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Mar 07, 2013
Best Ever. Great Service and Fast Claim
Anonymous Policyholder

I purchased my policy online and love that I can handle anything online or on the phone.  I had a claim where a dump truck showered my car with rocks.  They had a professional rep come with the vehicle from the commercial.  He gave me a check there and told me to call him when I was ready to repair (had to wait for the deductable).  When I later got it to the shop the same rep called and told me he reinspected my vehicle and would handle everything with the rental car and the shop.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

May 12, 2013
They raised insurance premiums
Jamesjanell Policyholder

If progressive would quit making all these stupid commercials with flo, maybe insurance premiums wouldn't raise due to paying that chick more money, the snapshot is a joke. My premium with multi car was running me $128 a month with a perfect driving record. They wanted to raise it by $90 every six months when I renewed, I switched to geico and now my premium full coverage on my two cars and motorcycle runs me $102 a month. Get rid of all your dumb commercials and start taking a care of your customers before they go some where else like I did

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Oct 11, 2016
Awesome auto coverage
jrway04 Policyholder

Progressive has been awesome to me. They handle claims quick, are cheap, and very friendly. They have been very helpful for all my  insruance needs.

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Oct 11, 2016
Lies to you
metayla Policyholder

We had an accident with someone else's vehicle, was told from the begining this was going to be covered under the insurance we carried. Had to make numerous phone calls and emails just for someone to get back to us, kept dealing with different people every time, even though it stated on the claim who the rep. was. Then after a couple of weeks got a voicemail and 3 of the same letters in the mail stating it all of a sudden wasn't going to cover the accident! Why would you tell us that it's going to be covered then within 2 weeks of that state that's its not?! Very unhappy.

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Oct 01, 2016
No option for 0 stars
nrgoble Policyholder

I just received my vehicle after 6 weeks of dealing with a claim.

There was a fire at my home and a lot of heat damage on my vehicle. I mentioned to my appraiser There was a lot of heat I want to make sure when I WANT TO MAKE SURE that nothing is damaged out of sight. They would not approve my shop to do any work above and beyond the scope. I get my truck home... some items are still not covered that I was insured would be in the claim (alignment). I specifically asked to let the shop check the brakes and they did not approve any hours. I am leaving my temporary home with my wife this evening going to get on the highway when a brake line explodes **NO BRAKES** luckily I was not at highway speed. I call to ask to speak to someone to help me right away angry of course. I was sent to the customer service supervisor who said "I'm sorry sir their is no one available in your region until Monday". Monday!!! It was bad enough dealing with the looks that were comprised on my truck but now the lives of my pregnant wife and I were compromised because of the penny pinching ways. Needless to say my home which is insured through Amica (AMEN) has issued me a check to rebuild my home before I get my truck back. Not a small check either my truck is pennies compared to my home claim and I pay less for homeowners than I do for Auto. They will risk the lives of you and your loved ones if you are not careful and push your claim well beyond the timeframe it should be. They would rather save a dollar than a life!!

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Sep 27, 2016
Worst treatement when you are leaving...
Anonymous Policyholder

I sent email to them to cancelled my pocilcy. They didnt reply before cancalltion date and suddenly one day the sent me an email saying that your policy is cancelled before 3 days. just bunch of ppl having no value to cusotmers.....

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Sep 03, 2016
nannoleto Policyholder

it's a rip off. I have a clean license and my payment went from $179.99 to $239.40.

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Oct 05, 2016

Mine went from $130 to $177, despite having a clean record and being a policy holder for 10 years. They said it was due to the cost of business. >(

Aug 25, 2016
un happy with claim settlement
Anonymous Policyholder

Don't use progressive

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Aug 18, 2016
Anonymous Policyholder

So I've noticed with progressive my renewal would always fluctuate within my six month policy, ranging from 825-901. Increasing by 75.00 so when I speak with someone they say it's because there rates increase causing ur policy to go up. Also try claim occupation and degree plays a big factor in ratings. 😡 I think progressive is a rip off and will be looking for a better company

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Aug 13, 2016
Horrible...most unfriendly service

Nothing provide if have a claim..they screw you!

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Aug 07, 2016
Anonymous Policyholder

Refused to fix my car after there member were at fault then called and asked me personal questions and when I said I will only answer questions related to accident she got upset and refused to fix my vehicle. If your reading this I have my lawyer and your going to fix my car whether you like it or not.

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Aug 13, 2016

I am also disappointed with their service. I had a wreck and wanted to claim under my uninsured motorist insurance. I have been with Progressive for 4 plus years and never claimed any accident until this past June 2016. My adjustor told me that he will have to investigate the damage of my car and my recorded events of the accident and then they will determine if I qualify for the uninsured claim.
When about to pick up my car, they said that it didn't match the damages vs. recorded story of events and would have to pay the deductible of 500 dollars. I was so ****ed off and told them that I have been loyal customer, never missed a payment and never had any accident until June.
Only then they allowed me to use the uninsured insurance. I am actually shopping around to switch insurance. I am very disappointed.

Aug 06, 2016
Harassment by Progressive
Smartchoices Policyholder

It impossible to communicate with them and they asked for the same documents many times. They are the most disorganized company that I ever dealt with. After canceling my insurance with them, they continued to send me emails with new payment schedules and requiring documents that they had no right or business asking for because I was no longer insured by them and they had them while I was insured by them. That's harassment especially since I don't owe them a penny. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND AGAINST DOING BUSINESSES WITH PROGRESSIVE. They will lower their prices but drive you insane. 

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