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Jan 23, 2016
Snapshot saved me 30%
bunny407 Policyholder

I have a 2010 Lexus ES350 and my 6 month premium (paid in full) was $866, which is about $100 higher than I was quoted on Esurance. However, I signed up for the Snapshot program to potentially saved 30% off the $866.   I read a lot of negative reviews about Snapshot but when the Progressive agent explained the three factors considered, I decided to try it anyway. 

First, they measure the time spent during high-risk hours (midnight to 4 a.m.) -- I don't ever drive during those hours, so I have zero minutes.

The second factor is the amount of miles you drive per week (they want you to be under 50 miles per day, and preferably under 30 miles per day) -- I drive 25 miles a day on average during the week and even less on weekends, so my weekly average is about 150 miles.

The third and toughest factor is what they consider hard-braking, which is slowing down at a rate of speed greater than 7 mph per second. In other words, if you slow down very quickly, it will beep at you and you have accumulated a hard-brake.  I do not rush up to stoplights and brake fast and I don't tail people and I roll up slowly to stops, so my average is 1 hard-brake per week (sometimes it just can't be avoided). 

After 30 days, Progressive gave me my estimated 30% discount and I was immediately refunded $251 of the $866 that I had paid for my 6-month premium.  They require that you keep the device on your car for 6 months before your discount is permanent.

I think that if you're a good driver, a safe driver, and aren't driving a lot or out past midnight, then this is an excellent way of cutting down your insurance cost. Thanks, Progressive!

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jul 13, 2016
Rude and Inconsiderate agents, very infl
Anonymous Policyholder

The Chat agents as well as Customer Care agents are extremely rude and inconsiderate.

I was on a payment plan and half way through, due to change in my address, the policy amount was increased. As a result the entire increased amount was added to the last bill. since the amount was too much, I asked if they can add one more bill and split the last payment. I would still have been i the policy period and it would have worked out fine. But the agent refused to do so. On top of that, rigidly said its not doable. Its a small request I made and fairly simple to implement, I dont see any reason why the agent had to be rude.

Highly disappointed with Progressive. Their immediate response to any exception scenario is that customer can cancel the policy. This is no response!!

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Dec 13, 2016
stranded for 3 hours/car broke down
Anonymous Policyholder

I have been a responsible customer for over 5 years and when I needed them most they did not come through. I am very disappointed in their service. For my troubles I was offered a $25.00 gift card.

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Dec 07, 2016
Great! Low Price Nice App easy to use
kymberlee321 Policyholder

Able to move payment out 10 days! Great Price cheapest around.. Great Customer service and roadside assistance

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Nov 13, 2016
Lowest rates we were able to find
Anonymous Policyholder

So far, so good. Previously had Geico. They pruced us ridiculously.

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Oct 28, 2016
Love my progressive insurance!
Anonymous Policyholder

Great customer service, great policy!!  Love working with them.

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Oct 11, 2016
Awesome auto coverage
jrway04 Policyholder

Progressive has been awesome to me. They handle claims quick, are cheap, and very friendly. They have been very helpful for all my  insruance needs.

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Oct 11, 2016
Lies to you
metayla Policyholder

We had an accident with someone else's vehicle, was told from the begining this was going to be covered under the insurance we carried. Had to make numerous phone calls and emails just for someone to get back to us, kept dealing with different people every time, even though it stated on the claim who the rep. was. Then after a couple of weeks got a voicemail and 3 of the same letters in the mail stating it all of a sudden wasn't going to cover the accident! Why would you tell us that it's going to be covered then within 2 weeks of that state that's its not?! Very unhappy.

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Oct 01, 2016
No option for 0 stars
nrgoble Policyholder

I just received my vehicle after 6 weeks of dealing with a claim.

There was a fire at my home and a lot of heat damage on my vehicle. I mentioned to my appraiser There was a lot of heat I want to make sure when I WANT TO MAKE SURE that nothing is damaged out of sight. They would not approve my shop to do any work above and beyond the scope. I get my truck home... some items are still not covered that I was insured would be in the claim (alignment). I specifically asked to let the shop check the brakes and they did not approve any hours. I am leaving my temporary home with my wife this evening going to get on the highway when a brake line explodes **NO BRAKES** luckily I was not at highway speed. I call to ask to speak to someone to help me right away angry of course. I was sent to the customer service supervisor who said "I'm sorry sir their is no one available in your region until Monday". Monday!!! It was bad enough dealing with the looks that were comprised on my truck but now the lives of my pregnant wife and I were compromised because of the penny pinching ways. Needless to say my home which is insured through Amica (AMEN) has issued me a check to rebuild my home before I get my truck back. Not a small check either my truck is pennies compared to my home claim and I pay less for homeowners than I do for Auto. They will risk the lives of you and your loved ones if you are not careful and push your claim well beyond the timeframe it should be. They would rather save a dollar than a life!!

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Sep 27, 2016
Worst treatement when you are leaving...
Anonymous Policyholder

I sent email to them to cancelled my pocilcy. They didnt reply before cancalltion date and suddenly one day the sent me an email saying that your policy is cancelled before 3 days. just bunch of ppl having no value to cusotmers.....

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Sep 03, 2016
nannoleto Policyholder

it's a rip off. I have a clean license and my payment went from $179.99 to $239.40.

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Oct 05, 2016

Mine went from $130 to $177, despite having a clean record and being a policy holder for 10 years. They said it was due to the cost of business. >(

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