyer gave me a quote for auto insurance of $993 for 6 months which seemed reasonable because this was my 1st car in the US and did not had auto insurance before this. However after 3 payments my premium was changed to $2000 for 6 months reason being they did not have my foreign license. I shared the licencee and kept calling their office for a month and was told to wait and no resolution was provided until made the payment of $1000 as my 4th month premium. After that I insisted on taking to manager and when I did the manager accepted that I was misquoted initially however this is the premium I have to pay now to be continued to be covered. She said all she could do is apologize on behalf of the agent and that all. Pay the amount or leave. The sad thing I also their Renters insurance for I year before i approached them for Auto insurance. I wish I would have taken my friends advice and stayed clear of statefarm which I will now for my entire life.

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Jul 03, 2016
cheap TEASER rates!!
Anonymous Policyholder

I was shocked to get a great price from State Farm 2.5 yrs ago.  They only have 6 month policies so they can take advantage of EVERY opportunity to jack up your rates!!  I started with full coverage paying $71 a month.  My credit score is 825 and I have no points, tickets, accidents, claims.....I think they raise rates to see how far they can go and still keep you as a customer.  They just lost me and I went to Farm Bureau for less than the $71 I was paying 2.5 yrs ago AND I have  higher limits which were not offered through state farm.

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Jun 23, 2016
-1 Star if possible
Anonymous Policyholder

Was involved in an accident which was fault of this companies insured ... I just got the car out of the dealership (almost) 3 months old. This company charged me for the Rental Car and the accident was not my fault.

Though they covered the repair costs but I had to pay $250 out of my purse :-(

Will never take this insurance ... which hurts others ...

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Jun 14, 2016
Terrible System

So, I got married recently and am on a search for an auto insurance company for my husband and I as we were both on our parents policies and will now be needing to get one together. I had Liberty Mutual and he had State Farm. I got a quote from mine and deemed it too expensive, then I got a quote from Geico (super cheap! Woot!), but he wanted me to check with State Farm as well given that that's what he's a part of already. So, I called the Customer Service line and went through the long process of sharing all of his/my information and yadda yadda,  then she tells me that since he already has a policy, that she can't give me a quote and I'll have to call his agent personally. I inform her that that agent is in Dallas, TX, but we now live in Tulsa, OK. So she says that that's a different situation entirely, and instead I need to call the local agent to my area to get a quote... annoying that she can't even give me a quote given that she has all of his information, but okay. So I waited until my location was open, and I called in to chat with that person. His assistant answered, so we started the whole process all over again. Then she says she can't give me a quote (are you serious??) because I have to call HIS agent so he'll release my husbands information to her. THEN I'll have to call MY agent back and do everything all over again! What the heck is wrong with this company??! I just wanted a simple quote to even establish if State Farm is the direction we want to go. They make the process so much of a pain that I'm done with my curiosity. If it's this difficult to get a basic quote, I can't imagine how difficult it'd be if I were to get in an accident or something and need their assistance. Their system needs some adjustments, because this is just ridiculous. I do not recommend this company at all. 

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Jun 03, 2016
Abysmal treatment of customers
Anonymous Policyholder

I had an auto policy with State Farm for more than 7 years, then a few years ago, I bought a new car, and got insurance for it, and cancelled the policy on my existing car after selling it later. Unknown to me, they canceled the new, not old car. One day my car was hit in a parking lot. When I made the claim, I discovered the error. They wouldn't pay out the claim without fully paying the back amount. It seems crummy but I was okay with that, and decided to pay for the damages out of pocket and just get the insurance switched to the new car; except they refused to apply the insurance without a full back payment of the "uncovered" period even without the claim. This was several years ago.

I also had a homeowner’s policy with State Farm.  Recently my home was vandalized and burglarized. They split the claim into two separate ones and charged me the deductible on both. Yesterday, I got a notice from State Farm that they would be dropping the policy on July 1 due to claim activity. The policy was 11 years old, in good standing, and the claims far less than what had been paid into it.

I called the agent, who talked to corporate, but they had made up their mind. Because they dropped me, my home is now considered high risk, which is driving my rates up. Not only did my home get vandalized and items stolen, but I also got screwed by State Farm.

This deplorable treatment of a long standing customer is reprehensible. I am not speaking from just one incident but multiple over a number of years, across different services and between multiple agents. The problems I have had weren't from an agent, but from State Farm as a corporation. To me, non-isolated incidents over a range of time are indicative of bad business practices, not unusual circumstances. I urge anyone who is looking for insurance or for any of the other services State Farm offers, to steer clear of them!

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May 06, 2016
Great Price
msmcclure Policyholder

State Farm did is the best reasonable price with more covrage included. More covrage, less pay. With State Farm, I got Auto and renters insurance.  It is only 80% of of the cost of what other insurance holders estamated me on for the cost of auto insurance alone.  

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May 03, 2016
Anonymous Policyholder

I used to be a statefarm client when I bought my first car. After one year, I decided to switch to another insurance company for more reasonable price, actually even though I got letter from state farm who claimed as their valued customer, I got a discount which ridiculously would still be twice as much as I have to pay in my current insurance company. I sent them an email saying I'm switching to another company, but got kind of threathening email from the agent I used to deal with, who blamed me I didn't inform her early?  Anyway, after all the hassle, I was so glad I longer have to with this company....Until recently, another state farm client rear-ended my car but refused to admit his fault. So I called state farms agents to file a claim, and they asked me some questions and then said they'll call their client and call me back. After waiting for one week, I called them to get updates, it turned out they never did anything after last call? And basically asked me the same questions again and requested photos this time. Why didn't they ask me last time or contact me if they needed more information? I assume if I never call, they probably will ignore my claim for a long time. Overall, state farm is the last company I want to deal with in my life, dishonest and greedy, after reading others' reviews, they probably will find a way to attribute all fault to me and let me pay out of pocket, that's how they make their money.

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