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The WORST claim experience EVER!! Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

I was hit by a driver that was/is insured with Penn National. The other driver basically T-Boned me in the side which caused major damage to my vehicle. i cant even open the drivers side door the impact was so great. The police were called even though we were in a parking lot of a business. They came out and assessed the situation and normally the poplice will not do much on "private property" but in this case I was told that the facts of the accident were overwhelmingly against the other driver and he was issued a citation. Here we are 3 weeks later and i am continuously getting the run around with the claims reps. I am being told that the accident is still under investigation even though it was pretty cut and dry for EVERYONE that saw the accident except for Penn. their reps and adjustor are the most disrespectful people you would ever want to talk to. They continue to tell me that I can always have my insurance co pay for the damages and they can get the money back through subrogation. I will not go that route because their driver was 100% at fault so why should my company pay! if they dont pay within 1 ore week I will be filing a complaint against them for Unfair Claims Settlement Practices and might even consider litigation! I AM MAD AS HELL!!!

Jan 24, 2013 Reply
Horrible mistake-do not switch to this c Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Moved from allstate in June when My agent retired. Got great rates for home, auto and umbrella policy.  On Nov 01, I got a notice from them stating that home owners cancelled 10/25/12 because "they dont cover my breed of dog" (a rescued 5yr dane/shepherd mix) my agent knew nothing of this so called the main office, in my presence they told him the same thing, he asked why wait 6 mos. to tell us? they said 'oh our underwriters were backed up'  was a challenge finding a new policy b/c 1. it was already cancelled, 2. I've since learnt that there is a "not approved" dog list out there that ins companies are now using and the shepherd is on it. Eventually got back to allstate who only allowed the dog because they knew about it from my being with them before.  My rates arenow higher though.  I regret switching to those horribel ppl.

Dec 22, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Had home owner's insurance. Had a fire.  Penn did not even respond to phone calls for two days.  Finally a "rep", not an employee called.  Worst experience ever.  They had the nerve to "not renew" my policy.  Unprofessional, disgusting. Should not be allowed to be in the insurance business.  Do not use Penn National insurance.

Nov 28, 2012 Reply
**** these scum****s. Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Now, the title, it gets it down good, doesn't it?  I got hit by a customer of them, filed a police report...

Gave them a statement, gave them the report number....

Oh, the customer said something else to us (they admitted it was their fault to the cop) and we can't find the report.

So I'm stuck with a ****ing drivers side turning light held on with ****ing duct tape, and them saving a small percentage because they didn't have to pay it off.

This is the most disgusting insurance company I've had to deal with in an accident.

Oct 15, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

 I filed a claim and they were respectful and courteous. I received my check a few weeks later. Thanks for the great customer service.

Jul 03, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

First time homeowner. They offered me a great premium. Signed everything done deal. 2 weeks after I moved into my home, they sent a letter informing me they are cancelling my policy due to my homes class protection, and I had 14 days to find a new policy. This should have been caught before closing. The agent should have made sure my home would be properly covered before he sent over paper work to be signed. I bought a HUD foreclosure, and HUD paid my first year HOI premium. I scrambled to find a new company. Nobody would write the policy. Finally State Farm wrote it at double what I was paying before. So I came out of pocket extra money that I really didn't need to spend if someone would have done their job correctly in the first place.  

Jun 11, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Have had a client of penn national hit the side of my car and they are rejecting the claim stating that I posibly could have somehow manovered my car around to make it look like I was baced into. The client of penn national addmited to accident to Danville Va police officer but they can not read or write so they would not write a police report because it was on privet property. If you have there ins this is what will happen and it will get you sued personnaly .As bad as Allstate 

Feb 06, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

 I am not a customer of Penn National Insurance, however, one of their clients hit my car and I had the misfortune of having to deal with this company to get my claim paid.  To start, I have dealt with a very unpleasant and sarcastic claims representative, Belinda Miller, who refused to return any of my phone calls.  I finally had to ask for a supervisor, John Nicholas, who also kept putting me off, and insisted that my claim couldn’t be paid because they were sure that I had a stop sign (I didn’t, and photos of the accident as well as other witnesses verify this).  Only after repeated phone calls by me and my insurance company did they finally admit liability.  After this, it became even more impossible to get a hold of Belinda.  She also sent me a letter notifying me that my claim would be delayed because they did not have an estimate for my damages.  I had spoken to her about this already and told her when the estimate would be sent (my situation is tricky as I am back and forth between PA and NY).  I tried the office again the next day and was assured that an adjustor would get back to me by 2:30pm.  At 4:30 after receiving no call, I tried the office only to discover that they were closed.  After I left to spend the holidays in NY, I finally got a voice message from Penn National with an assurance from a new agent named Joe that a check had been sent to me (in PA) for the damages.  Imagine my surprise to get back to PA today and find a check that was almost $600 less than the verified amount.  This information was not left in the message.  I double checked the amount with the collision department at my dealership and they contacted Penn National to go over their quote.  Penn National’s response is that they will only pay up to a certain amount and I am responsible for the difference if I want to get my car repaired at my dealership.  I was unaware an insurance company could do this when their client was responsible for the damages to my car.  No one from Penn National is speaking to me or returning my calls at the moment.  I understand that I am not Penn National’s customer, but the way that they treat people is ridiculous, and not a sign of a company that I would recommend doing business with.

Jan 03, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Worst insurance company ever.

Nov 22, 2011 Reply
Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Terrible insurance company.  Hopefully you will not have to file a claim.  They have pretty much treated me like a criminal because I filed a claim against them for a prodcut I have paid for for 10 years.  They have not problem cashing my checks, but God forbid they have to actually pay a claim to a person who sustained serious injuries.

Nov 22, 2011 Reply
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Penn National Insurance provides auto insurance coverage, which includes medial payments coverage, bodily injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, collision coverage, and comprehensive coverage. For an additional premium, Penn National also provides auto loan/lease coverage, replacement cost auto coverage, and umbrella liability policy. Auto insurance premiums can be lowered for passive restraints on vehicles, students with good grades, drivers with drivers training, multiple policyowners, insuring home and car with Penn National, and additional factors.

Penn National Insurance sells property-casualty insurance such as business, personal, auto, homeowners, umbrella, and more through over 750 independent agencies in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. Penn National was founded in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1919.

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Penn National Insurance

  • Established: 1919
  • Headquarters: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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  • Products: Auto Insurance
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